Chapter 2474: Just Another Girl

After Qin Jianyao left, Liu Chuqing started a conversation: “Your Majesty, weren’t you a bit too rough on her? She came with good intention.”

“Good intention?” Li Qiye patted her soft hair in a doting manner: “Silly girl, you’re too kind. There is no good intention or humaneness to them, only value.”

“Really?” The good-natured girl was skeptical.

“All right, let’s say that Calm Lotus wants to pick a new king while I try to stop others from taking the reign, what would Calm Lotus do?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Eliminate you…” Being kind didn’t mean she was stupid and understood his implication instantly.

“Even if I don’t try to stop the coronation of a new king, don’t forget that I’m still the rightful ruler, the only one in Nine Secrets. If someone else were to ascend, you think Calm Lotus would let me run around outside? Even if they don’t kill me, they will still imprison me.”

She realized that as well. For millions of years now, Calm Lotus was closely related to the royal rule even if they never directly grasped the throne. Many of their disciples actually went on to become queens.

The tyranny of Lucidity has finally ended so the world was up for grasp. Calm Lotus might think about grooming or supporting one again. However, a useless pervert like Li Qiye couldn’t even come close to being a candidate. In that case, his very existence was a thorn in their side.

Chuqing could only sigh. She has always been staying at Waterfront, preferring to not get involved with the external power struggle.

“The marriage pacts are finalized - they should have either disagreed with it, risking their lives, but once signed, they must stay true to it.” Li Qiye said: “Whether it be a lineage or a cultivator, they need to keep their words. In the eyes of Calm Lotus, it is only a wasted piece of paper.”

“If that was the case, why should I be courteous to Calm Lotus Monastery?” Li Qiye smiled: “I was already generous offering her a maid position.”

“I see, but she’s Fairy Qin, how could she become my maid?” Chuqing was surprised to see that he wasn’t kidding around.

“Only a disciple, not a fairy.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Only a title given by regular people, a fairy isn’t that easy to find. Plus, if I want to, even a real fairy will come to be your maid. Fairies aren’t worth much, only those who earn my favors are priceless.”

Chuqing stared at him in a daze, feeling quite sweet inside to the point of feeling tingly from happiness. She felt as if she was floating like a cloud from being adored by this man. His charm has completely won her over; she wanted nothing more than to fall into his embrace and enjoy his loving…


People were still anxiously waiting outside the stone hall, wanting to know the result of the conversation.

After all, the situation was very delicate in Nine Secrets, especially when Calm Lotus has the power to support a king. All interested parties would keep an eye on them.

Jianyao’s visit made people think about Calm Lotus wanting to help Li Qiye taking back the throne. Would she marry him too?

The fantasizing geniuses, in particular, didn’t want to see such a thing.

“Creak.” The door opened and attracted everyone’s attention. Jianyao came out and stole the spotlight.

“She’s out.” Some quietly murmured and became quite nervous.

Her decision could break her fans’ heart on top of changing the current political landscape of Nine Secrets.

They stared intensely at her peerless face, wanting to read her expression.

Unfortunately, her expression was blank even though she was very annoyed. This made it hard for people to read anything.

The clue was in her swift departure, one without looking back. It meant that she no longer cared. The experienced spectators noticed something.

“The king is abandoned.” An older cultivator speculated.

The young ones heaved a sigh of relief, especially her potential suitors who no longer feel anxious.

“A frog can’t eat swan’s meat after all.” One genius said: “That idiotic piece of trash needs to take a look at himself in the mirror. So what if he has a marriage pact with the fairy, it doesn’t mean anything now.”

“The world no longer belongs to War Saint.” An older one had to admit: “He’s no longer the king with full authority. Using a marriage pact to tie down Miss Qin is impossible. He’s the one reaching up now. The fact that she even gave him the time of day is a lucky break.”

The older experts didn’t care for romance and focused on a different aspect. One said: “It’s impossible for the king to take back his throne, he’s completely abandoned now despite being the rightful ruler. Even Calm Lotus won’t help him, he has no value to be taken advantage of now.”


After leaving Great Desolate Mountain, she headed straight for Xiang Island inside one of the nine lakes. [Ref] I need more context to accurately name this place, it’s a little tricky, might need to come back later after seeing the names of the other lakes/islands.[/ref]

This revealed her intention and increased the level of the competition for the color-changing event.

Nevertheless, some people still wanted her to stay around. This might be their chance to get closer to her.

A few experts came to visit her, including prodigies and masters of great powers.

Of course, outside of wanting to get closer with her, some wanted to build a social relationship. Calm Lotus was strong enough to warrant flattery for the eventual benefits. However, Jianyao closed her doors under the excuse of meditation and didn’t entertain guests.

Even Ma Jinming himself couldn’t meet her despite being an important character among the young generation.

People realized that in order to earn her grace, one needed to be a big shot. Ordinary masters and geniuses weren’t enough.

Finally, one youth has finally entered her sight.

“My name is Yang Bofan, here to wish you well under the order of my master, fairy.” He wasn’t handsome but had a majestic aura resembling a mountain.

People shuddered after hearing this name and instantly stared at him.

“Eight Formation True Emperor’s direct disciple.” They instantly recognized his identity.

“He might be the best talent of this generation.” Even his peers felt admiration.

Some classified Eight Formation True Emperor and Qin Jianyao’s group as the older generation while Yang Bofan’s group was the start of the new age.

Yang Bofan was the leader of his generation, enjoying an immense level of fame.

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