Chapter 2491: Saber Versus Sword (Teaser)

After leaving Great Desolate Mountain, the saber saint crossed through the area to reach Xiang Island. Qin Jianyao was already waiting for him.

“Long time no see, saber saint.” She stood there like a goddess holding her sword by the chest.

“Long time no see, Fairy Qin.” The saber saint picked up the saber hanging on his back.

It had the feel of a mountain, completely immovable.

“You have become stronger after several years, how many people can debate the dao of the saber with you now?” She sentimentally said.

“You’re too kind, Fairy Qin. The world is full of hidden dragons and tigers. Just this saber dao alone is not enough for pride.” The saint shook his head: “Back at the Li Clan, Jade-break True Emperor’s...

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