Chapter 2516: Holy Light

The holy brilliance swept through the darkness of the realms. Evil was refined with no place to hide.

“Buzz.” The curse turned to wafting smoke and dispersed with the wind.

Li Qiye’s light became increasingly denser. In the end, he became a sacred existence looming above the insignificant and feeble darkness. Resistance was futile.

Everyone found that he had become a saint, feeling the urge to prostrate before him while the darkness in their heart had no place to hide. They felt inadequate in comparison to this holy being.

“Is this a merit law for sanctification?” The experts washed by the holy light looked up. Their sin and darkness were being swept away by the flowing light.

Many of the excited crowd were more than willing to join Li Qiye, completely converted. 

“No, this isn’t a merit law.” The older experts spoke more softly than before. They didn’t wish to disturb Li Qiye, acting as if being rowdy right now would be a great sin.

“This is the dao heart of a saint, giving birth to an all-penetrating light.” Another master whispered.

The crowd started contemplating in a daze. One older man took a deep breath and asked himself: “Just what the heck is this dao heart?”

A while ago, Li Qiye became a devil with a single thought. Now he was full of light? It looked as if he could easily transform into anything.

For the rest of the world, becoming a devil or a saint required untold hardships and tribulations, unlike Li Qiye. Just what kind of terrible dao heart was capable of this feat?

“Buzz.” He stopped emitting holy light. The remnant brilliance fell into the world, illuminating every nook and corner.

Where could the darkness hide before this omnipresent holiness?

Since he stopped exuding light, his holy power was no longer as majestic but became softer and gentle.

Strangely enough, this transformation didn’t result in a weakening of might. It made his holy power became even more unfathomable.

The light was no longer as present and animated as before, but it had fallen into every inch of the land and fused with it. The world became part of his.

The crowd was naturally affected as light lit up in their heart. They dropped on the knees and finally began prostrating.

The ancestors were scared out of their mind. Li Qiye didn’t need to move a single finger and could still force masters into submission. They knew that he was more than capable of converting someone completely into his follower.

“Pop!” The final strand of the evil curse was finally refined so the soldiers from the legion materialized again, popping up all over the peaks.

Unfortunately, a series of faint crumble noises ensued followed by the final screams of their army.

The soldiers began to shatter and disintegrated into bloody mists. The survivors watched their friends die before their very eyes and bellowed.

Their wails of torment assaulted Nine-linked Mountains to the dismay of the listeners. Regardless of how they screamed and ran, destruction was inevitable. The backlash of the curse made them explode like beans being crushed.

When their curse failed to kill Li Qiye, this power would come back straight for them.

It didn’t take long before the entire legion fell. Mists of blood lingered in the air and became quite thick.

The trees and leaves were covered in drops of blood from the agglutination of the mists. Next came a rain of blood that stained the mountain streams.

The thick stench of blood made people shudder. It didn’t take long before some started to vomit.

This was an army of a million elites. All were dead now in a split second, no longer existing in this world.

“No…” Ma Mingchun screamed painfully at this sight. He woke up from the rage of vengeance and realized the gravity of the situation.

He has been the Central Commander for a long time. So many soldiers have walked on the battlefields with him; their familiar faces were engraved in his heart.

Not one of them was lucky enough to survive this event. The whole thing mercilessly pricked his heart.

Furthermore, the elites of his clan were part of the legion too. They trusted him with their lives only to die without a grave. He became cognizant of the crazy selfishness of his action, resulting in this cruel end. 

The guy was still alive because Li Qiye had pointed one finger at him, stabilizing the curse.

All eyes were on him. The crowd began to think about the implications as well. One of the most famous and strongest legions in Nine Secrets was gone now because of Ma Mingchun’s desire for revenge.

The prestigious legion turned to smoke, turning Ma Mingchun into an unforgivable sinner in military history.

Unfortunately, it was too late for regrets. He had no chance of re-doing the past and changing his decision.

“What a crime.” One ancestor sentimentally said: “Destroying a legion for his selfish desire. History will not be kind to him.”

Of course, most also thought that he had brought it upon himself so they didn’t quite sympathize. 

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