Chapter 2498: A Bit Interesting

Her words carried significant clout as the fiancee of the emperor. It showed that the emperor's ambition for the throne.

Everyone knew that he was indeed qualified to compete for it, but declaring his intention in public was another issue altogether.

Tang Hexiang snorted after hearing this but didn’t express anything else. He was naturally unhappy as the other rival.

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye smiled and glanced at her: “Looks like you are very confident in your fiance, but the more hope, the bigger the disappointment.”

“You think you can amount to anything?” She coldly stared at him: “Tianzhi is worthy of trust and confidence. I’m sure he won’t let me down.”

“Why do you think I’m not worthy of trust and support from others? Just because everyone says that I’m a useless king, that’s why your clan sent a fake princess for the marriage?” He smiled.

“Cousin Yingjian is more than good enough for you.” She said.

“So I’m not worthy of you?” He replied: “What you’re trying to say is only that Eight Formation guy is a good match for you.”

“That’s right.” She said decisively: “Self-awareness and knowing when to give up are virtues.”

Since she was so certain of the outcomes, she no longer tried to make excuses and directly answered.

“I have a good idea.” He rubbed his chin and leisurely said: “How about I kill Eight Formation True Emperor and make you a servant? That might be very interesting, what do you think?”

Her voice turned colder: “I, Bingchi Hanyu, am neither arrogant nor unduly humble. My husband is a True Emperor; only a true dragon soaring in the horizon can win me…”

Of course, she was qualified to be proud. She had a noble bloodline as the princess of the Bingchi. Her talents were impeccable and her looks left no room for criticism. An ordinary man was indeed not worthy of her.

Since they were formally engaged, she had no problem standing up for Eight Formation True Emperor.

“I know you are proud, but there are no women I can’t conquer as long as I will so.” Li Qiye interrupted her.

“The nonsense ravings of a lunatic.” Hanyu snorted: “You think you are more excellent than a true emperor? More than a rare genius? What are you going to conquer me with?”

In the current Nine Secrets, Eight Formation True Emperor was the only man she would marry and serve. Someone like the king could only daydream about having her.

“We’re done here, I’ve made up my mind.” Li Qiye waved his hand: “Just wait till I’m done here and I’ll start training you. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to be a good woman. I suppose it can be fun since you are indeed an attractive girl.”

Hanyu turned red after hearing such vulgarity. She was still an innocent girl and wasn’t used to this obscenity.

“Hmph! You better clean up your mouth!” One of the two old men behind Hanyu became annoyed and uttered coldly.

“Asking for a fight? Come together then for that is my purpose here today. You two will be the first victims.” Li Qiye laughed and said.

The two old men became furious after being looked down upon like this since they were stronger than Yang Bofan and Ma Jinming and commanded respect.

“Elders, no need to be angry.” Hanyu stopped them before they could start: “Tianzhi is coming soon, let him do it.”

The two men scowled and slowly got back behind her once more.

“Alright, since everyone is here today.” Li Qiye looked around and said: “Time to settle some stuff, who will be the first? Gotta have some courage if you want the throne instead of just dreaming while hiding in your nest like a turtle in its shell.”

He glanced towards Hexiang after saying this, making his point as clear as day.

All eyes were on Hexiang, aware of his ambition for the throne. However, Li Qiye was the only rightful king. Would Hexiang have the courage to challenge him right now?

Despite his unfriendly expression, he wasn’t in a rush to fight: “What should come will, no need to rush.”

“Although I’m not interested in being a king or whatever, I do want to have a match with you since you’re so full of confidence.” The saber saint smiled and stepped up instead.

“Senior Brother.” Chuqing unhappily said, nearly stomping her foot on the ground after seeing the saber saint challenging Li Qiye.

“Silly girl, don’t worry, I only want to teach him a lesson, not his life.”

“That’s an impudent comment but I’ll spare your life out of consideration for Chuqing.” Li Qiye looked at him and said.

“Such arrogance, I haven’t seen such a conceited person like you in a long time.” The saint’s saber intent slightly intensified while his eyes narrowed.

He has traveled the world and competed with the top emperors as their equal. This showed the guy’s status and power.

“Saber saint, you’re too eager.” Jianyao interrupted with a kingdom-toppling smile - one elegant enough to immediately ease the tension.

She continued: “Your Majesty, we’re not here today for political struggle and killing, our goal is to search for the dao and reach the origin.”

“I do have to admit that you’re capable and have proper rhetoric despite certain shortcomings. What are you trying to search for that the origin then?”

Jianyao wasn’t angry and kept a humble attitude: “I have cultivated Jie and Lie but they’re not the original versions, only what the ancestors have found through research. That’s why today, I wish to feel the heaven and earth, hoping to combine the profundities of the grand dao in order to search for the truth.”

“That’s a realistic goal, not impossible.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

“What are you searching for then, Your Majesty?” She smiled once more. This appearance of her has won over the hearts of so many youths and incited jealousy.

Keep in mind that though she has always been polite with everyone, she also maintained an unreachable distance. A smile like this was quite rare.

Alas, Li Qiye completely ignored her beauty and said: “The nine words are so easily obtained to me, no need to search for them. I’m here for only one thing.”

All eyes widened after hearing these unreasonably arrogant words. The nine words were the apex merit laws of Nine Secrets. So many people searched for them yet few were fortunate enough to learn.

But Li Qiye said that he could obtain them so easily? No one could take this seriously.

“Hmph.” Tang Hexiang snorted: “There are few cultivators of the nine words in all of history. You need to have a limit when boasting. No one can use the word easy when talking about learning the nine words.” His expression was full of disdain.

This was indeed the truth. He had trained in the word, Zhe, and understood how profound and esoteric they were.

“That’s because you’re stupid.” Li Qiye casually retorted.

The constant disrespect only made Hexiang want to kill Li Qiye even more.

“Hmph, I don’t care how smart you are, you can’t comprehend all nine, just cultivating one is amazing enough, those who have learned two are extremely brilliant…” Hanyu said.

“Extremely brilliant? More like idiots.” Li Qiye interrupted her again: “Are you trying to laud your accomplishment by having one word or Eight Formation True Emperor?”

“I don’t need to laud his talents and achievements.” She struck back: “His Zhen is at grand completion, allowing him to seize the fortune of the heaven to learn the Immortal Slaying Ancient Formation. He doesn’t need to boast or act arrogant like you - not even possessing the two words from War Saint Dynasty yet claim that it is so easy to learn all nine.”

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