Chapter 2502: All Trashes

The nine secrets were the supreme merit laws of this system, the very foundation yearned and researched by its members.

It was a well-known mantra. For millions of years, numerous geniuses and wise sages have tried to understand them.

Each word could become a mental chant, merit law, martial style, or an unstoppable technique.

However, returning to the origin was the true profundity of the nine words - a display of their true power.

Though each only consisted of a single character, they also contained the transformations of the profound grand dao and various worldly orders. Because of this, understanding them was exceedingly difficult. Just figuring out one would yield lifelong benefits, going as far as allowing one to start their own sect.

This was the case for War Saint Dynasty and the five great powers. Their patriarchs figured out some of the nine words and managed to start their own long-lasting legacies.

Just figuring one out resulted in these achievements, what about all nine? That would be on the same level as becoming a system progenitor and shocking the entire world.

“I’ve heard rumors about Nine-linked Mountains hiding the words, looks like it is the truth.” One ancestor murmured in a daze.

This rumor was the reason why so many disciples in each generation came to this sect. Unfortunately, the majority returned empty-handed. Eventually, people questioned its validity.

Alas, the old sages didn’t lie to them but their own incapabilities let them down.

“See? Too easy to grab the nine words.” Li Qiye casually commented while the crowd came to a hush.

Prior to this, no one believed him and criticized his ignorance and arrogance. Now? The truth was before them. He pulled out the nine words so easily.

He could make any domineering, insane comments and it would still be acceptable. He had the power and qualification to say whatever he wanted at this point.

His right hand reached forward with one flicking finger. A ripple effect started from his fingertip and spread to the entire mountain range in a fascinating manner.

The nine words also undulated from the resonation. They turned into specks of sand and started scattering.

His fingertip suddenly had an attraction force and all the specks started flying and gathering in front of him.

They came together into a tiny law, yellow in color and looked like a gold chain - exquisitely made and complicated with many parts just like a work of art.

The tiny law flashed with the luster of a diamond; each pulse was moving as if it had formed its own world.

“The law of the mantra.” An ancestor salivated after seeing the tiny entity floating around Li Qiye’s finger.

The knowledgeable spectators knew that although it was small, it contained the nine words. To have this law was the same as grasping all nine.

Every disciple in the system knew how precious the nine words were, truly priceless and above anything else.

Because of this, people started salivating. Possessing this law meant creating their own sect would be no problem in the future.

“That’s the nine words, nothing’s special.” Li Qiye carefully looked at the tiny law and casually told Liu Chuqing: “Little girl, consider this my meeting present to you.”

With that, he touched her forehead with this finger.

“Pop!” Her mind opened and the tiny law entered her ocean of memories before she could even calm down.

“Boom!” A tsunami overwhelmed her consciousness so she stood there in a daze - a sensation akin to being smashed with a boulder. She started seeing stars, unable to digest the massive influx of information.

After all, the nine words have entered her mind. Its profundity was as vast as an ocean, virtually endless.

A genius still couldn’t comprehend this profound grand dao so quickly. It was incredible that she hasn’t fainted.

The crowd was struck just as hard. The nine words were a priceless treasury. Any man or sect could benefit from them for a lifetime.

There was no doubt that they would keep it to themselves, not wanting to share it to their closest ones.

Everyone thought that Li Qiye would keep it as well, but he casually gave it to Liu Chuqing. This required so much generosity and decisiveness. Even the richest wouldn’t be able to take this step - throwing away the nine words like trash. The unaware would think that they were common items.

That’s why the crowd was so stunned and couldn’t believe their own eyes.

“Is he insane?” One ancestor refused to accept this.

After a while, the crowd calmed down and realized that they weren’t just seeing things. The king had indeed given the nine words to Liu Chuqing.

That’s the nine words, nothing’s special - this might be the most domineering thing they have ever heard and he was indeed backing it up with his action.

People started staring at Liu Chuqing. Some felt greed, others envy and jealousy. A few wanted to be her right now.

A few ancestors started to ponder about karma. Just think about it, when the world laughed and looked down on the king, going as far as to renege the marriage pacts, who continued to stay by his side? Only Liu Chuqing.

She didn’t mind carrying out her end of the bargain and accepted the same ridicule while being with him. Thus, she surely deserved the nine words right now.

Qin Jianyao was overwhelmed with emotions. She was confident in her own intelligence and vision, thinking that she could read people. Unfortunately, she found herself wanting today.

If she wasn’t blinded by prejudice and conventional ideas back then, perhaps she could have recognized the jewel instead of being a frog under the well. Perhaps she would be standing behind him as well.

Unfortunately, there’s no take back in this world and no medicine for regrets. It was over the moment she made her choice.

She sighed with disappointment and accepted his prior criticisms of her, that she has yet to transcend from having a “vulgar” and “basic” mentality.

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