Chapter 2508: Using Nature Power

Tang Hexiang stood there holding a great shield, looking as mighty as an ocean. The spear in his hand also became larger, almost resembling a golden dragon. Just a casual swing seemed enough to destroy the myriad dao.

Tang Hexiang looked awe-inspiring as he looked down on the world, seemingly untouchable.

“Li, come fight now!” He proudly declared with eyes shining like divine lamps hanging in the sky. He looked down and they emitted rays like two waterfalls.

He purposely released his divinity so his aura resembled a sea drowning out the area.

“How strong is he right now?” Someone murmured. 

Though they couldn’t exactly gauge his power level, they could tell that he was far stronger after this array fusion. He wielded the power of the elites from Central Legion - their vitality and true energy as well.

Not only that, he had become one with the shield-shaped formation. Not to mention his own power boost allowing him to become a giant, the formation itself was quite formidable. All in all, he had an insane surge in fighting potential.

“Hard to say, shouldn’t be weaker than a ninth-level True God, but I don’t know if he’s above an Eternal right now. That’s a tough gate to get through, not that easily broken.” An ancestor stared at the Giant and said.

“Li, what are you waiting for?! Come out and die!” The majestic Hexiang shouted again with full confidence.

“You’re a clown for wanting to rebel with such meager abilities.” Li Qiye glanced briefly at the guy before concluding: “A piece of trash like you can still be considered a genius of War Saint is truly humiliating to the kingdom.”

“Do you dare to fight or not?!” Hexiang turned red and shouted.

“You think too highly of yourself.” Li Qiye smiled: “I can barely warm up fighting an ant like you. The saber saint is considerably stronger than you.”

Hexiang had enough of the continuous disdain: “Come if you dare, you can’t possibly comprehend my power.”

This made people glance at each other. Li Qiye’s might was as clear as day so why was Hexiang so confident still? Did he actually have something warranting this outrageous challenge against the king?

“Alright, let’s see what you have then.” Li Qiye smiled and made a move.

“Boom!” The casual wave lifted the water from the lakes. The entire volume rushed to the sky and became a tsunami.

“Ra!” The aura of a dragon surged like a storm, assaulting the entire area in a reckless manner.

Everyone looked up at the expanse of flashing golden light above and saw a massive dragon created by the lake water. The water had turned golden so this dragon also had a blinding shade of gold.

The body expanded for ten thousand miles, seemingly cast from gold. The scales, tendrils, and the sharp claws seemed so real as if it was an actual dragon. At the same time, its torrential aura spared nothing.

“That can’t be a real one, right?” The crowd was stunned by this magnificent scene.

“No, but it is very animated and vivid.” An ancestor was impressed by the majestic draconic aura.

“No big deal, can’t reach the apex.” Tang Hexiang looked down on this art. In his eyes, turning water into a dragon was child’s play. No matter how perfect the art might look, it was only impressive in appearance and couldn’t possess that much power.

“Ra!” The dragon seemed to have intelligence and understood Tang Hexiang. It answered with a vertical claw slash.

Just imagine the sheer size of this creature. Its claw came down like a golden Wuzhi Mountain. [1]

“Crack!” Space crumbled, resulting in a scene of glittering glass fragments falling down.

“Boom!” The power of this strike shocked Tang Hexiang. He hastily raised his shield to block it.

The terrorizing force made his monstrous body take several steps back and trampled a mountain.

The dragon didn’t stop and slashed again, leaving two deep scars on the ground. The earth seemed to be as fragile as tofu before its might.

Everyone took a deep breath, astonished. No one expected for this golden dragon to be so powerful.

“Die!” Hexiang grimaced. All of this effort to grow this strong yet he was forced back by some lake water? Quite a humiliating result.

Though he was indeed underestimating his enemy, the dragon showed its capabilities with the first blow.

“Clank!” Hexiang’s spear became resplendent, acting as another golden dragon baring its fangs. In this split second, he unleashed a thrust with a deafening hymn pricking everyone’s eardrums.

The light of the spear gathered together into something incomparably sharp and faster than lightning. It also pierced through the sky and left a permanent scar.

The dragon didn’t let up, clawing directly forward to meet the thrust.

“Boom!” The shockwave crushed the area with gigantic fiery sparks, akin to the eruption of a thousand volcanoes.

During this contest of strength, Hexiang slammed his shield mercilessly in a simple yet effective manner. The shield contained immense weight and power, resulting in a black hole.

The dragon blocked the destructive slam by swinging its tail but the impact was great enough to make the beast flip around three times in the sky.

“Limitless Spear Ocean!” Hexiang roared and swung his spear vertically down. The light of the spear drowned out the dragon and restricted it.

“Boom!” The dragon struggled to withstand this ocean of spears. At the same time, He slammed his spear with a meteoric force right on its head, successfully taking it down.

The dragon fell into the lake, resulting in massive waves that propelled the beast upward again. Once it fell down for the second time, it was forced back to its original form - turning into the lake water again.

“Splash!” The surface of the lake raged wildly but the majestic draconic aura and the beast were no longer present.

There was no doubt that Hexiang had successfully subdued the beast.

1. Five Finger Mountain in Hainan, just another expression that translates weirdly. I’ll keep it in raw form since this hasn’t been used before

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