Chapter 2520: Keeping A Promise

The name of the rope wasn’t familiar to the crowd at all. The experts present haven’t heard of this weapon previously, same with the tale mentioned by Qin Jianyao.

Few would waste their time reading for entertainment. The sects would prefer that they spend their time training instead of idle reading.

Thus, no one really believed the tale of immortals weaving the rope. Perhaps the villager only started this story to put their children to bed. Who would bother memorizing this boring story?

Li Qiye smiled after hearing the story: “Who knows if the nine mortals and the villager are real, but this rope certainly is. The world was just too arrogant and foolish, always confident in their own knowledge.”

Jianyao tilted her head and pondered: “The villager…”

Like Li Qiye had said, the rope was real and the nine immortals might not be, but what about the villager in the story? This person was the one who started the rumors.

If this was the case, the person should know about the existence of the rope but came up with a crude story for future generations. But why? 

She was actually interested in the answer, finding that it was worthwhile. She was excellent in this manner, not a woman with big breasts and small brains. On the contrary, she had read plenty of books and had a vast knowledge. Though she didn’t travel the world like the saber saint, what she knew in her mind far exceeded his.

“Almost forgot, we have a bet going on right now. You have lost.” Li Qiye put away the rope and got up to the sky. He smiled while staring at Bingchi Hanyu.

The crowd also stared at her then exchanged glances with each other. They remembered about the bet and how she had lost.

Initially, they thought that even in the case of losing, she could always renege since her clan was strong enough to do so. They did it once for the marriage pact.

But now, the king has proven to be a terrifying existence. Reneging was out of the question, even suicidal on top of dragging her clan down.

“Just one mistake, what a shame, or the Bingchi would be flying high right now too.” An old man took a deep breath and said: “I guess ultimately, it’s best to keep one’s promise.”

The five powers all had a marriage pact with the king, but only Liu Chuqing carried it out!

That’s why she had his full favor right now and got the nine secrets. Everyone could see that her status far exceeded Qin Jianyao at the moment.

The latter was famous as a fairy, virtually peerless in Nine Secrets. But now, Liu Chuqing was on a higher level. Who knows if Qianyao would even win the king’s favor in the future?

Bingchi Hanyu turned pale, not just from losing the bet but because Li Qiye’s abilities far exceeded their expectations.

They assumed they were above this useless person and she herself had shown contempt towards him. But now, it turned out that they were mere ants in front of him, perhaps even inferior to ants.

The worst part was her engagement with Myriad Formation Kingdom. Though they have yet to carry out the wedding, she and the emperor were essentially husband and wife.

Losing this bet didn’t only affect herself but also her clan and Myriad Formation Kingdom.

The two old men to her left and right were shaken to the core but they still blocked in front of her.

“Want to play dirty now?” Li Qiye smirked.

She took a deep breath; her eyes became serious as she straightened her back. This accentuated her full-rounded breasts even more, causing people to go crazy.

“I will keep my words without regrets.” Hanyu said sonorously while stepping forward: “I’m standing right here, kill me if you want to.” 

She was ready for death at this moment - closing her eyes and raising her head to make her neck more accessible. Her white-snow neck was as pretty as a swan’s, causing others to think that cutting off her head was so cruel. No one would be able to do it.

“Who says I want to kill you?” He grinned.

“...” The girl opened her eyes, not happy after hearing this. She felt fear because death wasn’t the worst thing that could happen. Her peaceful state of mind disappeared, replaced by dread.

“You tell me.” His smile widened as he looked at her up and down as if imagining her naked: “Teaching an extraordinary beauty should be quite fun.” 

The crowd shuddered and their mind started wandering about the various possibilities. Of course, no one dared to utter a word. Even if some wanted to play the hero, they didn’t have enough strength to do so.

“You!” She was shaken, feeling that she was helpless on a platter and he could do whatever he wanted.

“No!” The two old men once again blocked in front of her. They were frightened because given Li Qiye’s nature, who knows what would happen once she falls into his hands?

At that point, not only would she suffer but their clan would be humiliated as well. Myriad Formation Kingdom and the emperor wouldn’t be spared either.

Li Qiye smiled while looking at the old men: “You two want to fight me?”

This nonchalant response froze the old men. Though they were powerful True Gods, they were completely helpless against him, akin to grasshoppers going against a carriage.

Ma Mingchun himself almost died from a single kick. They wouldn’t be able to stop a single move from him. Of course, they had no other choice due to the terrible consequences of her captivity.”

“You need to walk over our corpses to get to her.” One of them gritted their teeth.

“So be it, I’ve killed an entire legion today already, what’s two more?” Li Qiye didn’t care at all.

“Uncle Feng, leave, let me shoulder this.” She looked feeble and desperate because resistance was futile. The two old men would only be suiciding.

“Lady, you go first, we’ll buy time for you.” They refused and rather used their lives to delay the inevitable.

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