Chapter 248: Dealing with the War God Temple

Chapter 248: Dealing with the War God Temple

To Gu Tieshou and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, not to mention an ancestor like Mu Chen, even an elder like Elder Jiang in the modern times was a character outside of their reach! What honor this was to have an ancestor of the War God Temple personally visit and support the sect.

Gu Tieshou and the other elders also understood that this support from the temple was because of Li Qiye.

Mu Chen did not linger around to speak with Gu Tieshou’s crowd; he wanted to speak privately with Li Qiye. Even a character like Demon King Lun Ri could only attend next to Elder Jiang.

As for the group of Gu Tieshou, they were not qualified to participate in a meeting of this level. On the other hand, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were able to accompany Li Qiye by his side.

Up at the Lonely Peak, only Li Qiye was at ease inside the room. He glanced at Mu Chen right across from him and spoke with a dismissive tone: “I heard that recently, your temple has not been very comfortable!”

Mu Chen could only wryly smile. Even an experienced character like him, who was feared by many great powers in the world, did not dare to put on airs in front of Li Qiye.

“We couldn’t help but become a bit restless when it came to the matter of life and death regarding our ancestor.” Mu Chen replied. However, he was very happy at this moment; otherwise, he wouldn’t have personally acted for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

“Your old man has returned alive so you should give me my items, right?” Li Qiye didn’t want to waste his breath with formalities and courteous speech, so he waved his sleeve and unenthusiastically asked.

To this, Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan — next to Li Qiye — were quite surprised as well. They saw the War God Temple’s coffin being buried inside the Underworld Boat with their own eyes and didn’t think that the forefather would come back so soon.

In fact, even Demon King Lun Ri was shocked from excitement. Li Qiye had truly accomplished the unimaginable! He had picked the right person! He knew that he would not misjudge a person!

Demon King Lun Ri took a breath of relief. Their Nine Saint Demon Gate had exerted everything for this transaction, including all of its wealth and he, himself, as the assurance. He bet that he had not picked the wrong person for he trusted his own insight!

It might seem as if the Nine Saint Demon Gate did not have any direct benefit from this transaction, but Demon King Lun Ri was still extremely ecstatic. Their indirect gains were apparent the moment Ancestor Mu Chen personally came out for support. This was something that he would have never dared to imagine before!

Even with their hardest efforts, they would not be able to invite an ancestor of the War God Temple to protect the Nine Saint Demon Gate, but they might have won that chance today! All of this was because of Li Qiye! Lun Ri’s wisdom in judging people was the reason why this transaction was successful!

The two kings chose two different sides. The Heavenly Jewel Mortal King chose to win the favor of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom while Demon King Lun Ri aimed for the support of the War God Temple. Without a doubt, Demon King Lun Ri was more successful!

At this time, Mu Chen handed a treasure box to Li Qiye. After accepting it, Li Qiye opened it for a look and noticed three keys inconspicuously lying inside.

Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao right beside him were taken aback because of this. This transaction could be considered a grand exchange; Li Qiye extended the life of a supreme character inside the War God Temple. They assumed that Li Qiye’s item would also be a supreme treasure, it could even be of the Immortal Emperor ranking. However, they never expected that it would be three keys!

“It is them!” Li Qiye looked at the three keys for a bit and became quite satisfied. In fact, he had always wanted these three keys before, but the War God Temple had always considered them to be their treasure child! This time, the War God Temple had met a dead end and became willing to use these three keys for the deal.

“Before our forefather went into a deep hibernation within the Blood Era Stone, he wanted to ask whether if Young Noble Li was interested in joining the Hidden Immortal Hall or not?” At this time, Mu Chen asked with a serious expression.

Hearing this left Demon King Lun Ri shaken! Joining the Hidden Immortal Hall was an amazing matter. Even the disciple with the highest aptitude of the War God Temple was not qualified for such things! The forefather of the Hidden Immortal Hall had always been hibernating and basically never took in disciples!

“Take me in as a disciple?” Li Qiye smiled for a bit and shook his head: “Your Hidden Immortal Hall is indeed amazing. I also know the items hidden inside are craved by everyone. However, I don’t want to be tied up by a bunch of stinky rules of the War God Temple. Plus, if I have to live with old men like all of you, maybe one day, I will become rotten with outdated doctrines as well!”

“Young Noble Li, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!” At this time, Demon King Lun Ri couldn’t help himself from trying to convince Li Qiye. No one should be able to reject such an opportunity. One had to know that the Hidden Immortal Hall was the most mysterious and fear-inducing existence of the War God Temple. If the Hidden Immortal Hall wanted him, he would join it without any hesitation!

“I know the level of the Hidden Immortal Hall, but I am not interested.” Li Qiye gave a smile towards Demon King Lun Ri and shook his head.

Demon King Lun Ri couldn’t help but wryly smile as he lamented the irritating unfairness of this world. The rest of the world dreamed about joining the Hidden Immortal Hall while Li Qiye essentially didn’t care for it!

“If Young Noble Li is interested… How about becoming a disciple in name for our War God Temple? You will not be restricted by our temple! And I trust that Young Noble Li could always use our assistance.” Mu Chen did not give up and gave Li Qiye another offer.

“You finally understood!” At this time, Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed while looking at Mu Chen as he slowly spoke: “I am a bit interested in an offer like this from you!”

Mu Chen was quite glad to hear Li Qiye’s reply. The War God Temple, of course, would not let go of such a talent like Li Qiye. He was someone absolutely worthy of an investment in their eyes.

“If Young Noble Li becomes our War God Temple’s disciple in name, we are willing to protect your path of dao.” Mu Chen expanded his offer.

Li Qiye slightly waved his sleeve and shook his head: “No need for dao protection. How about this, I will register my name under your War God Temple as a disciple in name. After I travel the Nine Heavens and shoulder the Heaven’s Will, the future glory will have a part of your War God Temple. In my generation, I will protect the War God Temple! I promise that I will lend you a hand in the future if your War God Temple becomes rotten!”

“In return, I need your people. Even though your old men are a bit conservative and outdated, there is no doubt that your teachings are great, just like the Heavenly Dao Academy! My Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect wants to borrow a few old men to teach our younger generation. How about it?” Li Qiye looked at Mu Chen and slowly continued: “This deal is definitely worth it for your side.”

Demon King Lun Ri was amazed at Li Qiye’s confidence. To be able to say without any sense of doubt about ascending over the Nine Heavens and carrying the Heaven’s Will... Keep in mind that there will only be one Immortal Emperor with the Heaven’s Will for each generation!

Mu Chen stared at Li Qiye in silent contemplation. In this short period of time, the focus of everyone was on him. In the end, not many young people could barter with an ancestor of the War God Temple.

In the end, Mu Chen slowly placed a token on the table and slowly pushed it before Li Qiye as he spoke: “This is the order of our War God Temple; there are only a few of these. How about we make another little bet? Our War God Temple has enough resources, and we can support you! We don’t want a lot; in the future, once you shoulder the Heaven’s Will and reach the peak, just leave behind one Immortal Physique Law, one Emperor Weapon, and some karma. What do you think?” Mu Chen’s words truly shocked everyone present. Today, Li Qiye was but a mere junior; Mu Chen’s condition was truly unbelievable.

Could it be that Mu Chen really thought that Li Qiye will be able to climb to the peak and accept the Heaven’s Will in the future? At this time, even Elder Jiang was quite astonished and needed to take a long breath. This bet was a bit too grand.

As the outer elder of the War God Temple, Elder Jiang began to think again more carefully. Li Qiye was able to prolong the life of their forefather — maybe this was not just luck. One out of ten thousand was not an optimistic chance! Maybe it was not so simple, and Li Qiye was worthy of an investment.

“You ought to know that there are several different kinds of Immortal Physique Laws, and some of them are priceless!” Li Qiye gently shook his head and said: “Even Emperor Laws are not as valuable as Immortal Physique Laws.”

Mu Chen slowly replied: “Our requirement is not high. Once you reach the apex, the Physique Law we want does not have to be priceless, it only needs to be complete without defects. I know that there are different types of Immortal Physique Laws in this world, but my War God Temple can use our full power to support you!”

Li Qiye began to ponder while narrowing his brows. Of course there were several different types of Immortal Physique Laws. Some were created by Immortal Emperors or other great paragons while others were formed by invincible existences with grand completion Immortal Physiques. Naturally, his Immortal Physique Laws were the number one in this world — truly priceless existences!

Even Emperor Weapons were not necessarily more valuable than Immortal Physique Laws! This was because these laws were even more rare on this earth!

“I am a bit tempted with your words! My sect really does need quite a bit of materials for support!” Li Qiye squinted his eyes and answered.

To Li Qiye, his supreme Immortal Physique Laws were not up for trade, but fortunately, he also knew a few other Immortal Physique Laws in this world. Even though he did not have them in his memories at the moment, but one day, he will be able to find those created by someone else.

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