Chapter 2465: Intimate Whispers

The embrace felt quite comfortable and pleasant to the point where Li Qiye, seemingly falling asleep.

Liu Chuqing was bold enough to steal glimpses of him. His eyes were a top target but she wasn’t that audacious just yet so she stared at his brows.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes. There was no impressive aura or visual phenomena but she felt as if his eyes contained a cosmic power - capable of changing the very state of the world.

This feeling was too exaggerated but she told herself that it was indeed the truth. The world turned dark when he closed his eyes and vice versa. 

He looked at her, peering through her windows of the soul. She found his gaze looking straight into her heart and mind.

There was a warm yet penetrating sensation. No secrets could be kept from him; everything was laid out in the open.

She couldn’t help but look into his eyes due to the irresistible attraction, almost like a magnet. She found his eyes to be extremely profound, rendering her unable to look away just like a moth drawn to the light.

Her soul seemed to be leaving the body, wanting to fly into his eyes. It didn’t matter if turning to ashes was the outcome. With her soul devoured, she was becoming one with him.

She felt infinitely close with this fusion. The feeling left her heart jubilating with joy; her entire being was under his control yet it was as pleasant as floating among the clouds.

She wanted nothing more than for time to stop for she had fallen into his trap, drowned by his embrace.

Li Qiye had reached an incredible level. He didn’t need any trickery or scheme to conquer a woman. Just his one gaze alone was enough - if he willed it so.

“I know I’m very attractive but you’re drooling right now.” Li Qiye blew softly into her ear before whispering.

The girl regained her wits, overwhelmed with embarrassment. She felt weak all over as if she had no bones to support her, leaving her limping on his chest. She buried her head deep in there in order to hide her red face.

After a long time, she coquettishly groaned, wanting to get up but Li Qiye held her tight enough that this struggle was futile. She gave up right away because this act of resting on his chest was very pleasant. 

She felt happiness, peace, and comfort - this matter wasn’t as scary as she had thought. The initial fear and nervousness have all disappeared, even her shyness was dissipating while listening to his heartbeat.

“Do you know what is the most precious thing in this world?” He leisurely said.

She gently shook her head but still tried to answer: “An invincible treasure or a peerless merit law?”

This was the answer for many cultivators.

“No, it’s the heart.” Li Qiye stated.

“The heart?” She mumbled and mused. 

“Not just any heart but one that is brave enough for self-reflection. Once you dare to face who you and realize your flaws, you will have a fearless heart in the future - the foundation of an immovable dao heart which leads to resolve. Usually, a heart this pure is only found in newborns.” Li Qiye said sentimentally.

“So a fearless heart leads to having strong resolve.” She quietly repeated.

“You’ll understand later.” He smiled, not wanting to elaborate. 

Just like that, Liu Chuqing stayed behind to serve him in Great Desolate mountain just like a young wife - innocent and cute.

She had thrown away her status as a pampered princess of Waterfront Pavilion, choosing to stay as an obedient wife.

She never needed to do menial tasks back in her sect but after following him, she started to learn every little thing so that she could do a good job. 

During their time together, she slowly found that Li Qiye was nothing like the negative rumors. People said that he was a useless king, a debaucherous tyrant that loves sex more than his own life.

On the contrary, he was very proper when dealing with her, even to the point of being very protective and doting. It didn’t take long for this young girl to fall in love with the domineering man; no cure for a maiden in love.

She loved every second with him, adored being embraced and doted on by him. She thought that everyone else purposely vilified him in order to take his throne. They started false propaganda with that purpose in mind.

In her eyes, Li Qiye was virtually perfect. She would believe just about anything when they came from him. She couldn’t resist the charm of such a supreme existence. There was no escaping once fallen.

“A mortal like me shouldn’t go to the immortal garret…” early in the morning, the old man began to sing. His powerful voice became a part of Nine-linked Mountains.

“That grandpa must be very strong, absorbing the murderous energy every day.” Liu Chuqing standing next to Li Qiye on the peak praised after hearing the old man.

She has grown used to watching him refine energy and gather firewood each day.

“He himself is not strong, but his dao heart is stronger than the majority of people in Imperial.” Li Qiye gently shook his head.

“A fearless dao heart?” She asked. The two of them have grown closer in recent days.

Unfortunately, she became a bit absent-minded due to being envious. She was not courageous so she envied those different from her.

“No need for that.” He chuckled and said: “You are even more amazing than others. Being courageous doesn’t mean possessing a fearless dao heart, two different matters.”

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