Chapter 2486: Carnage

Everyone took a deep breath after seeing the quick defeat of the two youths. Ma Jinming was the weaker of the two but Bofan was a third-level True God, an Ascender.

Moreover, his formation skills were incredible as well. The sword formations of his had an explosive potential and awed the crowd.

However, he was still defeated within three moves by the statues. The two youths were insignificant in comparison. Could Li Qiye be speaking the truth? That it wasn’t worth his time to personally attack?

“Rumble!” While the crowd was in a daze, these statues landed from the sky and surrounded the stone forest, blocking off all the exits.

No one gave a damn about these decorative rocks among the steps a while ago. But now, they realized that these statues were terrible experts. Everyone shuddered with a bad premonition.

“What, what are you doing?!” Someone shouted at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye yawned again and said: “You tell me, what does a perverted and lawless tyrant do? Of course it is taking women and slaughtering people.”

“Don’t, don’t be insane!” Jinming was pale as he was being crushed by the foot: “The entire world hates you now, not a single legion will support you, you’re all alone! Keep on doing this and you will die without a burial!” 

“Maybe you’re right, I do need the help of the legions to keep this up.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“My father is the Central Commander and has the support of the legions and people, it’s not too late for you to release me…” Jinming immediately saw hope after hearing Li Qiye’s soften stance.

“And if I refuse?” Li Qiye smiled.

“You will be opposing the six legions and the entire world!” He threatened.

“Kill.” Li Qiye lazily gave the order by waving his sleeve.

“You! Nooo!” The youth didn’t expect this move to not work.

Alas, it was too late. “Pluff!” Head went flying and blood splashed out. His head rolled down the steps with his eyes wide open.

“Six legions? The world?” Li Qiye laughed: “I alone am enough to massacre everyone. As for those who do not obey? I’ll kill until they give up.”

Everyone was stunned. A while ago, their impression of him was that he needed the legions to support his tyrannical tendencies.

But now, he immediately killed the son of the Central Commander. This was offending all six legions.

This ruthless style of his crushed their negative pre-existing perception of him. 

“Anything else to say?” Li Qiye turned his gaze towards Yang Bofan.

“Do as you will, my master will avenge me and people will sing my heroic tales later.” Bofan proudly said, not willing to yield unlike the cowardly Jinming.

“Oh? Some courage, I see. Good, as you wish then, wait for your master to avenge you. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone down in the Yellow River for long, I’ll send him down with you soon enough and you two can play master-disciple again.” He nodded, seemingly satisfied with his idea before raising his hand: “Kill!”

“Whoosh!” The three spears pierced through Bofan and pushed him down into the steps more.

“Ah!” His true fate was instantly destroyed, meaning certain death. The spears then raised his corpse to the air while drops of blood fell on the steps. 

This image seemed to be frozen, causing the crowd to take a deep breath.

Ruthlessness and brutality - these adjectives were in full display from Li Qiye.

A while ago, everyone looked down on him but once he showed his fangs, they finally saw the terror of a sleeping beast. Once it woke up and opened its bloody jaw, everyone else only looked like ants.

“A while ago, some people said that a perverted king like me is reviled and abandoned by the people.” Li Qiye smiled: “I’m very curious, how does one win the hearts of the people? How about this, I will give all of you a chance. Kneel and worship me to become my loyal citizen, then I will think about being a merciful and benevolent king.”

The crowd glanced at each other, trembling with fear after hearing the domineering statement.

Some realized that this king wasn’t actually a piece of trash! The guy was insane from start to finish!

“Alright, start now. Kneeling might be your only chance to get out alive.” Li Qiye said.

“In your dream!” One genius wasn’t convinced and shouted: “You think I would kneel to an unvirtuous king like you!?”

“Clank!” A stone guard immediately took action and threw a spear at the genius.

“Break!” He leaped to the sky with a deafening roar, holding a hammer with both hands and smashing it straight at the spear.

“Boom!” The spear pierced through the hammer and his chest with lightning speed. Blood drops splashed on the ground.

This genius was astounded. He has always been confident in his cultivation, not expecting to lose to a single spear throw and killed on the spot.

“We need to kill this tyrant for the sake of Nine Secrets!” Some felt pain after seeing this scene. Among them was the most powerful genius who rallied his ten friends or so to attack Li Qiye.

“Kill him!” They howled and took out their strongest weapon, using their strongest attack in unison.

“Clank!” Spears were suddenly thrown into the sky, forming a terrible net. They came descending down and sealed everything within.

“Rumble!” Though these geniuses had amazing weapons, they were quickly penetrated by the spears.

“Ah! Ah…” Next came agonizing screams. These youths couldn’t even make it to the raised platform before being killed by the spears. The guards then raised these corpses to the air as an intimidation tactic.

A while after, the guards casually flicked their spear to throw down the corpses as if they were trash.

This was a one-sided massacre. These geniuses couldn’t compare to the stone guards at all.

Blood flowed down the steps like a spring, one wave after another. The thick stench of blood permeated all of the stone forest.

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