Chapter 2525: Sea Of Swords

The crowd was naturally moved by the impressive scene in Myriad Formation.

“Buzz.” Clear outlines and divine halos emerged. They expanded through the realms and create bridges, making the kingdom look like a city of heavens.

An immense aura took form, making everyone feel as if an ultimate power was gathering on this kingdom.

In this blink of an eye, the grand dao power of Nine Secrets seemed to be under Myriad Formation’s control. The kingdom became shrouded with mist and fog, turning into a scene of paradise.

“Their national formation, I can’t believe they have activated it.” An older expert became startled.

“Incredible, it’ll give plenty of blessings for the emperor.” All eyes were on Myriad Formation.

“Is this one of the three great formations?” Another asked.

Myriad Formation Kingdom was known to have three great formations created by their founding emperor. Rumor has it that they were shockingly powerful.

Some said that their strongest formation was actually the kingdom itself. The entire land used to be a naturally-formed formation. Later on, Myriad Formation True Emperor started the kingdom and only slightly augmented the land, turning it into a peerless formation.

By using the momentum and geography of the land, people believed that once activated, this kingdom could borrow the strength of Nine Secrets System.

Because of this, some speculated that breaking this national formation would be exceedingly difficult. Their ancestors even proclaimed that no one could take their formation down.

Supporting this national formation and the momentum of the land required massive resources. The kingdom would never do it outside of an existential crisis so the crowd was quite surprised.

“Buzz.”  Wisps of light appeared all around Nine Secrets starting from Myriad Formation Kingdom and spread to the rest. These bright runes seemed to be pulling the power of the system into Myriad Formation.

This resulted in the kingdom becoming even more mighty with a terrifying aura.

“Eight Formation True Emperor isn’t confident so he needs to use his kingdom and borrow the power of the system.” Everyone understood right away.

This was meant to grant an insane boost to the emperor’s own power so that he could be at the same level as Li Qiye.

“Well, who can be confident going against the king right now?” One ancestor said: “Not to mention Eight Formation True Emperor, even Lucidity King might need to think twice.”

Everyone let out an awkward smile since they have seen Li Qiye’s abilities, allowing him to treat Eternals like insects.

“Doesn’t the emperor understand the Immortal Slaying Ancient Formation? I thought this formation is heaven-defying?” A youth said.

Prior to this, people have been singing praises of this formation so the youths felt nothing but respect and awe towards it.

“That’s in the past, but it’s not enough right now. No one expected for the king to be such a monster.” An older master smiled wryly.

Everyone thought that once the emperor had control of this formation, no one in the younger generation would be his match. Even older Eternals would feel some qualms going against it. This would stabilize the emperor’s reign.

But the king shattered everyone’s confidence. The emperor and his formation weren’t enough.

“I mean, isn’t it obvious? Ma Mingchun is the real deal, a tough Eternal. I’m not denying that Eight Formation True Emperor is a brilliant youth, but a two-palace emperor has limits and not on the same level as an Eternal. Even with his formation, he’ll only be able to fight against an Eternal at best, one that isn’t as strong as Ma Mingchun. So, how is he going to fight against the king?” The ancestor paused and looked towards Myriad Formation Kingdom: “In order to have a real match, the emperor needs to use the resources and foundation of his kingdom to borrow the power of the system, that will give him a sliver of hope. Anything less is a suicidal endeavor.”

The reversal of roles left everyone speechless. It wasn’t long ago that everyone thought of the emperor as an incredible genius. But now, the king has become an unsurpassable and oppressive mountain. Even the emperor paled in comparison.

“How exciting.” A leisure voice interrupted the anticipating spectators.

People looked back and saw Li Qiye coming out of his stone hall. He stood on top of his peak to look at Myriad Formation Kingdom. Liu Chuqing and Bingchi Hanyu followed behind him.

Hanyu looked quite obedient with spring in her face. The already beautiful woman became even more seductive and tender.

The crowd glanced at each other. Despite not knowing what had happened, they still had a pretty good guess.

Some sighed and lamented, sympathizing with the emperor for being so furious. He probably had a good guess too.

“His Majesty is coming.” A whisper sounded.

The experts in Nine-linked Mountains got on their knees without needing to be reminded - aware that just a single thought of the king could make their heads roll on the ground.

“Okay, just watch the show, no need to be so serious. Do as you please.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve.

The crowd heaved a sigh of relief and stood up. Some felt all kinds of emotions but there was nothing they could do about it.

Bingchi Hanyu and Chuqing took out a chair and table then began to serve him. Hanyu who was arrogant and spoiled looked just like a maid now.

“A bit interesting.” He sat down on his chair and smiled, his eyes glancing at the kingdom.

Hanyu also looked over only to sigh softly. She looked away and remained quiet.

“Boom!” An explosion caused the kingdom to shake. A being emerged inside the boundless radiance, looking just like a dominating god with a surging imperial aura.

“Eight Formation True Emperor.” The crowd whispered his title.

Some then stole glimpses at Li Qiye. This emperor was the one who chased Li Qiye from his throne, turning him into a fleeing dog without a master.

But now, the king showed his invincibility. Even the untouchable emperor needed to act with full caution.

“Rumble!” Beams of light began shooting at the emperor.

The power of both the national formation and the system poured into his very being.

He resonated with the grand dao and initiated numerous dao laws. Each law was as big as a waterfall pushing down on the firmaments.


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