Chapter 2528: Feet Warming

The official challenge only needed Li Qiye’s confirmation now. The crowd watched with bated breath, waiting for this incredible fight.

Many were bullish about the king because of his impressive showings in the past.

The emperor was certainly strong and peerless in the young generation, especially in his current state. This was enough to fight an Eternal but people weren’t optimistic about his chances, not after seeing what happened to Ma Mingchun.

The emperor might be strong with his newfound power but still shouldn’t be at the same level as the king.

“A fight it is.” Li Qiye lazily said: “But one second, this god-forsaken place is so cold, someone as delicate as me can’t handle it. Look at how my legs are shaking, almost losing feeling in them and can’t stand up. Just wait a bit.”

The crowd smiled wryly after hearing this. This person could take down Eternals like eating a meal yet he couldn’t handle this temperature? Who would believe this crap?

“I’ll warm them up, Your Majesty.” Hangyu said softly. When someone seductive like her acted in this gentle manner, the effect became several magnitudes greater.

She prepared a hot basin and kneeled down before him, taking off his shoes and carefully washing his feet in a meticulous manner - akin to a maid serving her master.

“Mmm, that’s good.” He lazily leaned back to enjoy her service.

The speechless spectators felt as if their heart was being squeezed. 

Hanyu, the successor and princess of the Bingchi; numerous people wanted to court her but they weren’t qualified due to her prestigious status and beauty. The young ones viewed her as a goddess, feeling inadequate in her presence.

Now, she was kneeling and washing Li Qiye’s feet while being as careful as possible. This naturally shocked the crowd.

That’s why some of the youths had trouble breathing. Some even became heartbroken.

A few started stealing glances at the emperor since she was his fiancee. This was truly humiliating, impossible to accept.

Nevertheless, he stood there with a cold expression. No one could read his emotions.

“Let me warm you up.” Hanyu took her time to finish the task then dried his feet. Next, she lifted his feet and covered them with her outer garment, sandwiching them inside her deep valley.

Her collar has been unbuttoned, revealing her well-rounded and snow-white breasts. His feet were inside now as she lifted up her breasts, doing her best to snuggle his feet with them.

Eyes widened at this sight. This prestigious princess was lowering her status to this level?

The crowd became frozen. Just what kind of man could conquer this proud woman and make her willingly serve him like this?

The king’s domineering style seemed to have conquered her completely. The crowd shuddered after realizing this.

The experts knew that conquering a talented and prideful girl like Hanyu wasn’t that easy. One needed true charisma and matchless strength in order to win her heart until she was willing to do anything.

As a princess, the men she has met were all prestigious prodigies and powerful characters. Only the strongest could actually win her over like this.

The emperor’s expression became ugly after seeing this but he quickly restrained his anger.

“Your Majesty, do you feel warm now?” Her eyes rippled like the autumn waves, glistening in a dazzling manner. This combined with her seductive smile made people hot and bothered, wanting to do nothing other than ravaging her.

They salivated at this romantic act, becoming quite envious. Unfortunately, Li Qiye was the only character qualified to enjoy this.

“Mmm, much better, I can actually do things now.” He lazily said.

She attentively put his shoes on while the crowd fantasized about how soft they must have been. Unfortunately, fantasizing was the only thing they could do.

“All right, feeling pretty good today.” Li Qiye stood up after she got on his shoes and started stretching.

She then patted his shoulders and grabbed his hand, placing it on her chest. She said softly: “I pray for your success.”

“Of course I will be unbeatable and triumphant.” Li Qiye laughed and boisterously declared.

She turned red and hot, thinking about his ferocity and prior roughness. This made her go weak and inadvertently wet.

She became embarrassed and retreated to the back, keeping her head lowered.

The spectators had nothing to say while looking at the lazy Li Qiye, tasting different emotions inside - bitterness, sour, and spiciness. All in all, it wasn’t a good feeling.

Prior to this, many looked down on the king for various reasons, especially the young geniuses. They thought that he only relied on riding Lucidity King’s coattail.

This was a stark contrast compared to Bingchi Hanyu with plenty of suitors. People toiled and worked just to win a smile from her. 

Unfortunately, even the king or young lord of a sect still couldn’t obtain reciprocation. But now, this princess acted as a servant before the once useless king, willing to do and suffer anything for him. This was a tough blow for the spectators.

The male geniuses shuddered, feeling as if their heart has been stabbed by a sharp knife. This was extremely painful and virtually unforgivable.

Because of this, the crowd glanced over at Eight Formation True Emperor. They themselves were very disturbed and pained right now, he should be much worse. No man could accept their fiancee acting like this before the rest of the world.

“Alright, how do you want to do this?” Li Qiye floated to the sky and still looked as disinterested as ever.

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