Chapter 2505: Three Slashes

“The Path of a King?  Li Qiye chuckled at the sight of the incoming slash and nonchalantly swung his saber: “Fiendish Annihilation!”

“Boom!” The evil saber exuded endless radiance. Each strand of light resembled a mighty pulse with enough force to pierce through the stars above.

In this blink of an eye, Li Qiye no longer existed, neither did the “devil king” and the evil aura. Only the saber was left behind with an apocalyptic slash without equals.

“Boom!” The Fiendish Annihilation directly shook the Path of a King. 

The move from the saber saint had flattened everything but this path was shaking right now. The rainbow-like passage leading to the sun weakened.

“Rumble!” Inch by inch, the passage began to crumble. The slash from the saint lost its brilliance and regal energy - akin to a flickering candle in the wind.

At the same time, the saint was suffering a terrible pressure as if he had just been struck mercilessly by a hammer in full force, causing him to stagger several steps backward.

The saint had just lost after the very first move. The crowd shuddered with fear after seeing this.

Moreover, it was just a casual move from Li Qiye yet it was enough to trouble the saint. Just how strong was this man?

“The Path of a Conqueror!” The saint roared, gathering more true energy in the form of a tsunami, one wave after another. His momentum became multi-layered as a result.

There was no end to his true energy right now. This oceanic source allowed him to always be able to utilize his moves at their strongest potential.

“Clank!” He instantly unleashed the second slash, less regality and more domination.

This ferocious attack shattered the earth and the sky - the apex of power and domineering. The move actually also empowered his energy source, causing a total eruption. He looked like a god of war right now. The swings of his saber could take care of everything.

The slash scared the soul out of people, instilling fear into the enemies in three waves.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Each wave was more powerful than the previous, intending to destroy the evil saber. Fiery sparks went everywhere and brightened up the sky.

“So domineering.” People said with admiration after seeing the saint rising up to the challenge with unstoppable momentum.

“Clang!” Unfortunately, it only managed to slightly shake the evil saber. The latter retaliated with the same move - Fiendish Annihilation. Nevertheless, this move was still a sure-kill, destroying the eight realms and the myriad ages.

The saber saint might be fierce but he still couldn’t stop the evil slash. Everything crumbled before its power. The only thing the enemies could do was to stretch their neck out and accept their fate.

“Boom!” The saint was pushed back dozens of steps this time around and vomited a mouthful of blood.

His domineering aura instantly dispersed while his majestic true energy became significantly weaker, though not to the point of depletion. He finally lowered his dimmed saber and became quite pale, clearly wounded from the previous exchanges.

“Is it over?” A spectator wondered.

Everyone held their breath - the saint was considered an invincible genius by many yet he had lost to the king already. They didn’t think anyone else in this generation could challenge the king anymore.

“Seems like the king was indeed hiding his abilities.” The crowd thought, horrified. They felt a chill surge coursing through them, almost akin to being bitten by a venomous snake and on the verge of death.

They have confirmed that the king was actually a terrifying master, far stronger than a ninth-level True God.

What would be the result of those who have betrayed, mocked, and bullied him? They shuddered after thinking about this since many among the group have mocked him before. Even if they didn’t verbally express their disdain, they certain thought lowly of him.

What if he were to seize the throne once more? They could already see the disasters to come. So many people in Nine Secrets were about to die.

“Your saber dao isn’t bad, just lacking polishing. When you reach grand completion, you might be able to stop several moves of mine.” Li Qiye’s voice came about.

He appeared again in the same pose and spot as if he didn’t move at all.

This no longer sounded like an insult but just straight fact now, due to the changed circumstances.

The saber saint took a deep breath and roared: “Again!” 

He took another step forward in the sky: “The Path of a Ghost!” 

This was a reverse slash, starting from the bottom then up vertically.

“Boom!” A lofty saber energy was unleashed but he didn’t stop there, releasing more slashes in succession.

The energy waves eventually gathered into a saber, flying straight for Li Qiye in the same sweeping motion.

The hymn of the saber drowned the world, adding an ocean of energy, more than enough to herald an apocalypse. Even the stars above weren’t spared.

Everyone found it hard to breathe while being stuck in this aura. They struggled to get out of this ocean of energy.

“Annihilation.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye and the evil saber casually swung down again.

Resistance was futile before absolute annihilation. Even the gods up in their firmaments could do naught.

“Buzz.” In this split second, someone suddenly appeared behind Li Qiye - the saber saint! It seemed as if he had been there the entire time.

“Pluff!” He thrust his saber into Li Qiye with lightning speed.

“A ghost is indiscernible.” He slowly uttered.

“No!” Chuqing finally realized the gravity of the situation and shouted.

“Raa!” At the same time, a golden dragon came out of a spear thrust. Tang Hexiang who has been observing leaped into the air and turned into a golden ray full of murderous intent.

“Pluff!” The spear instantly pierced Li Qiye’s head.

Time seemed to be frozen and became an image. The crowd stood there, stupefied.

The crafty move from the saber saint was unpredictable enough but Tang Hexiang’s ambush took everyone like a storm.

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