Chapter 2513: One Kick

“Alright, time to take care of you all since I’ve grown bored. Not a single expert has shown up today.” Li Qiye stood up and smiled, his attitude was a stark contrast to the furious Ma Mingchun.

The crowd clammed up. In their mind, the saber saint and Jianyao’s groups were all geniuses and experts. They could only look up to these beings despite training for a lifetime.

Ma Mingchun was even more impressive. His achievements couldn’t be replicated by just anyone. Few could be considered his peers in the system.

Alas, none of them could enter Li Qiye’s sight. Not one could be considered an expert. Such a domineering attitude showed that he considered himself unbeatable.

Many smiled wryly, including the geniuses like the saber saint and Jianyao. 

If someone else were to say this, they would certainly bark back. Unfortunately, they had to accept the statement obediently when it came from Li Qiye.

“You, and you, go all out already before I wring your neck. Last chance.” Li Qiye smiled at Hexiang and Mingchun.

The two responded with a murderous glare, brimming with hatred from being shown such contempt.

“Boom!” Tang Hexiang channeled the power of the stars once more, becoming shrouded in blinding brilliance. The stars around him started to move as if he was the sky itself.

“Die!” Hexiang was even more eager than Mingchun and rushed towards Li Qiye, attacking with both his shield and spear.

“Boom!” The colossal shield smashed down mercilessly. The dragon spear turned into a cold ray piercing through space, instantly appearing before Li Qiye’s throat.

Li Qiye finally sprung into action in this split second. His speed froze the spatio-temporal affinities.

The scene ahead became clear and crisp to the spectators.

He leaped up with both knees forward. The spear shattered, then the shield.

His knees carried enough force to penetrate everything, turning them back to the primordial chaos. Thus, the formation instantly crumbled and the elites materialized again.

“Poof!” Several hundred elites became mists of blood from the attack.

Li Qiye didn’t stop there and continued towards Hexiang’s chin.

“Boom! Boom!” Two loud explosions finally resounded. These were the sounds of the shield and spear collapsing. It was hard to tell which came first.

“Senior Ma, save me!” Hexiang bellowed right away.

In fact, he had screamed when Li Qiye’s knees broke the spear but due to the guy’s immense speed, his voice only came about right now.

Ma Mingchun also retaliated with his pagoda carrying the might of an Eternal. It broke the worldly laws as it aimed to turn Li Qiye’s head into a pulp.

“Boom!” Time started flowing again and who knows which attack made this explosion?

“No…” Hexiang screamed before death.

 “Pluff!” Everyone saw Li Qiye’s knee connecting with Hexiang’s chin. The latter’s head exploded into a mist of blood.

Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye and casually slap the pagoda back at Mingchun.

Mingchun stopped his own pagoda and staggered backward while vomiting a mouthful of blood.

The crowd didn’t have enough time to process all the events before Li Qiye killed Hexiang and wounded Mingchun with a single knee and punch on top of several hundred elites.

While they struggled to keep up, Tang Hexiang’s headless body was falling to the ground.

Li Qiye turned around and glared at Mingchun who was holding his pagoda. The guy was frightened and instinctively walked backward.

“I have already spared you once during the rebellion yet you still keep on pushing your luck. Death beckons you.” Li Qiye declared.

Having said that, he did a simple whipping motion with his leg, devoid of any technique and grand dao. Its speed caused the air to split open and left behind an after-image.

Strangely enough, this rather common kick left the ancestors in shambles. It was a sure-kill, no way to escape even if one could make it to the horizon.

“...” Mingchun was astounded by the might of this attack but he knew that escaping wasn’t an option. He had to face it head-on.

He roared and the divine rings around him soared to the sky to create his own realm, opening a dao order.

“Boom!” All of his true energy gathered on the pagoda. It rushed forward to meet the incoming kick while issuing wind-breaking howls.

Nine true dragons appeared and aided the pagoda, pulling the treasure and the newly-formed realm to meet the attack.

This was his strongest technique - Nine Dragon Protectors. The pagoda would borrow the might of these dragons. Their auras ravaged the world while their fangs seemingly aimed to tear everything to pieces.

These beasts were wondrously powerful, more than enough to tear out the fabric of reality.

“Bam!” The kick approached with enough force to beat the world back to the origin.

“Raa…” The nine dragons were instantly turned to dust. The space around them was buried into oblivion.

The pagoda was next to be struck. It completely disintegrated; the pieces started falling down.

“Bam!” The remnant power from the kick came for Ma Mingchun.

“Ah!” His body instantly got split in two and his blood poured down like the rain.

“Spash!” The two halves fell into the lake. His blood slowly created a red puddle.

The crowd lost their mind upon seeing this. Killing Tang Hexiang with one knee was impressive enough, but one vertical kick to defeat Mingchun’s treasure then split him in two? 

An Eternal had just failed to stop a single move from Li Qiye. This story could scare people to death.

The world became silent. The weak-minded felt their legs giving in so they dropped to the ground. Some even soiled their pants.

An Eternal was proven utterly inadequate. Who else in the world could match him?

The fainthearted members of the crowd vomited their stomach juice, legs still trembling.

“That’s unreal…” Even some of the ancestors were horrified.

They realized that this was a being capable of annihilating a sect with a single move.

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