Chapter 253: Lion’s Roar Gate

Chapter 253: Lion’s Roar Gate

Chi Xiaodao took a deep breath before asking: “What, what is this treasure?” He had an indescribable feeling when he grasped this golden turtle in his hand — just like what Li Qiye had said. It was as if this golden turtle’s last name was really Chi!

“How did you get it?” Li Qiye answered with a question instead.

Chi Xiaodao earnestly answered: “I followed your instructions and dived to the end of the cave. Eventually, I saw a huge and majestic stone foundation with this golden turtle lying on top of it as if it was growing there, so I just caught it.”

Li Qiye gently sighed and said without any clearly discernable emotions: “This place is the origin of your Chi Clan. There is a golden turtle earth vein down below, and the entrance is precisely this old pond! A golden turtle earth vein can give birth to a Heavenly Stone Golden Turtle! Outsiders might not be able to use this Heavenly Stone Golden Turtle, but it is a different case for a Chi descendant, especially you!”

At this point, he continued on: “Keep carrying this Heavenly Stone Golden Turtle on you. This thing can change your Fate and, in the future, it might be able to raise your Turtle Fate into a Heavenly Turtle Fate.”

“Really?” Chi Xiaodao couldn’t help but feel jubilation after hearing Li Qiye’s words; he was filled with both excitement and happiness!

Li Qiye nodded his head and said: “However, to actually advance to a Heavenly Turtle Fate... Fast would be one thousand years, slow would be five thousand years. However, regardless of what happens, there will be many benefits by carrying this golden turtle on your body in the future.”

After hearing that it would require one thousand to five thousand years, Chi Xiaodao became discouraged. At that time, he might be too old to even walk, or he might not even be around in this world anymore.

“Which is why you still need to change your Fate!” Li Qiye smiled and said in response to the discouraged Chi Xiaodao.

Calming his mind once again, Chi Xiaodao looked at Li Qiye in surprise and said: “How do you know all of these things! Even my Chi Clan didn’t know about this!”

“This is why people say to read more books; the more you read, the more you know!” Li Qiye said with a smile: “However, you need to make the vow right this moment. You will never speak of this matter to anyone else, including the ones closest to you. This is the origin of the Chi Clan, and it’s also the root of your Chi Clan!”

Chi Xiaodao was astounded to find out that this place was the origin of his Chi Clan. In the end, under the urging of Li Qiye, Chi Xiaodao used his True Fate to make the vow in order to protect the secret of the golden turtle earth vein.

“Can I really change my Fate?” After making the vow, Chi Xiaodao couldn’t help but to ask again.

Li Qiye smiled and smiled some more before saying: “If you can trust me, then there is absolutely no problem. We need time and a huge amount of medicinal ingredients. After the preparations are complete, changing your Fate will not be too difficult.”

“Good, then let us return. You will go with me back to my sect. I will prepare whatever you need!” Chi Xiaodao immediately answered. At this time, it would be hard for him to not believe Li Qiye, not to mention that he really wanted to fix his own issues.

Li Qiye smiled and nodded in agreement.

Chi Xiaodao came from the Chi Clan, and the Chi Clan controlled the Lion’s Roar Gate while the Lion’s Roar Gate reigned over the Lion’s Roar Country. Prior to this, both the gate and the country were not named Lion’s Roar.

A long time ago, the Chi Clan was once a powerful and ancient family that reigned over a gigantic country. Unfortunately, they had declined in future generations all the way until the era of the first ancestor of Chi Xiaodao. Even the little country of the Chi Clan was in turmoil.

It was not until Chi Xiaodao’s grandfather, the descendant of Lion Monarch Ba Xian and live-in son-in-law of the Chi Clan, showed up that the Chi Clan started to show positive signs as the country stabilized due to his powerful personal strength. Because of this, after the union of the two clans, the Chi Clan was considered to be reborn and its foundation — from then on — became the Lion’s Roar Gate and the Lion’s Roar Country.

And Chi Xiaodao’s grandfather was referred to as Lion’s Roar Heavenly King. He could be considered a top character within the Eastern Hundred Cities.

In fact, the current Lion’s Roar Gate compared to the truly fallen Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was still much more powerful. At the very least, it still had its own country while the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect only had control over a remaining ancestral ground; the sect could not be called a country.

There were more than ten thousand disciples at the Lion’s Roar Gate. Many disciples began to enthusiastically greet Chi Xiaodao as he brought Li Qiye back to the gate.

Chi Xiaodao could be considered the descendant of the Lion’s Roar Gate as well as the heir for the Lion’s Roar Country. However, he was not arrogant and mingled with the disciples in the gate with an air of friendliness, so he was quite well-received by others.

And so, after his return, many disciples quickly came to give their greetings. One of them even asked: “Senior, did anything major happen this time?”

“Did Junior Chi get any inspiration after going back to the ancestral ground?” Another senior sister jokingly asked.

Another senior brother saw Li Qiye and also asked: “Junior Chi, you wouldn’t be bringing another alchemist back, right?” Chi Xiaodao and the other disciples were having fun with laughter while Li Qiye slowly walked into the Lion’s Roar Gate and enjoyed its scenery! Regarding the magnificence of its mountains and rivers, it was not as great as the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s ancestral ground. However, its scenery was flourishing with rolling pavilions that carried quite a grand momentum.

Even though it was from the Chi Clan of that year, it still had some power.

Chi Xiaodao arranged for Li Qiye to stay at his own compound. Li Qiye did not waste time and handed a list to Chi Xiaodao: “All the materials on this list are necessary; it is better to get them as soon as possible.”

This was not Li Qiye’s first attempt at changing one’s Fate. One could say that no one in the contemporary times could compare to him regarding the art of Fate changing. He and the Alchemy God traveled fairly far on this path, and Fate changing could be one of the most essential things regarding the alchemy dao! Plus, Fate changing was very complex. Different situations required different dan recipes.

The fortunate thing was that Li Qiye’s Alchemy God’s Grand Canon had the most dan recipes in this world, so this was not a problem for Li Qiye.

“I have to ask the elders about this first!” Chi Xiaodao looked at the list while wryly smiling and scratching his head: “My father is at the royal city to preside over the country, so I can only ask the elders!”

Finished speaking, he orders for servants to take care of Li Qiye before quickly leaving.

Chi Xiaodao returned not long after with a not-so-good mood. After he met Li Qiye, he wryly smiled and helplessly said: “The other elders are in secluded meditation, and the third elder refused to agree. He, he…”

“He was afraid that I will swindle your medicinal materials?” Li Qiye smiled a bit and said.

These words made it very awkward for Chi Xiaodao as he dryly smiled: “The third elder can’t be blamed for this. I was truly cheated by a little thief last time so if the elders don’t forgive my debt, I don’t even know how long it will take for me to get these herbs and refined jades! So this time, there was no way the third elder would have agreed for me.”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile. This was understandable because the medicinal materials he needed were extremely valuable. There was no chance for consideration if it was someone else; however, since Chi Xiaodao was the descendant of the Lion’s Roar Gate and the heir of the Lion’s Roar Country, Li Qiye gave him such an opportunity.

“I still have a little savings left!” Chi Xiaodao violently gripped his hair and made a decision: “So be it, I will go borrow from the senior brothers and senior sisters. I’ll see if I can gather enough money to buy this group of materials from the gate or not.”

“Then go.” Li Qiye smiled and replied. In fact, he had the ability to obtain these medicinal materials because of the War God Temple’s support. It was not a difficult matter if he truly wanted them, but he didn’t want to make a move at this particular juncture for he wanted to first test Chi Xiaodao.

In the next few days, Chi Xiaodao busily borrowed money from the senior brothers and sisters everywhere in the Lion’s Roar Gate. He even borrowed money from the uncles. Many seniors reminded him with good intention to not be tricked by someone else again. Despite the warnings, Chi Xiaodao was quite loved at the sect so many brothers, sisters, and uncles all lent him money. In a few days, it was enough for him to buy half of the medicinal materials.

While Chi Xiaodao was busy trying to get money, Li Qiye, on the other hand, was enjoying the scenery of the gate.

On the fifth day, Chi Xiaodao quickly left to go borrow more while Li Qiye stayed behind in his grand hall. He didn’t expect to have a visiting guest who directly went to meet him.

“Please leave the Lion’s Roar Gate!” The moment they met, these were the first words this female guest spoke to Li Qiye.

Li Qiye, with his always-nonchalant expression, lifted his head and looked at the girl in front of him. The girl before his eyes was adorned with a complete phoenix garment. This was not a traditional phoenix dress as the upper dress was more like a phoenix spreading its wings. These two wings accentuated the towering breasts of this girl while the lower portion of the dress revealed a narrow and soft waist as white as snow — extremely tender and smooth.

The skirt was like a phoenix that had its white feathered tail fanned out, swaying and flowing. It created a very beautiful scene that matched quite well with its wearer.

The woman before him was the embodiment of both nobleness and arrogance. With their faintly golden pupils, her bright eyes easily moved others. What was even more charming was that her hair resembled strands of golden silk, creating an exotic allure.

She was just like a canary — both elegant and full of pride. There was somewhat of an overbearing style, but her appearance still contained a dignified air that dispelled any trace of shallowness.

“Leave the Lion’s Roar Gate?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh after hearing the first sentence of this girl. After seeing her golden hair, he immediately knew her identity. Without a moment of delay, he thought of Lion Monarch Ba Xian quickly after for his hair was also golden.

This girl in front of him sharply glared at Li Qiye and deepened her voice: “I have heard of the matter between you and my little brother. Changing one’s Fate is an impossible matter! My little brother might be fooled by you, but the Lion’s Roar Gate will not be subjected to your trick!”

“Fooling him?” Li Qiye smiled and understood why she wanted to chase him away. She assumed that he was cheating Chi Xiaodao.

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