Chapter 2526: Rising Storm

“Boom!” As the dao laws coiled around the emperor, his imperial aura surged rapidly as if his cultivation took several big realms higher.

His eyes pulsed with a golden light with the ability to refine the world and destroy the ages. Perhaps he could even sever the flow of time with a single wave.

The crowd took a deep breath after seeing his current state. He was already strong enough normally but now, under the immense blessings, he became even more domineering - seemingly invincible.

The crushing laws around him continued to change, turning into the various celestials and living beings. The laws eventually disappeared, replaced by a majestic world shouldered by the emperor.

“Nine Secrets System…” Someone took a careful look at this blinding world and instantly knew what it was.

“Yes, you’re right.” Others agreed.

The emperor was shouldering the entire system, allowing him to wield its power as well.

An immortal haze slowly spread out from this world, shrouding the emperor in a mysterious manner. He seemed to have just walked out of a land of immortals. Each step carried this land’s aura and presence. Each step began to turn the ground beneath him into something magical.

The crowd glanced at each other; they could sense his mighty power right now. There was no doubt that he had surpassed a two-palace emperor, perhaps even a three-palace one!

“This is still Nine Secrets. He grew up in this land and searched for its mysteries, that’s why he has the home-court advantage, not surprising at all.” An ancestor elaborated.

All cultivators had home-court advantage outside of those without a system. Of course, they were too weak to matter.

As for two cultivators on the same level, having the homecourt advantage meant absolutely dominating the enemy. 

Moreover, the stronger one’s cultivation, the more apparent this advantage became. Needless to say about a True Emperor, one would have massive advantages within his system, even more so when compared to an Eternal from the same system.

After all, an emperor had a more thorough understanding of the system’s profundity so they could control more of its power. This was another difference between a True Emperor and a True God.

Eight Formation True Emperor was born with impeccable talents and had started learning about Nine Secrets System and its laws since youth. He was close to the dao land here, especially inside his own kingdom, able to gather its power at whim.

People glanced over at Li Qiye, wondering about his advantages since no one has seen him at full force.

“How does it compare to His Majesty?” The excited youths wondered since Eight Formation True Emperor was impressing them after seeing his unmatched form.

After all, he has been their role model in Nine Secrets for a long period. Deep down in their heart, they still hoped that he would be strong enough for a successful counter.

On the other hand, many didn’t want to approve of Li Qiye. The guy appeared overnight and became the king. Plus, he had a terrible reputation, whether true or not, so they naturally were prejudiced against him.

That’s why some of the crowd craved for Eight Formation True Emperor’s victory. Of course, they kept it inside because if a tyrant like Li Qiye were to find out, he might decapitate them.

“Maybe there’s a chance.” Some younger friends commented.

However, unlike the optimistic youths, the older cultivators had a solemn expression since they have seen Li Qiye in action before.

The guy was simply unfathomable and brutal. His power level remained unknown. In fact, some believed that he was definitely stronger than the late king, Lucidity. If that’s the case, not to mention Eight Formation True Emperor, the entire system would be trembling beneath his reign.

No one was spared from anxiety during this period. The five great powers and the rest, even the five supreme ancestors; they all listened to him and obeyed all of his orders.

How frightening would it be if the king was actually stronger than Lucidity? No one in the system would be able to oppose him then!

“Clank!” The emperor continued on his path.

The swords resonated with each step. Divine swords appeared with unique markings and totems.

One had a roaring true dragon; another had a soaring phoenix; one more had howling heavenly dog…

These visual phenomena painted the opening of a primal world. These divine and ferocious beasts accompanied the emperor.

With his slight movements, the swords also flew across the sky. It looked like he was riding a sea of swords across the realms - quite a magnificent scene.

The first-time viewers were in awe: “This is how a True Emperor travel?”

Each step of his encompassed a great distance. Though the kingdom was extremely far from Nine-linked, it was no problem for him.

“He’s almost there.” Someone murmured as the emperor got closer to the mountains.

At the same time, people started to leave since they didn’t want to be dragged into the inevitable fight between the king and the emperor.

Some glanced over at Li Qiye, wanting to see his expression.

Unfortunately, he was as leisurely as ever with the two girls serving him tea despite the emperor’s incredible momentum. He looked as if he was enjoying the sceneries.

“So unreal.” Even the ones annoyed at him still had to admit that this guy was too fierce. 

The emperor finally made it into Nine-linked Mountains. The swords behind him issued continuous hums.

“Clank!” The blades pinned on the various peaks also resonated back. Millions of swords started a melody in unison. Cultivators lost control of their swords as well during this resonating process.

Coordinate lines appeared around the mountain range. Under the urging of the swords, a terrible formation took form.

“Clank!” One final hymn tore apart the land. The peaks suddenly disappeared and turned into gigantic swords.

In fact, the mountain range itself looked like one sword resting on the world.

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