Chapter 2471: Who Is He?

“Whoosh!” The blade slashed down again with a flashing glint. Yibin’s arms were severed from the shoulder as well. The youth was covered in blood, limbless - quite a horrifying scene.

“Ah!” He rolled back and forth in his own blood while howling.

“Why, why are you so cruel, we have no grievances…” He bellowed.

“No, no, it’s not me, this has nothing to do with me.” The old man defended himself and chased after his blade. He finally grabbed it and heaved a sigh of relief while patting his chest: “Good, it didn’t fly away or I’ll go hungry.”

“It’s your blade, who else could it be?” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “No need to deny anything after you kill them all.”

“Young friend, you’re accusing me of something I didn’t do, I’m just a woodcutter, not a killer.” The old man put on a painful expression.

“I’m not accusing you of anything, it is as clear as day.” Li Qiye waved his hand dismissively.

Everyone was staring at the old man, certainly believing Li Qiye. They believed that he was a reclusive master. Of course, this was indeed the truth.

His blade had just killed that entire group, who else could it be but him? He was only playing the fool.

People trembled because the old man didn’t need to use any technique at all. Just how strong was he?

“It’s really not me, I’m innocent.” The old man vehemently denied to no avail. Everyone has made up their mind.

Li Qiye ignored the old man and walked towards Yibin who was looking quite pitiful at this moment.

He stood there and looked down with a smile: “Didn’t you want to break my legs and throw me off the cliff like a dog? I’m still waiting.”

“What, what do you want?!” Yibin shouted as Li Qiye’s shadow covered him. He had lost his limbs and cultivation - just a fish on the chopping board right now.

He felt an unprecedented fear destroying all of his courage.

“What do you think? What should someone do against an enemy who wants to cripple them?” Li Qiye smiled with no sign of anger.

“Don’t, don’t be insane! My uncle is the commander of the Central Legion with millions under him, he, he won’t let you go if you dare to kill me!”

“Your uncle?” Li Qiye leisurely said: “He used to kneel before me, you think you can scare me by bringing up a servant?”

“You…” Yibin couldn’t come up with something else.

“I’ll have you know that I’m waiting for him to bring his head here too...” Li Qiye said.

“Crack!” He stopped speaking and ruthlessly stomped down on the youth’s skull. It exploded like a watermelon, brain matters and flesh splashed.

“And I’ll finish him just like that.” He finished his sentence, completely indifferent to this gruesome murder.

Unfortunately, Yibin was already dead and couldn’t hear him.

People shuddered after seeing this. They remembered that the king was known to be lecherous and unreasonable, but don’t forget, he was also considered a tyrant!

A ruthless and cruel tyrant. Do not be fooled by his ordinary appearance or his unsavory reputation as a useless and perverted king.

This was a tyrant who had sat on the throne of Nine Secrets - definitely someone who could murder without batting an eye! He might be incompetent but this didn’t mean that he was a coward. 

“Old man, since you have killed them, you can’t just leave their corpses out like this. The heaven wouldn’t appreciate that.” Li Qiye smiled and told the old man.

“It has nothing to do with me, I didn’t kill them.” The old man refused.

“Who else could have done it but you? Come on now, bury them. I’m just a weakling who can’t even truss a chicken, and you definitely can’t let the young lady bury the dead, right? That’s why this terrible job is yours.”

Having said that, he ignored the old man’s response and entered the stone hall with Liu Chuqing.

“Sigh… such terrible luck, so unfair. Why must I bury them…” The old man murmured with resentment.

Nevertheless, he still threw the bodies into a crevice off the cliff. He then washed his hands and patted his blade: “Look at what you’ve done, almost got distracted from our real work. Still have to go trade some firewood for rice.”

With that, his powerful song began to echo across the mountains again as he was leaving.

All cultivators nearby watched each of his moves. No one dared to disturb him or utter a single comment.

They heaved a sigh of relief after he and his song disappeared from the area.

“Who is that?” One youth questioned.

No one expected that a random person would come out of nowhere and save the king, killing Yibin and his men.

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen him before.” How could the youths here recognize the old man?

“He might be from Nine-linked then.” An older disciple said with a serious expression: “I’ve been here twice and saw him chopping wood too, around five years ago.”

“A master of Nine-linked?” People glanced at each other.

The truth was that no one knew the exact details about Nine-linked Mountains. No one knew its sect master was or how many experts it had.

However, they were aware that even Lucidity King came here while keeping a low-profile.

“Why did he save the king?” Another asked.

The crowd started thinking but no one could come up with an answer. It seemed that the king and the old man was quite close. 

“Oh, don’t you remember? When Eight Formation True Emperor attacked the palace, the king was saved by someone. No one knew who it was then but it looks like this old man did it.” A disciple from a great power tapped his head after having an epiphany.

People took a deep breath, thinking that this answer was reasonable. This old woodcutter might be the one who saved the king back then. He has been lingering around just to protect the king as well.

“Why does Nine-linked want to protect him though?” Another curious spectator wondered.

Speculations arose. The disciples from the big sects had wilder thoughts.

Remember, Nine-linked Mountains had a unique position in Nine Secrets. It seemed to be independent and never interfered with the system.

But why was it protecting the king now? Could it be that it wanted to show itself and support the king, helping him get his throne back?

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