Chapter 2503: Gifting The Nine Words

Bingchi Hanyu was greatly affected by this generous showing of Li Qiye. She quivered for quite a bit as chaos infiltrated her emotions.

It wasn’t only about losing the bet but the sheer ridiculousness of it all. How could this guy give this priceless treasure to his woman without thinking twice?

He was full of charisma and decisiveness right now, a unique case since no other men would be willing to do this in Nine Secrets, not even Eight Formation True Emperor.

Even if the emperor had the nine words, he would keep it to himself in order to train.

Of course, she would understand because she wouldn’t give it to someone else.

Thus, this unique characteristic of Li Qiye overshadowed everyone else, causing her to have all kinds of emotions after recalling about their marriage pact.

If the clan had continued it then…

This was quite an uncomfortable moment for her. She hated and even looked down on this man, thinking that he was a useless king. However, this man managed to easily grasp the nine words, something her clan couldn’t do. Most importantly, he even casually gave them to his woman.

Comparison only brought about pain. She couldn’t find relief from these emotions.

The saber saint murmured to himself: “Lucky girl. I guess a fool has his own fortune that no one else can get. I don’t think the ancestors could have expected this.”

He was quite happy for Liu Chuqing. Previously, she faced strong resistance but still decided to come here. He was very worried, afraid that Li Qiye might bully her or that she might have a tough life. But now, he became rest assured since no other man could be so generous.

Tang Hexiang was speechless. The five fingers holding his spear were completely pale.

Everyone held their breath while watching this scene, realizing that the king was deserving of his throne, that he was the rightful ruler of Nine Secrets. Anyone else would only be mere usurpers!

“You have lost.” Li Qiye told Bingchi Hanyu.

She shuddered again, biting her red lips and couldn’t respond from the emotional instability.

All eyes turned towards her. In fact, no one would mock or laugh at her right now.

No one believed that Li Qiye could easily summon the nine words. It was simply impossible. They thought she would win for sure, not expecting for this unbelievable miracle to happen.

“I, I will keep my words. Do as you like!” She gritted her teeth and said resoundingly.

“No rush.” Li Qiye smiled and turned towards the spectators: “Anyone else who isn’t convinced? I know many of you are annoyed at me. That’s okay, this is a good chance to voice your criticism. I’m listening.”

Not a single word came out from the crowd. The ones who laughed at him earlier lowered their head.

Come on now? A man who could take out the nine words? Messing with him was the same as courting death. Everyone was feeling regrets. They should have been watching the situation more instead of being so harsh earlier.

Since no one responded, Li Qiye spoke to Tang Hexiang: “I know you want to kill me, here’s your chance. If you can withstand three moves of mine, I will pardon you.”

The crowd wondered if Hexiang would dare to fight or not.

Hexiang’s grasp on the spear trembled for a bit. He took a deep breath and said: “I’m not in a hurry.”

Li Qiye shook his head disapprovingly: “How disappointing, even if I don’t kill you, you wouldn’t amount to anything for the rest of your life.”

Hexiang’s expression soured. This was so humiliating but he still managed to restrain himself, turning a deaf ear.

Everyone could tell how terrifying this king was right now, so both the amazing geniuses and powerful ancestors present were smart enough to shrink into their shell.

“I’ll try!” Suddenly, a burst of laughter interrupted the silence and one man stepped up.

“Waterwatch Saber Saint!” This surprised everyone.

Even a fool could see that the king especially dotes on Liu Chuqing. Perhaps the king wouldn’t be that nice to Waterfront Pavilion, but he wouldn’t be tough on them either.

So they thought the saber saint would be the last person to walk up right now. Alas, he shocked them all.

“You?” Li Qiye smiled.

“That’s right.” The saber saint was in high spirits like a saber leaving its sheath.

He looked straight at Li Qiye sand said: “I rarely misjudge people but I was wrong about you. I don’t know how strong you are, but I still want to try!”

“Ninth level.” Li Qiye casually commented after a quick glance at the saint.

“That’s right, I’ve just broken into the ninth level, not enough to reach the apex.” The saber saint said without any arrogance.

“A ninth-level True God!” The crowd was shaken to hear this.

“That’s more powerful than Eight Formation True Emperor!” Someone murmured.

“Yes, in terms of cultivation but the emperor has the Immortal Slaying Ancient Formation, that’s incredible too.” Another whispered.

“The saber saint is something else, no wonder why he’s the top genius of our system.” A genius became moved.

As a ninth-level True God, the saber saint was very close to being an Eternal. This was a commendable achievement, perhaps he could become even stronger than Lucidity King.

“Can’t reach the apex indeed.” Li Qiye smiled: “I’ve met a sword god at the ninth-level but his dao is far superior than yours.”

Everyone took a deep breath after hearing this. A being at the ninth level was immensely powerful, looked up by so many people. Yet the king spoke as if they were worthless?

If ninth-level True Gods were worthless, then they would be inferior to insects!

“Even an insect should try to fight against the heaven.” The saber saint held his saber and had a serious expression: “Can’t just give up because you’re nothing at the start.”

“Good, I can appreciate that.” Li Qiye clapped: “An insect, however weak it might be, should still go all out just once instead of giving up. Because of this comment, I will spare your life.”

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