Chapter 2495: Arrival

Even though the emperor’s understanding of the Immortal Slaying Formation shocked Nine Secrets, everyone quickly focused back on the task at hand - the lakes.

“Let’s enter the lake now, it’s ready.” People left their abodes and headed for the lakes.

Because the nine lakes were large, they presented many options. People didn’t fight over the locations and rather spent their time finding fortunes instead.

“How about the yellow lake?” One junior asked his senior, attracted by the lake at the very center.

It was the largest one, surrounded by the other eight lakes. It was a bright yellow. Normally, yellow energy would ooze out from it as if golden powders were falling into the lake.

After the color change, it looked like molten gold now. It was full of temptation and made everyone salivated.

“Don’t think about it.” His senior immediately stopped him: “It is the hardest of the nine to sense. One needs to be a genius with absolute confidence in order to do so. Anyone else would only be wasting their time. This lake is impossible to harmonize with.”

The junior had no choice but to give up since he didn’t want to waste this rare opportunity.

Nevertheless, people still tried the golden lake despite the difficulties.

The first to do so was Tang Hexiang. He came quite early on his stallion and several hundred soldiers.

Unlike before, they were walking right now, still adorned with their silver armor. Through the plates, one could tell that these soldiers were quite old and powerful with a cold expression.

Hexiang’s spear seemed to be cast from gold, pulsing with a dazzling glow and decorated with draconic symbols.

The group this time didn’t have an aggressive or fierce aura, a stark contrast to their arrival at Nine-linked Mountains.

Nonetheless, people still took a deep breath and felt a chill while witnessing their quiet march.

“That’s the most elite group of Central Legion, probably containing half of its battle potential. This little group right here is so important to the Ma Clan and had numerous meritorious feats in the past.”

This made everyone realize that the relationship between Tang Hexiang and Ma Mingchun was quite good since Mingchun was okay with sending the elites of his clan after Hexiang.

“That’s not all.” Someone noticed the spear on the youth’s back: “Hexiang is bringing his family’s heirloom with him, the Golden Dragon Spear. He’s going all out this time.”

This quiet march this time drew more attention than Hexiang’s previous entry to Nine-linked Mountains.

“I’ll test my luck as well.” just when Hexiang had entered the golden lake, another youth laughed and did the same.

“Waterwatch Saber Saint.” Someone cried out.

“Clank.” One could hear the hum of a saber after he took the first step inside.

The golden liquid suddenly came together to create the image of a saber. The youth stepped on this saber as it took him closer to the center of the lake.

“Buzz.” Next, lotus flowers materialized near the shore and started growing towards the central area.

Before the crowd could calm down, a girl as transcending as an immortal landed on the lotus. “Pop!” The petals started to spread in an elegant manner.

As she walked on these flowers, they began to blossom after each of her steps in such a beautiful manner. Everyone became immersed in this fascinating scene.

“Fairy Qin is always unbelievable and graceful regardless of the situation.” People couldn’t help but praise.

The moment Jianyao got to the lake’s center, she found Tang Hexiang and the saber saint talking to each other.

Next, a cool and fragrant breeze blew by. Another girl landed by the shore - Bingchi Hanyu.

She was accompanied by two old men dressed in gray with their hands drooping down in a casual manner. However, lightning currents seemed to be coursing in their eyes, indicating their status as extremely powerful True Gods.

She casually threw out a treasure onto the water.

“Splash!” It was a large boat made out of jade, looking quite extravagant with carvings of dragons and phoenixes - a carriage worthy of a queen.

“Splash!” It started heading for the center of the lake with her standing at the bow and enjoying the breeze.

“Princess Hanyu does have the virtues found in a queen.” People praised after seeing her nobility. Of course, her sexiness also won many youths over and intensified their desires.

The three who got there first greeted her.

Jianyao calmly spoke: “Congratulations, the emperor’s success at learning the formation will make the system even more colorful.”

“You’re too kind, Fairy Qin, Tianzhi will be needing your guidance in the future.” Hanyu charmingly replied.

Jianyao simply nodded in response.

“When that formation comes out, I will have no choice but to run for my life.” The saber saint laughed and said.

“You’re joking, Saber Saint. Your saber dao is unique in the contemporary. Tianzhi had told me about his admiration for your dao.” Hanyu was the princess of the Bingchi so she was naturally spoiled and prideful. However, she knew how to act appropriately depending on the circumstances.

The saber saint smiled, who knows if he believes her or not?

“Congratulations.” Even Tang Hexiang, a rival, seemed to be quite cool and congratulated Hanyu.

So far, the spectators were most impressed with Hanyu’s elegance and innate nobility. 

“Princess Hanyu is truly peerless, only someone like the emperor is worthy of her.” A fan commented.


While the young geniuses were greeting each other, Li Qiye and Liu Chuqing made it to the shore of the golden lake.

“The king is here, the king is here!” Someone shouted and the rest of the crowd turned towards the duo.

In the past, only words of disdain would run through the crowd - such as calling him a useless king, a piece of trash beyond fixing, etc…

Alas, after the event at the stone forest, everyone realized that he was a tyrant. His brutal methods have shut everyone up.

Some held their breath while staring at him, wanting to see what he would do at the lake.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Such a deep lake, how am I going to cross? Drowning wouldn’t be a good way to go.” 

This comment made everyone glance at each other.

“Rumble!” Suddenly, majestic figures appeared in the lake. They were massive in size. The water could only reach their ankles.

Their divinity was shocking; these were unstoppable gods.

“What the hell?” The crowd stared at these colossal beings in astonishment.

“Splash!” A jade bridge materialized across the lake, made from precious and ancient materials. The entire thing was filled with chaos energy, capable of reaching towards an immortal realm. It gave off a holy presence.

“Boom!” Water splashed everywhere. The great beings directly dropped to their knees and started raising this bridge.

“Your Majesty, please board!” They shouted in unison with a cry as sonorous as the chant of an army.

Everyone suddenly saw an illusion - a peerless king was out on patrol above the nine heavens. The gods had no choice but to prostrate to greet him.

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