Chapter 2531: Slaying Immortal Three Swords

The sword layers were inordinately thick and tough since it carried the power of the emperor and the entire formation, resulting in a majestic force.

Even an Eternal would require a powerful offensive artifact to break the layers, not like Li Qiye with a single punch. The most terrifying part was that it continued to move on, seemingly unstoppable.

“Boom!” There was no place to hide before its might. The hidden entrance was forced out in the open and destroyed.

The entire sword domain crumbled, replaced by a black hole. The world seemed to have been torn asunder by this casual punch.

“Bam!” Eight Formation True Emperor also came out, stunned. He immediately took out three swords to stop the punch.

The resulting impact shook the world. So many people got dizzy and started seeing stars, nearly falling to the ground.

“Ugh.” The three swords managed to stop the onslaught but the emperor still vomited blood and staggered several steps backward. His energy started running amok inside.

No one expected this development. People knew that the king would be able to break the formation. It was just a question of how.

Who would have thought that only one punch was necessary? No one did because they deemed it to be impossible.

Remember, this formation had killed a True Emperor before. Moreover, it was performed by Eight Formation True Emperor on top of using the resources of Myriad Formation Kingdom. Its power was simply unimaginable.

That fist destroyed the entire domain and the entire formation itself. People suddenly thought that not only the physical realm but even the temporal river could be destroyed.

That’s why they stood there, slack-jawed, and unable to calm down. They realized once again just how much they have underestimated the king’s terrifying strength.

“Immortal Slaying Three Swords!” Someone interrupted the moment of confusion after seeing the emperor’s swords.

The crowd once again turned to look at the three ancient swords that have managed to stop the punch earlier.

They were archaic and made from unknown materials that resemble a mix of jade and bronze in appearance, full of spots.

They seemed to be stained with dried blood from an unknown age. The blood still emitted a terrible aura as if it belonged to an invincible being, a true immortal.

People shuddered after feeling the blood’s murderous intent. It still had such a terrible presence after so many years? Maybe these swords have indeed killed an immortal? 

But then again, that couldn’t be possible because no one in the world has seen an immortal. This only showed that a frightening existence had fallen to these swords.

“They can form the Immortal Slaying Ancient Formation.” An old expert murmured.

Of course, some salivated while staring at the swords because of the formation’s famous abilities. Wielding them meant wielding the formation. So many people coveted these amazing treasures.

They also noticed the blood on the lips of the emperor. Li Qiye nearly killed the emperor under his empowered state too.

If it wasn’t for the three swords, maybe the emperor would be a puddle of blood right now.

Li Qiye smiled after seeing them: “Those swords are not bad. I want them.”

The world became quiet. This casual statement seemed to have determined the fate of the swords.

Though the emperor was holding them, people felt as if they have already belonged to Li Qiye.

“Alright, hurry, I want to see how strong the formation will be under your control.” Li Qiye smiled leisurely, not caring about the ancient formation as if everything was under his control.

The emperor had an unsightly expression. It didn’t feel good being looked down in this manner. He was a True Emperor empowered by his kingdom on top of possessing these three swords. No one in Imperial dared to look down on him right now, let alone a youth. Alas, Li Qiye didn’t give a damn so he became infuriated.

He restrained his anger and focused his gaze. From his eyes came a massive formation.

The world became engulfed in the dao of the sword. Everything turned into a supreme formation. The world was a formation and he was the world.

Everyone could sense this transformation since he started exuding the orders of an array, seemingly fusing with heaven and earth to drive the profound formation.

“You do understand the trinity of formations, indeed qualified to be a True Emperor. Unfortunately, too impatient and not enough polishing, inferior to that brat Waterwatch in this regard.” Li Qiye nodded and judged the emperor.

No one knew what to say, unable to determine the amount of sarcasm in it.

“To the death!” The emperor ignored the comment and stepped forward.

His voice was full of confidence and bloodthirst. Everyone could see that the emperor was putting his life on the line.

They took a deep breath, feeling a bit of admiration for the emperor.

At this point, everyone could see that the king was invincible, more than enough to make everyone drown in despair. The emperor could be ten times stronger and he still wouldn’t be a match. Moreover, his fiancee was completely conquered by the king. This was unbearable for any man.

In spite of it all, he still managed to maintain a mental state fit for battle.

They also sympathized with his reckless idea because living was meaningless. Even if he could escape from the king and keep his life, he would forever be living under the king’s shadow. The devil of the heart would devour the remainder of his life. He would be suffering in humiliation.

Thus, instead of living like a coward, going out with a bang was much more heroic. At the very least, he would still be known as someone who had competed with the king before. People would sing songs about him.

“Alright, you may choose how to depart from this world. Go all out now and don’t disappoint me. After preparing this so-called supreme formation for so long, it would be too boring if it can’t handle a single blow.” Li Qiye chuckled and said, staying true to his perpetual domineering style. 

The crowd has come to expect this behavior from him, no longer finding it arrogant and annoying.

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