Chapter 2496: The King's Arrival

The deafening chant of the massive beings shook the firmaments and lower realms. So many people felt a primal fear. Some lost control of their legs and dropped down to the ground.

The deities raised the bridge with both hands while kneeling. This subservient act didn’t deter their divinity at all.

In fact, it only added more supremacy to this scene. The one walking on the bridge would be above everything else.

No one could keep a cool expression since who else could display such an ostentatious scene in all of Imperial Lineage?

It seemed that only a supreme king would be able to walk on this bridge shrouded in clouds, leading to the center of the lake.

Li Qiye casually walked on the bridge with Chuqing holding his arm. The entire thing felt so natural.

As he walked on the clouds, he became an untouchable existence, the king of the gods. When he looked down, the experts of the world were mere ants.

Of course, he still seemed natural as if he was only walking on a common bridge. He didn’t have an impressive aura or momentum, no different from a mortal.

However, this ordinary appearance of his looked so right when walking on this extraordinary bridge - a perfect and unsurprising harmony. 

The crowd stood there in a daze, unable to regain their sanity before this incredible scene and the endless divinity from the gods.

Just imagine, these gods were kneeling on the lake to raise the bridge for him. Even Lucidity King didn’t have this incredible showing of prestige.

“Is this just an illusion?” One cultivator had to ask.

People simply couldn’t accept this scene. How could the trash king enjoy this welcoming act? 

Thus, some felt that he was using a certain spell to put up this frightening display.

“I don’t think so, but they don’t look like real gods either.” An ancestor activated his heavenly gaze and still failed to comprehend the event: “An illusion shouldn’t have this type of divinity. Even if it did, it required an even more powerful aura to create this type of atmosphere, meaning that the user himself is already strong enough, no need to put up an act to fool others. At that particular level, it’s not an illusion but rather, a visual phenomenon.”

“What is it if not an illusion?” People couldn’t believe that the king could muster up such a powerful phenomenon: “If he is really this strong, then he wouldn’t have fallen to this level.”

No one could give an answer since most didn’t believe that the king was this strong.

Even Jianyao and the saber saint focused on this scene. They could tell that it was no illusion.

Tang Hexiang became more serious than the rest with a glint in his eyes. Murderous thoughts surfaced; he was more certain than ever now.

He naturally wanted the throne and the current situation in the system was his only opportunity. However, this king would certainly be in his way. The stronger the king, the more problem it would be. He had no choice but to eliminate this person. As time passed, more complications would arise.

Bingchi Hanyu was also watching with a complex gaze. Prior to this, she had nothing but disdain and hatred for him. How could she like someone with such a bad reputation? A man like that was no different from a maggot.

It seemed that the rumors aren't exactly right. Certain things were developing against their expectations, and not towards a good direction since their clan has broken all pretenses with the king.

“There’s something amazing going on here.” The saber saint murmured with narrowed eyes.

No one else dared to enter the lake while this grand phenomenon was going on. The saint himself couldn’t see the mysteries of these images.

“What the hell is going on?” Hexiang scowled, not wanting to accept from the bottom of his heart that the king was actually powerful.

“It’s not an illusion.” Jianyao’s voice became serious: “This is the hidden power of Nine-linked Mountains, the reason why it has been staying strong for millions of years. Masters have come to this place and couldn’t touch them at all.”

Though Jianyao didn’t travel the world like the saber saint, she was quite knowledgeable from reading so much.

“The sect’s hidden power?” Hanyu was surprised: “How could he control this power? It’s impossible.”

“I do not know.” Jianyao shook her head: “These are the secrets of Nine-linked Mountains, but there are legends about it. When someone can fully grasp the dao source of Nine Secrets, they would be able to control the system’s momentum. It wouldn’t be hard to use this hidden power in that case.”

“Grasping the dao source?” The saber saint tilted his head in contemplation: “I heard that even the great True Emperor Jiu Ning could only control the momentum and a part of the dao source’s power, not the dao source itself…”

He sighed at this point, lamenting the fact that no one has any knowledge regarding their own system’s dao source and its location. Only the progenitor was privy to this.

This was the reason why no one has been able to control the dao source, only parts of its overarching momentum.

He's controlling the dao source? Him?” Hexiang snorted while looking at Li Qiye.

His expression said it all - the guy was still looking down on the king. After all, the king was chased out and defeated by them, just another loser.

“He wouldn’t have been chased out of his own kingdom if he could grasp the dao source.” Hanyu quietly murmured, feeling unrest as she felt that her group was gradually losing control of the situation - unable to predict the next steps.

Jianyao didn’t say anything else since she was occupied with different emotions. She regretted her decisions back then. Perhaps the king wasn’t like the rumors at all. He was just putting up an act to fool everyone. 

Eventually, Li Qiye made it to the center of the lake while maintaining the awesome visual spectacle.

“Splash!” The golden water of the lake rose and came together in the sky to form a throne.

Nine dragons with pearls in their mouth coiled around the place. The entire thing was in one piece and formed in such a natural manner, bereft of any signs of carving. This made it look coarse but also animated with divinity. Only a supreme king would be qualified to sit on it.

The glowing throne made the crowd nervous. Just sitting on a throne of this level required great courage.

However, Li Qiye casually sat down on it without thinking twice.

Next, the water also created a golden table in front of the throne, seemingly the working chamber of a king where he makes official decisions with his royal seal.

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