Chapter 2464: Embracing The Beauty

Li Qiye found amusement while looking at her clear eyes. He leisurely said: “And if I don’t change from being a perverted king, still as useless as ever, what will you do then?”

She contemplated before quietly responding: “I, I will keep trying.”

Li Qiye only gained interest after seeing this innocent girl: “In order to change a man, a woman must first attract him, so, there are certainly ways for you to change my mind.”

Having said that, he paused and winked provocatively again: “For example, I’m very curious and my eyes light up whenever I see a pretty girl, so it’s hard to not be a pervert. I admit, you are very beautiful, but if you want to restrain me, you must serve me well, especially in bed. If you can make me forget my ways there, then maybe you can change me. That’s why you need to try your best and show me what you got.” He spoke, looking a bit sinister.

“You…” The blushing girl no longer dared to look straight at him and quietly replied: “How, how can you say something like that…?”

The already bashful girl couldn’t handle the blatant flirting and wanted nothing more than to hide in a hole right now.

“Why not?” Li Qiye calmly defended himself: “Must I remind you that since you want to carry out the promise, we are a husband-and-wife now. The joy in bed between a couple is a natural part of life, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Well…” She couldn’t come up with a response, too young to deal with an old fox like Li Qiye.

“If that’s the case, you should be serving me, right?” Li Qiye got his prey where he wanted her.

“I, I got it.” The girl was successfully persuaded, looking a little pitiful while looking down on the ground.

“Then come here.” He waved at her with a smile.

The girl was scared out of her mind and instinctively made some distance from him.

“That hurts my feelings, wife. Do I look like a man-eating monster?” He smiled widely.

The girl didn’t know what to do. Before coming, she had thought about numerous possibilities including the more sexual ones. However, this was happening all too fast. It was their first meeting and he already wanted to start? She was caught entirely off guard.

“Come now.” Li Qiye chuckled and waved again.

The girl took a deep breath and mentally told herself that she could do it. Li Qiye was right - they were married now so this was only a matter of time.

She closed her eyes and continued walking towards him, feeling a tingling sensation on her scalp. These few steps seemed like an eternity.

As the distance lessened, her nervousness rose. She felt her legs trembling with anxiety.

Now, inches away from him, she could faintly feel the hotness of his breath, causing her to go numb and weak. She had the urge to run but fought against it.

Her eyes were closed, not daring to look at him. Her hands still timidly held on to the sleeves.

He looked like a bad young master while she resembled a bullied maid.

“It’s pointless just standing there. Have a seat, I won’t hurt you.” Li Qiye smiled and tapped on his thigh, looking just like a perverted young master.

“I… I…” His appearance only added more anxiety to her, causing her to stammer.

“Changing your mind?” He egged her on.

She took a deep breath and let caution go with the wind before decisively sitting down on his lap.

This was her first time being so close to the opposite sex; her body became stiff and straight, tense to the core.

“That’s better.” He grabbed her by the waist and turned her to directly face him.

She let out a soft moan and quickly closed her eyes, imagining the embarrassing matter that is about to happen and feeling hot all over.

Time seemed to be frozen. The extremely nervous girl became empty-minded, not daring to move an inch.

However, seconds passed by and nothing terrible has actually happened, contrary to her imagination. Nevertheless, she still didn’t dare to open her eyes, not wanting to look.

She felt better during this peaceful moment and could hear his heart beating.

“Badump, badump…” The beats were strong and resounding with a clear order. It sounded as if the world was existing due to the beating of his heart.

She found herself in his embrace, no longer as tense as before. The only thing separating the two of them were their clothes.

She could feel his burly chest. Though it wasn’t the steely or bulging muscle type, one could sense a frightening and explosive power beneath. The consequence of its eruption would be unimaginable.

When her soft and ample breasts pushed against his chest, she felt currents coursing through her, turning her weak and numb - an unprecedented sensation for her. No strength to lift even a finger. She wanted to place her hands to block between the delicate areas but couldn’t move them. 

After a long time, she discreetly opened her eyes to catch a peek of him. His face was inches away. His breath caused her to feel a little itchy and hot, similar to being drunk.

The bashful girl took a good look at him, finding him to be very ordinary. However, there were charisma and charm, completely different from his perverted and spoiled looks earlier.

She suddenly found him to be quite attractive despite his mediocre features. His angles and lines seemed to have been polished through the ages - always unchanging - akin to an everlasting statue.

Not brilliant nor shocking at first sight but deserving of careful appreciation. One would never get tired of his handsome face - she thought.

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