Chapter 2507: Worm

As a genius of Nine Secrets, he had both power and backings, why should he be afraid of the saber saint?

“Saber Saint, you better think twice. It is not wise to oppose me.” The murderous intent in his eyes reddened.

“Stop blabbering, come out now.” The saint’s saber intent intensified as well. He wanted to kill Hexiang regardless of the guy’s backings.

The saint wasn’t a nice person. During his journeys, once he had made up his mind, he had killed people regardless of their background and sect.

The crowd thought that in a one-on-one fight, they would naturally pick the saber saint as the victor.

After all, one was a ninth-level True God while the other was only at the fifth-level. The power gap indicated a boring match.

However, Tang Hexiang didn’t seem like he was looking for a duel. Thus, people became curious about what he had hiding in his sleeves.

“Hmph.” He scowled, not wanting to back off like a coward.

“Alright, you can back off.” As the atmosphere between those two became quite tense, Li Qiye suddenly waved the saint off and said: “His dog life is mine, just stand there and watch.”

The saber saint glared at Hexiang before uttering: “Consider yourself lucky today.” Having said that, he sheathed his saber and stood to the side.

Hexiang was very annoyed right now, being treated as a non-factor by the saint. How could he be feeling good after being shown such contempt?

Li Qiye turned towards Hexiang and chuckled: “How do you want to die? If you want an easy death, then kill yourself. If I have to do it myself, it won’t be pretty, your corpse will be a mess.”

Hexiang was about to explode, being looked down upon by the saint and now Li Qiye too? Though he realized how strong Li Qiye was, he still couldn’t contain his anger.

“You think you’re invincible?” His eyes spewed out fury.

“That’s right, I’m invincible.” Li Qiye said while looking around at the crowd: “Anyone who thinks they can challenge me, come, I’ll show you how unbeatable I am.”

Even a True Emperor wouldn’t dare to make this declaration but the king had just done so to the rest of the world.

People smiled wryly. This king hasn’t changed at all. When he was weak, they assumed that he was an idiot. But now, after realizing he was strong, they only had one word to describe him - insane.

His nature hasn’t changed at all, only the perspective used to view him.

“What now? Going to be a coward like earlier again? Unfortunately, that still won’t save you.” He turned back towards Hexiang.

If Hexiang didn’t dare to fight right now, his reputation and prestige would be in shambles. Even if he were to somehow become king in the future, many people wouldn’t be convinced by him.

Hexiang took a deep breath and glared back: “Very well. I am a general versed in leading troops into battle, adept in formation and strategi-...”

“Stop, no need to be indirect.” Li Qiye interrupted him: “Just say that you want to go with your group, what is this about leading the troops to battle nonsense.”

Hexiang turned a little red. He was indeed trying to come up with an excuse to go together with his men.

After all, he knew full well that he couldn’t match Li Qiye in a duel. His biggest card right now was his men but he couldn’t blatantly say it.

“100, 1,000 men, or your entire legion, whatever, even the six entire legions too. I, alone, am more than enough.” Li Qiye nonchalantly smiled: “Of course, it’s best if all six of your legions come together so I can save time, not needing to deal with them one by one.”

The crowd shuddered after hearing this nonchalant statement. They could smell the stench of blood in the air wafting by their nose.

They suddenly saw an illusion - Li Qiye waving his hand and massacred the six legions. Millions of troops fell to the ground; bones piled as mountains and rivers overflowed with blood.

They suddenly believed that Li Qiye could actually carry it out. The six legions would have a hard time escaping this disaster once he made up his mind.

“That’s why a tyrant like you lost the trust of the people, why all your friends and followers have abandoned…” Hexiang coldly responded.

“Stop preaching.” Li Qiye interrupted again: “I don’t need to hear this from a worm. It’s time to call for help or I’ll kill you right away.”

Hexiang’s expression became extremely unsightly. He roared: “Start the formation, we’ll see what he can do today!”

“Clang!” With this order, the group behind him immediately stepped up and organized themselves.

“Buzz.” Once they took out their diagram, a great formation with intertwining runic lines appeared beneath their feet.

Hexiang leaped back into the center of the formation. With a buzz, numerous laws floated around him. The formation’s majestic power gathered on his body.

Some people rolled their eyes at this sight.

“How strange.” One quietly murmured.

“What about it?” His friend asked.

“You don’t notice it?” The person said: “This group isn’t part of the Imperial Guards; they’re the elites of the Central Legion, mainly the old soldiers from the Ma. But look at this formation, so smooth and well-practiced, not a hasty measure at all.”

The ones nearby became surprised and carefully pondered this little detail. Remember, the ones with Hexiang right now were the elites of the Central Legion, not his own group.

These two legions were far off from each other, so how could Hexiang be working so well with these elites? This teamwork required practice and experience, impossible to be done this well during their first attempt.

“Well, remember now, Lucidity King was on his deathbed for a long time.” One ancestor flew closer and chimed in.

The group understood right away. After the king’s death, who was the most likely candidate for the throne of War Saint? Clearly Tang Hexiang.

This implied that Hexiang and the Central Legion have been scheming for a long time. That’s why they could work so well right now.

“Boom!” Tang Hexiang started growing bigger and bigger. The members of the formation also fused into the array, turning into a large shield in his hand.

“Rumble!” Eventually, he was the size of a mountain, wearing the sky on his head and trampling on the ground with his feet. 

The clouds only reached his waist and the lake water only managed to reach his calves.

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