Chapter 2472: Qin Jianyao

As the lakes’ color-changing date approached, more and more disciples from Nine Secrets have arrived.

Some were here for dao enlightenment but the majority came specifically for this event. They consisted of members of big and tiny sects, even vagrant cultivators.

This was a unique aspect of Nine-linked Mountains. As long as the person was a member of Nine Secrets, they were treated in the same manner regardless of their background.

Even a weak vagabond could enter Nine-linked Mountains as long as their merit law came from the system.

A prestigious noble wouldn’t have special privileges and a lowly cultivator wouldn’t be denied at the entrance. Lucidity King himself was subjected to this. Those who came here would be given a place but no disciples or servants from Nine-linked Mountains would serve them.

Because of this fair treatment, Nine-linked Mountains was considered to be neutral and independent.

In the beginning, more smaller sects arrived. LAter on, the big powers and even the five behemoths have entered.

The appearance of geniuses and experts increased the pressure felt by the young generation due to the heightened competition. Once these five behemoths joined in, even the other big clans and sects would lose, let alone the smaller ones.

“Rumble!” Today, the valleys trembled after loud detonations.

People shuddered, wondering who would dare to come here in such a haughty manner. They quickly looked towards the direction of the noises.

They saw a group of riders, only around a dozen or so. Nevertheless, their ride had an impressive momentum just like a destructive tsunami of steel - simply unstoppable. 

Despite the few numbers, they still gave everyone the sense that a great army was approaching. Even the air was shaking. They seemed to be one with their stallions. Both the riders and their mounts were covered in armor plates - more than strong enough to crush through mountains.

The leader was a youth with sharp brows, bright eyes, and a tough physique. His gaze was quite sharp on top of having an aggressive aura - clearly indicating that he was a battle-worn soldier.

“The Ma Clan.” People noticed their identity right away.

“It’s Ma Jinming, their young lord.” Another was startled to see the young leader.

“A junior general of the Central Legion.” The group of riders attracted a lot of attention on their path.

“Does he want revenge for his younger cousin?” Speculation arose.

Ma Jinming was Ma Mingchun’s son and Zeng Yibin’s older cousin.

Unlike Yibin who was a fox relying on a tiger’s might, Jinming was far more powerful. He accompanied his father on the battlefields and showed great talents at a young age- a real genius and expert.

Everyone instantly assumed that this group traveling with great fanfare was here for revenge.

However, Jinming didn’t travel to Great Desolate Mountain right away. They stopped on a different peak in Nine-linked Mountains. After he got down from the horse, he stared towards the direction of Great Desolate and scowled.

This showing of patience actually surprised the crowd.

“The young lord is still an experienced soldier, able to keep cool.” An older youth nodded approvingly.

“Brother Ma, I can’t believe that it has been three years since our last meeting.” Many youths came to his camp for a greeting.

Among them were old friends and even strangers. Nevertheless, his camp was packed with people.

On the other hand, Li Qiye who was the king had no visitors.

Of course, these youths and experts had their reasons for coming to see Ma Jinming.

His father, Ma Mingchun, was the commander of the Central Legion right now. War Saint Dynasty was currently a snake without a head after the king was gone.

Meanwhile, as the strongest and oldest of the legion commanders, Mingchun had both influence and power. It could be said that the legions were willing to follow all of his orders right now. When all six worked together, they wouldn’t be weaker than any sect in Nine Secrets.

Thus, some even said that the new king of Nine Secrets will be dependent on Ma Mingchun’s stance. This was the reason why so many powers want to flatter him right now. They would start on Ma Jinming first to create a connection with the Central Legion.

His arrival did cause a stir but it was nothing compared to the next person.

This person didn’t come in such a haughty manner - no stallions nor riding across the sky with loud explosions.

She came without making a single sound with a sword in her embrace. She seemed to be walking slowly but each step encompassed hundreds of miles.

Despite her low-profile, people still noticed and became excited.

She wore a green dress and was serene as a lotus in the valley. Her long hair and scarf draping over her neck and shoulders fluttered with the gentle breeze in an animated manner, resulting in a transcending style.

She was quite beautiful - bright and spirited phoenix eyes - nearly divine in nature. Many people were instantly attracted by her eyes and would lose their composure.

“Miss Qin.” The ones who saw her along the way all bowed to greet her. It didn’t matter if they were disciples from the big sects or young lords and princes.

A few geniuses couldn’t hide their crush on her at all. She nodded back in response. Both her temperament and gestures were immensely attractive.

“That’s Miss Qin from Calm Lotus.” A person praised after seeing her from the distance.

“Fairy Qin is here now?” So many youths wanted to take a look after hearing this news. They became frozen and charmed at her sight.

“Qin Jianyao.” Someone from the previous generation also felt admiration: “The successors of Calm Lotus are always incredible - phoenixes among women, virtually incomparable.”

Qin Jianyao didn’t have a cool title, but many were willing to call her Fairy Qin or Fairy Jian. Though she rarely showed herself and seldom participated in fights, her fame still spread across Nine Secrets.

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