Chapter 2515: Godslaying Malediction

The soldiers from Central Legion have taken up the peaks and started moving around.

They were wearing regular clothing instead of armor plates, but their ferocious aura remained - evident of their battle experience. The entire sect was engulfed in a ferocious and murderous aura.

“It’s a curse incantation.” An ancestor murmured: “Mingchun wants to throw his entire legion into the mix, is it worth it?”

“Take my chaos and spawn the evilest curse…” Mingchun began chanting.

“Buzz.” His body became indistinct almost like snow melting into water. He was fusing with space and turned into an ancient symbol.

“Take my chaos and spawn the evilest curse…” The soldiers began chanting in unison; their voice lingered on the horizon.

“What is going on?” The youths didn’t know what was happening. The army chose to chant instead of attacking the king.

“It’s the Godslaying Malediction.” An older expert shuddered and took a deep breath: “That’s the secret move of this legion.”

“Is it strong?” A youth became curious.

“Strong is not enough to describe it. It’s very scary, formless and undetectable.” The older expert explained: “This curse is cruel and virtually impossible to defend against because it comes from the heart.”

“What do you mean?” The youth couldn’t imagine it just yet.

“Yes, from the heart.” The expert elaborated: “When your heart has darkness, this curse will come into being and corrode your entire body, including your true fate. Everyone has darkness in their heart, it’s impossible to avoid this.”

“It’s that frightening?” The youth gasped.

“Right, moreover, it is released by all the soldiers. This formation connected their individual strength on top of borrowing the momentum of the land. The stronger the area, the more powerful the curse on top of its innate potential.”

The expert glanced at the mountain range and said: “Well, I don’t need to tell you that this place is one of the strongest lands in Nine Secrets. Borrowing the momentum of this place will double the power of this curse. No one can escape.”

The disciple stammered: “Wouldn’t such a terrifying curse be unbeatable?”

“Nothing is unbeatable in this world.” The expert shook his head: “As long as the victim is strong enough and has enough light in their heart, they’ll be able to withstand the malediction. Absolute strength will crush anything, whether it be light or darkness. But all in all, this curse is very impressive. In the past, under the orders of Lucidity King, the legion managed to destroy a powerful foe of his using this exact curse.”

“Nothing good will come of this.” An old man nearby said flatly: “If they meet a stronger foe, the entire legion will be annihilated.”

“Yes, that’s why I said Ma Mingchun is dragging the legion down the mud with him. He’s betting everything on this curse.” The old expert agreed.

The chants continued to echo across the mountain range.

“Impossibly stupid.” Li Qiye didn’t bother trying to stop the chant.

“Buzz.” The soldiers began to disappear, replaced by multiple symbols emitting an evil presence.

“It’s about to begin.” A spectator said softly: “If they fail, the Central Legion will cease to exist altogether.”

“Mingchun is too selfish, implicating the legion for a personal feud.” A disciple couldn’t believe it.

“Well, this legion is pretty much the Ma Clan’s personal army at this point.” Another master said: “Back during the rebellion, the soldiers that were loyal to the king have been subdued. He’s in total control right now, so he can make this crazy gamble.”

People glanced at each other after seeing this. Everyone knew that the Central Legion didn’t belong to a single clan or power, definitely not the Ma. It belonged to War Saint Dynasty, and in a sense, the entire system. Its responsibility was protecting the system. But now, Mingchun chose to use them with no regard for others.

The entire sect was now covered with an ocean of ancient symbols in the sky. Their evil strands pricked the spectators like needles.

“That’s scary.” The crowd quickly retreated after sensing this malevolent aura.

Finally, the symbols melted along with the aerial space of the mountain range. Space turned into a thick, black liquid. There was no escaping this tide of darkness.

It immediately flowed towards Li Qiye and trapped him.

“Buzz.” This liquid-form curse drilled into his body, resulting in a shocking scene - Li Qiye’s heart area suddenly turned ashen.

This was akin to a piece of paper being burned. The form was still there but only ashes remain.

This evil curse surged after the successful infiltration and began spreading all over his body.

“He’s cursed now.” Someone shouted after spotting the color change as if he was on fire.

“Will he be able to withstand it?” Another shuddered.

“I don’t know, this is the first time I’ve seen it.” An older expert shook his head and put on a serious expression.

But the victim didn’t care at all. He watched the curse spreading through his body and shook his head: “This curse is like the screaming of a three-year-old child, not worth mentioning. I don’t even need to gather energy, just having a bright dao heart is enough.”

“Buzz.” A strand of light of the holy affinity emanated from his heart. It was as white as snow and impossible to violate; people couldn’t help but feel reverence.

More strands came out and blossomed like sacred lotus flowers, culminating in the opening of a holy world.

Sizzling noises came about. The evil curse couldn’t handle the holy light at all and was refined to ashes. Li Qiye’s body recovered and the corrosive grayness disappeared.

The holy light didn’t stop there. It billowed like a flood and aimed straight for the dark tide.

“Szzz…” The burning refinement continued. The dark tide was being turned into smoke.

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