Chapter 2524: Battle

The sword energies made Nine-linked Mountains look like a world of blades. Swords existed as far as the eye can see, pinning on the various peaks. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that there was one sword in every step, the same with their frightening aura.

The torrential atmosphere actually made the nearby cultivators’ swords resonate as well. Some started shaking and wanting to leave their sheath without the permission of their masters. They wished to fuse into the world of swords and reach a state of harmonization.

The inordinate number of swords naturally wowed the crowd.

“Eight Formation True Emperor is not messing around now looks like he wishes to go to the very end, even if it means mutual destruction.” One old expert murmured.

“Not just him, the entire kingdom has let caution go with the wind.” An ancestor quietly remarked.

Remember, Nine-linked Mountains has never participated in the worldly struggles but its power was unfathomable. Even Lucidity King needed to give this sect face.

Now, the emperor and his sword have turned the place into a battlefield.

It meant that he no longer cared about Nine-linked Mountains or keeping up a courteous appearance. It didn’t only represent his personal stance but also his kingdom’s. He wouldn’t have done so without their full support.

“He must be furious.” A spectator murmured.

“Don’t forget, Princess Hanyu is captured right now, and given the king’s characters, what do you think he’ll do?” His friend chimed in.

This stifled the current conversation since everyone started imagining. 

What kind of person was the king? Perverted, absurd, and tyrannical - a guy who would do anything. And when a beauty like Bingchi Hanyu had fallen into his grasp? Moreover, he had publicly stated his intention of educating her in the past. The outcome was obvious.

“I’m afraid no men can quell this fury, let alone a True Emperor.” People said after thinking it through.

“Then let’s wait and see.” An elder said: “Being too resolute will end with casualties on both sides, no chance for backing off. Nevertheless, success is the only way to vent. Conflicts are just part of life, I can at least sympathize with his choice. Unfortunately, failing will result in the destruction of his kingdom, the efforts of his ancestors will turn to ashes. He’ll be a sinner who won’t be able to face the ancestors. If we’re really talking about being rational and logical, is it worth it to drag an entire kingdom down over a woman? Billions of citizens… Yet for a man, to do otherwise would be to suffer for an entire lifetime.”

The elder’s analysis captivated the crowd. They felt as if their heart was being clutched tightly.

“The king is fierce and brutal indeed, only more than Lucidity King, not less.” A commenter kept his voice at a low volume.

Everyone has learned of his methods now - massacring a legion without batting an eye. This was indeed just as impressive as the previous king.

The ancestor gently shook his head: “It’s not the king’s fault, this is just the cruelty of a political struggle, completely inevitable the moment the Bingchi swapped their princess and Eight Formation True Emperor attacked the imperial city, a part of karma. Look at the princess of Waterfront instead, adored by the king and even given the nine secrets.”

Everyone became envious after the topic changed to Princess Liu Chuqing. Just think about it, Calmlotus was an incredible sect yet they only had two secrets.

Now, Chuqing alone had nine. No one could match this in the entire system.

“Will Her Highness become a second True Emperor Jiu Ning?” Someone wondered.

Rumor has it that this emperor had access to all nine, a brilliant being that was comparable to Emperor Zhang. Someone like Lucidity King also viewed her as his pride. From this, one could imagine how great she was.

“Hard to say.” An ancestor replied: “It really doesn’t matter whether she becomes a True Emperor in the future since her current status is already prestigious beyond words, even Fairy Qin isn’t on the same level.” He sighed after saying this.

Many were referring to Chuqing as Her Highness now. Everyone could see that once the king takes back his throne, she was the only one qualified to be queen. This spot has pretty much been determined.

“His Majesty truly dotes on her, she’s so lucky.” A few pretty cultivators became envious.

When they wanted to learn the powerful merit laws from their sect, they needed to ace the examinations and trials. As for the nine secrets? That’s something they never dared to think about. Not to mention that their sects didn’t have it, even if they did, not just anyone can have access.

Now, Chuqing was around their age yet she had all nine words.

“Lucky?” A senior didn’t like this comment and glared at the girls: “This has nothing to do with luck. She planted the seeds and now, it is time for her to harvest. When the king had a rotten reputation, did anyone give a damn about him? Did anyone want to serve him and face ridicules and disdain? Only Her Highness chose to do so, could any of you have made this choice?”

The young girls became silent after hearing this. Indeed, this wasn’t something they would have done. In their eyes, the king in the past was only a perverted and useless ruler. They would have nothing but disdain for the king, let alone serving him.

“Nothing comes free in this life.” The senior continued: “Only by paying the price would one gain something.” 

Unfortunately, even the seniors failed to see this. If they were aware of all the possibilities, the present would be completely different.

One could only lament their lack of vision. No wonder why the king looked down on them and called them ants.

“Boom!” Another explosion detonated in Myriad Formation Kingdom and disrupted the conversations.

Divine lights oozed out in that realm as if they were opening numerous treasuries and all of their hidden cards. This majestic power surged to the sky, seemingly awakening the great sages of the kingdom consisting of mighty Eternals and brilliant True Emperors. They released their abilities in full.

Of course, it was only the kingdom’s foundation being activated, not that these beings were actually coming back to life. These were the powers stemming from previous blessings and augmentations.

“Get in line, arrange the banners and laws for full derivation and transformation…” Chants resounded in the kingdom, not from the disciples but from the remnant voices of the great beings.

The old blessings made the sky colorful as if these beings were returning. The kingdom became brimming with power, almost turning into a massive behemoth.

“They are revealing their true power.” The experts in Nine-linked Mountains became astonished.

“They’re not messing around, that’s the power of an entire kingdom.” Another said.

A kingdom revealing their ace cards could only be described as frightening. There was no doubt that Eight Formation True Emperor wanted to fight to the death against the king, not caring about the consequences.

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