Chapter 2479: Idiots

Everyone in Nine Secrets knew about the king. When they saw him, a clear look of disdain surfaced or at least a cold smile.

Once they noticed Liu Chuqing, they felt pity and unfairness. Such a supreme beauty and heaven's favorite was ruined now by this useless king.

Back when he was still on the throne, many would have prostrated in the most subservient and sycophantic manner. But now, at this small dock, no one was willing to greet him.

Nevertheless, Chuqing was still close to him - leaning on his shoulder as he held her hand.

Being able to walk intimately like this with Li Qiye was sweet happiness filling her heart. She didn’t care about how others view him.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a cavalry galloped closer with a mountain-pushing force and an incredible speed. It only had around a dozen members or so but this didn’t deter its frightening aura.

“Neigh!” Their stallions instilled fear and intimidated the nearby spectators as they were rushing over. People staggered backward in response, not wanting to be in the way.

Impressively enough, despite the swift velocity, the stallions raised their front hooves and stopped instantly. They looked like statues, creating quite an imposing atmosphere.

“Nice!” Many people clapped after seeing this.

“That’s elite soldiers from the Ma for you, so experienced.” An impressed spectator stated.

The cavalry was led by Ma Jinming. He proudly sat on his mount and enjoyed the praises before jumping down.

“Young Noble Ma, long time no see.” Many quickly came over to greet him, acting very familiar.

He was surrounded by these young cultivators and became the moon surrounded by the stars - a clear contrast to the abandoned Li Qiye. 

The time was changing. A little character like Ma Jinming would have been standing in the back of the line outside the golden hall, not even getting the chance to prostrate and lick the king’s boots. Unfortunately, no one wanted to fawn on the king or even get close to him.

Ma Jinming was more than content in this situation. He was indeed a talent, a dragon among men, but just not on the same level as Eight Formation True Emperor or Tang Hexiang. Nonetheless, one would be hard-pressed to find an opponent for him among the young generation.

Furthermore, his father was an authoritative figure in charge of the Central Legion and had the support of the other legions. His status was quite something right now.

After chatting with the crowd, he turned towards Li Qiye with a cold gaze before coming over.

The crowd made way for him. Some had a sneer on their face while staring at Li Qiye.

Though their contempt of the king has been made clear, they didn’t wish to provoke him. After all, a centipede dies but never falls down. The king used to be in charge so his prestige still somewhat remained, especially when War Saint Dynasty was still around.

Ma Jinming was walking closer but Li Qiye only stared at the scenic lakes and mountain, not bothering to look at him.

“Li Qiye.” Ma Jinming coldly uttered.

Li Qiye didn’t bother to respond either as if he didn’t hear the guy.

Everyone watched with bated breath, aware that the king had killed Zeng Yibin, the cousin of Ma Jinming. The guy wouldn’t let this go so easily.

Moreover, one had lost all momentum while the other was akin to a rising sun. It wasn’t impossible for Jinming to kill the king.

The crowd was also surprised. Though the king had nothing right now, he was still putting up quite a haughty act.

“Li, don’t tell me that you’re too scared to speak?” Jinming’s eyes had an aggressive glint: “I guess that’s not strange at all. A useless idiot like you lost the throne for a reason, no courage to even breathe loudly before me now.”

No one dared to criticize or yell at Li Qiye directly earlier but Jinming was doing so. This required some courage and power.

“Just a traitor, can’t reach the apex.” Li Qiye finally turned around and said: “Your father could be eligible to prostrate before me, but you aren’t even qualified to do so.”

“You!” Jinming couldn’t restrain his anger: “Such arrogance! Do you still think that you’re the king? No, only a lost dog, a piece of trash that isn’t worth a single coin! I will teach you a lesson right now about the cruel reality of the world!” Having said that, he stepped forward.

However, an older soldier pulled Jinming back and quietly shook his head.

It wasn’t because he was worried about his young lord but because Li Qiye was still the king. He has yet to be deposed.

It would be inexcusable to harm him right now because the Central Legion still belonged to War Saint Dynasty. The justification for the previous rebellion was predicated on doing it for the people.

But now, it would be a bullying act, a stain on their young lord and the legion’s reputation. Their legion might be in control right now, but they couldn’t afford to make any reproachable mistake.

Jinming tried hard to calm his fury. He glared coldly at Li Qiye and threatened with a snort: “Li! My little cousin’s death won’t be in vain!”

Unfortunately, Li Qiye has already lost interest and started watching the lake again.

“Splash!” They were interrupted by splashing noises. A ship traveled at an impressive speed and instantly made it to the dock.

Everyone’s eyes brightened after seeing the girl standing at the bow of the ship. She met the wind like a fairy as her sleeves and ribbons fluttered.

“Fairy Qin!” The crowd was instantly won over.

It was Qin Jianyao of Calm Lotus. She attracted everyone’s attention and caused them to stand there like fools.

She looked at Jinming and said: “Sorry for the long wait and the inconvenient location, Gentlemen. Please board the ship.”

Jinming and several geniuses were the first to come and got a personal reception by Jianyao - a clear display of their great status.

“You shouldn’t have, Fairy Qin.” Jinming happily jumped on the ship and came next to her. He cupped his fist and said: “It is an honor to be here with you.”

His ego was fully satiated. He stood there proudly with his chest arched forward.

Jianyao then turned towards Li Qiye and nodded ever so slightly for the greeting: “Young Noble Li, Miss Liu, we meet again.”

She no longer called him “His Majesty”, using his real name instead.

Chuqing was always nice to everyone so she nodded back. On the other hand, Li Qiye ignored Jianyao like the rest. People considered her to be an unreachable fairy, but Li Qiye saw her as no different from another ant.

Jianyao didn’t even have time to react before Jinming scowled and defended her: “Li, Fairy Qin saying hi to you now is a blessing of three lifetimes. Don’t be so shameless.”

He thought about putting up a good act to make the beauty happy.

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