Chapter 2529: Origin Sword Formation

The emperor had a chilling expression and determined gaze flashing with fatal intent just like blades.

Some were actually admiring him right now. Anyone else suffering this humiliating event would have crumbled already and wouldn’t want to stay here any longer. The emperor, on the other hand, stood there still eager to fight, seemingly unperturbed.

Anyone else would have their morale plummeting, if not a total collapse. Their will to fight would lessen as a result as well, but not the emperor. This was indeed a rare, admirable trait. There was a reason why he became a True Emperor. 

He earned a lot of sympathy from the crowd because of Bingchi Hanyu. His fiancee has left him for the king; this was an embarrassing matter - a great blow for any man.

Some of the older experts gently sighed. The fight has become even more inevitable. The king was still as ridiculous as before with the exception of his immense strength.

There was nothing he wouldn’t do. They realized that opposing a tyrant like this was the same as becoming enemies with a devil. The guy could always stomp on the opponent’s pride, letting them taste a fate worse than death.

They felt that it might have been better if Lucidity King was still in charge. At the very least, the guy was only imperious and dictatorial. On the other hand, the new king was unpredictable and potentially licentious as well. People started missing Lucidity King for his good qualities.

The emperor stared straight at Li Qiye and declared: “We’ll go to the death today! One of us will go down!”

Li Qiye shook his head: “No, the only one dying is you, and this has been decided the moment you tried to reach for the throne. You should be thanking the wind geezer from Godstep, if it wasn’t for him, I’m sure the imperial city would have turned into a bloodbath; corpses would pile up higher than the walls. Unfortunately, the geezer decided to do a good deed for karma.”

The crowd finally caught on. Back on that day, the king was all alone so everyone thought he wanted to die with his kingdom. No one expected that a rescuer would come and take him away from the crutch of Eight Formation True Emperor. It turned out that this person was Wind God, one of the five supreme ancestors.

Nevertheless, they shuddered at this point, knowing that the king was ready for a massacre, killing all of the invaders.

They could indeed imagine the scene of blood and bones filling up the imperial palace. The sanguine stench seemed to be lingering by the tip of the nose.

Plus, they knew that he wasn’t just bragging. The entire system could have changed in one day if it wasn’t for Wind God.

The six legions, the Bingchi, and Myriad Formation Kingdom could have been wiped out.

“We’ll see about that.” The emperor wasn’t afraid.

“Very well, people don’t give up until the very end when it is too late for regrets.” Li Qiye casually smiled and waved his hand: “Go first so that you can at least have a chance to struggle.” 

The emperor’s eyes lit up like the explosions of the stars in a frightening matter.

“Fine, to the death!” The emperor shouted.

“Clank! Clank!” It seemed as if countless swords have left their sheath and surged to the sky of Nine-linked Mountains.

“Buzz.” A boundless sword domain initiated where the dao of the sword reigned supreme.

In this domain, swords were the rulers, but the emperor was the ruler of the swords. Because of this, the emperor became the ultimate and only existence. Wait, there was another being in this domain - Li Qiye. 

At the tallest location of this domain was a stately entrance with a flashing source. The emperor was standing at the end of this realm, above all else, and wielding this source.

“Origin Sword Formation, the strongest sword formation of his kingdom.” Someone murmured.

It came from Myriad Formation True Emperor. Rumor has it that it had taken down another emperor before with its peerless power.

“Clank!” Curtains of swords appeared, eventually lining up into walls.

This culminated into the thickest layer of swords spanning for millions of miles in this domain in front of the emperor.

One would need to spend great effort in order to break one layer of this formation. Taking the entire thing down would be prohibitively difficult.

At the same time, the spatial area around him became ethereal. The emperor seemed to have left this dimension and entered the great entrance above this domain.

Nevertheless, the formation was still as strong as ever.

This meant that while inside this domain, one wouldn’t be able to find the emperor yet he could still wield its awesome and destructive power.

“How do you beat this?” The crowd had no idea on how to defeat this formation. There was no escaping for the opponent yet they couldn’t target the emperor either.

“What must we do to break this Origin Sword Formation?” A young genius became puzzled and asked quietly.

“I don’t know.” His senior shook his head and put on a serious expression: “I heard it has killed a True Emperor before. Breaking it will be hard, very hard.”

“It’s not impossible. Breaking the eye of the formation will break the whole thing. The controller serves as the eye, just find that person and it’ll be there.” An ancestor jumped in.

This made the group exchange glances at each other. Eight Formation True Emperor has disappeared from the formation. How was anyone going to find him?

“The variations and transformations of this formation are too profound. Breaking it completely is harder than reaching heaven itself. I think it’s wiser to try and force one’s way out.” Another expert stated his opinion.

All eyes were on Li Qiye now. They wanted to see what this mighty king would do to deal with this formation.

“Die!” The emperor’s voice sounded from above the sky vault. He resembled the supreme ruler of this area now.

“Clank!!!” Rains of swords poured down from above, more than enough to make mincemeat out of anyone inside in the blink of an eye.

People shuddered at this sight. If they were in this formation, they might instantly fall to this first wave.

“Calling this little art a formation is shameful.” The smiling Li Qiye had no intention of dodging as he watched the barrages of swords heading straight for him.

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