Chapter 2533: Strongest Slash

Even under the effects of the formation, the swords were still blown away and the emperor couldn’t stand still against the force of the fist.

“He’s bleeding.” However, a keen-eyed spectator noticed something far in the formation.

Everyone looked over at Li Qiye. Sure enough, blood was dripping down his fist. It wasn’t a serious wound, only a minor cut.

Nevertheless, this still moved the crowd because his fist had always come out just fine in these exchanges. In fact, he easily broke the previous sword. This only proved how incredible these ancient swords were.

“The Immortal Slaying Ancient Swords are too sharp.” Someone became startled and said.

“No, his Majesty’s fist is the impressive thing here.” An ancestor gently shook his head and put on a solemn expression: “Rumor has it that normal imperial weapons can’t withstand this formation and will be severed. However, he used his flesh yet only a faint wound was left behind, it shows that his body is tougher than imperial weapons.”

People shuddered after hearing this. These ancient swords could cut steel like mud yet failed to do significant damage to the king after a direct confrontation.

“Again!” The second emperor attacked after the successful repel by Li Qiye. The second slash aimed horizontally for his back, wanting to separate him into two halves.

This all happened in the blink of an eye after the first impact. The second slash was almost there. These emperors worked quite well together and had no openings.

Li Qiye didn’t bother turning around and casually unleashed a backward palm strike - simple without any variation.

Nevertheless, it was extremely effective. The horizontal slash was instantly suppressed and fell to the ground.

He took another step forward and released an explosive punch straight for the first emperor.

There was no doubt that he had figured out the real body.

Of course, due to the sheer speed of the events, the first emperor was still in the midst of being pushed back from the first punch and has yet to stabilize his stance.

“Boom!” The punch broke the space in front as well as the emperor’s chest plate. Keep in mind that the punch itself hasn’t made contact just yet.

“Clank!” The third emperor joined in with a massive wave of energy straight at the second punch; its light was capable of illuminating the nine realms. 

The wave was boundless; impossible to cross by any living existence. Drowning would be their fate.

The punch actually seemed minuscule compared to the sword wave, almost like a drop of water in the ocean.

“Rumble!” Unfortunately, this great ocean still couldn’t stop the punch. It created a massive tsunami and flipped the ocean over. All of the sword lights instantly shattered then the ocean itself.

The third emperor also staggered backward, unable to withstand the annihilative fist.

Everyone took a deep breath after seeing this. Eight Formation True Emperor was still the underdog despite being inside his formation, unable to go on the offensive.

From start to finish, the king hasn’t used a weapon yet he still had the upper hand. That’s quite terrifying.

“Die!” The first emperor calmed down and soared to the sky, unleashing the profundity from his sword.

Suddenly, there were one thousand emperors appearing above. Their swords clanked continuously and created an inescapable net.

“Kill him!” The second and third emperor also split into countless copies and began the same onslaught.

Three thousand emperors and their sword derived the mysteries of the grand dao. The invincible sword arts of the formation came down, instantly surrounding Li Qiye. Sword waves came from the left and right, up and down.

Li Qiye simply raised his hand and created a bright formation of his own and instantly stopped the onslaught.

Sword energies from all directions came slashing with rippling intents, more than enough to take down the celestials above.

Just three were frightening enough but three thousand emperors? This was a sight to behold.

Everything was engulfed by the frightening slashes inside the formation, waiting to be turned to blood.

“Damn…” A few spectators murmured after seeing the inescapable sword energies.

“No, His Majesty is still the more impressive one.” An expert said: “Three thousand emperors still can’t move him, that’s insane.”

Everyone looked over towards Li Qiye inside his barrier. Sure enough, the rampaging slashes couldn’t break down his defense.

“If this is all you can do, it’s time for death.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Activate!” The emperor roared after seeing the stalemate.

Three thousand emperors fused together into one again.

“Clank!” The three ancient swords also fused into just one.

It became larger with an intensified murderous aura, resembling a scaffold ready to decapitate immortals.

“Boom!” His vitality surged to the sky like a soaring dragon. It then coiled around him in a dazzling manner.

The kingdom also became radiant. All of the light became one with the emperor.

He grew larger; one step could annihilate the myriad dao and the reincarnation cycles.

Everyone could see his holiness. Behind him was a faint figure accompanied by an invincible aura belonging to an ancient progenitor. It filled the world and traveled across the river of time.

The gods and emperors needed to retreat; all other beings would be suppressed.

“A progenitor!” The crowd screamed after sensing this terrible aura.

“A progenitor is here?!” People dropped to the ground, trembling with fear.

“That’s not possible, this is just the power of Nine Secrets System.” A solemn ancestor explained.

“You’re going down!” The emperor delivered a vertical slash. Everyone felt as if he was a progenitor at this moment.

“The power of a progenitor…” People shuddered. The weak members of the crowd twitched on the ground, losing control of their body.

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