Chapter 2501: The Nine Secrets

The countless needles of light floated in the air and astounded the spectators. 

“What is this?” Someone murmured and reached up to touch the light. Unfortunately, the light seemed to be incorporeal and his hand simply passed through it.

“Pop!” Li Qiye flicked his finger. With a series of quiet buzzes, the floating lights started shaking.

As the shaking intensified, they seemed to be attracted by something, almost like needles heading to a magnet.

They started coming together and flowing like currents without interfering with each other in the slightest. Everything was orderly without a touch of chaos.

This scene was magnificent. The currents of light rapidly flowed with an all-penetrating force. These currents gathered together; each with their own special order and trajectory in the air.

They looked like powerful pulsing rays now, seemingly forming an unknown sequence and order. Since the rays were so close to each other, they looked like gigantic ones from the distance.

In the end, there were a total of nine massive rays darting around in a magnificent manner.

“Rumble!” With the momentum of a great army, the nine rays fell down from the sky and suddenly leaped back up; this process repeated continuously. It resembled an assault of countless divine swords to the horror of the spectators.

They had enough power to pierce through any entity in existence, more than enough to destroy Nine-linked Mountains in the blink of an eye.

Some were scared out of their mind, trembling with shaking knees.

After several metallic hums, the rays suddenly stopped and started connecting with each other. Upon closer inspection, the needle-like strands of light were turning into laws - innumerable and complicated.

Next, the quiet laws began to weave together as if there were a skillful pair of invisible hands directing them. The results were nine extremely thick laws lying across the sky like iron chains - splendid beyond words.

“Clank, clank…” The nine laws began to coil around just like true dragons with full autonomy. They were performing their own derivation and transformation while emitting a blinding light. No one could keep their eyes open.

“Clank!” The first law finished its transformation, drowning out the world with its brilliance.

“Boom!” The heaven and earth quaked violently because of its tempestuous aura - capable of breaking anything as if they were dried branches.

Not to mention regular cultivators, even True Gods were quivering with fear, realizing how insignificant they were.

It turned into an ancient word and imprinted itself in the air. 

Lin!” Many recognized this ancient word.

The saber saint gasped despite his rich experiences because this was the word he trained in!

“Boom!” A second explosion signaled the successful transformation of the second law. Another word accompanied by a massive energy appeared.

Bing!” More screamed out its name.

Hanyu was the pale one now because she was too familiar with it. However, this particular aura was far more primordial and pure compared to her own!

“Boom!” Next came the third. “Dou!” The crowd burst into an uproar.

“Zhe!” And another loud shout afterward.

“Jie!” Some even jumped in the air from bewilderment after seeing the fifth word.

“Zhen!” The screeching furor was reaching a climax after the sixth word.

“Lie!” Their cries echoed into the horizon, lingering for a long while.

“Qian!” Their throat was on fire now but they still roared.

Xing!” The ninth and final word finally showed up, garnering a roar in unison from the crowd. The entire mountain range shook from the outcries.

Lin Bing Dou Zhe Jie Zhen Lie Qian Xing.” Someone finally read the whole mantra. The energy of this power immediately engulfed the world.

“The nine words! They are really the nine words!” People boisterously blurted out.

No one could stay calm while looking at the nine characters floating in the sky, regardless of their own experience and knowledge. Some even dropped down on the ground.

One ancestor murmured: “My life is not wasted… to be able to see the nine secrets. I have no regrets now as a disciple of Nine Secrets System.”

Tears began to flow down their cheeks. In their mind, the nine words were unreachable but today, to be able to see their true forms in person… This filled them with fulfillment.

“...” Jianyao was completely stunned by this incredible scene. Her cherry mouth was wide open since the unreachable nine words were so close to everyone.

Hanyu thought that she was dreaming. No, not even in her dream would she be so close to the nine worlds. She was mentally unprepared for this development.

The only one staying calm was Southpeak Woodcutter. He put down his pipe and stared at the words.

“Only True Emperor Jiu Ning managed to cultivate all nine, yet this person can grasp them so easily.” He took a deep breath, overwhelmed with emotions.

The saber saint thought of himself as a cool-and-collected person with plenty of life experiences. But now, he felt dread and awe.

As for Tang Hexiang, the guy was dumbstruck and couldn’t regain his wits.

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