Chapter 2462: Liu Chuqing

Despite the inpouring of cultivators to Nine-linked Mountains, Great Desolate Mountain to the south remained peaceful. No one came to stay at this area or to bother Li Qiye.

It was truly remote, far removed from the central area. It wasn’t suitable for habitation either since no one would want to be assaulted by this murderous energy daily. It was akin to suffering without benefiting from it. Only a true masochist could enjoy something like this.

Nevertheless, the mountain range spanned for tens of thousands of miles. An influx of 100,000 disciples still change much; the place still seemed as desolate and empty as before.

Of course, Li Qiye was happy to be by himself. Unfortunately, this morning, someone was standing outside of his palace.

“Creak.” Li Qiye woke up early to meditate with the murderous energy. He opened the door and saw a girl.

She has been waiting patiently, seemingly for a long time. Just the sight of her could brighten the eyes.

Well-defined brows, eyes like the morning stars, curly and animated eyelashes - her soft face looked like a piece of art with perfect proportions, whether it be her straight and tall nose, plump red lips or jade cheeks. People would never get tired of looking at her.

Her face had a hint of innocent unlike her tall figure - proud peaks and round bottom that couldn’t be hidden beneath her dress. This made her look mature like a ripened strawberry; anyone would take to take a bite. Unfortunately for some, her innocent and angelic face was refreshing - washing away all temptation and lust.

Her black hair draping on top of her shoulders fluttered to the wind with a misty glow, causing her to look transcending.

She resembled a piece of jade deep in the valley, green and pure with water seemingly dripping off and permeating into the soul of the spectators. People couldn’t avert their gaze.

She looked quite nervous, touching her sleeves with her head lowered while patiently waiting.

She instantly looked up the moment Li Qiye came out, seemingly caught off guard and retreated several steps. She slightly opened her mouth but no words came out.

Li Qiye leaned on the door with his hands crossed in front. With a smile on his face, he asked: “Miss, who are you looking for?”

The girl stared at him before quickly stealing glances in the room only to find that no one else was there.

“Are, are you the new king? No, I meant are you His Majesty?” The girl asked while nervously clenching her fists.

Li Qiye smiled: “I believe I’m the only one with that role in Nine Secrets. Of course, that is until a newer king takes the throne. However, I prefer to be called Li Qiye instead.”

“Ah, then I found the right person.” She heaved a sigh of relief.

He looked her up and down like he usually would, not showing any restraint just because she was a lady - seemingly wanting to see through everything.

The girl turned tense and took more steps backward, recalling his unsavory reputation. She felt as if she was being stared at by a wolf, feeling regretful for coming here. Nevertheless, thinking about her destiny made her took a deep breath to muster more courage.

“Why are you looking for me?” He withdrew his gaze and smiled.

“My… name is Liu Chuqing.” The girl quietly said, not daring to look face to face.

Li Qiye shook his head: “No idea, but that’s all right, I’m very easy to talk to, especially when you’re such a beautiful girl. I’m more than willing to chat with you about random stuff, maybe even romance.”

The girl’s mood switched back and forth between tension and courage gathering. She eventually took one step forward to look straight in his eyes.

This didn’t last long. Just a few seconds later and she lowered her head again, feeling hot by the ears.

He seemed patient and stood there waiting with a smile, staring at her.

A while later, she said with a serious tone: “I’m the princess of Waterfront Pavilion, here, here to carry out the promise.” Her voice trailed off towards the end. 

“Oh, I remember now.” Li Qiye patted his forehead and said: “You’re that girl, the golden daughter of Waterfront with the most precious bloodline. Your old geezer had mentioned you before.”

“Yes.” The girl was still nervous being alone with Li Qiye, moving her head up and down like a little chick pecking grains.

“Really here for the marriage?” He became amused.

Back when Lucidity King forced the issue, Waterfront Pavilion’s supreme ancestor did promise to marry their noblest bloodline to the crown prince. She was Liu Chuqing. Li Qiye didn’t remember since he didn’t care at all about this matter.

“Yes.” She nodded and stole another glance. Blood was rushing to her head.

After all, this man was going to be her husband, her lifelong companion. She kept on playing with her sleeves, feeling quite timid.

“I’m quite surprised that your sect is upholding the promise, how interesting.” Li Qiye’s eyes became profound.

Though he had marriage pacts thanks to Lucidity King, they were pretty much useless after the fall of his reign - no different than another piece of paper. 

The parties involved didn’t quite need to carry it out. In the sects’ mind, reneging had little consequences since a fallen king like Li Qiye couldn’t do anything to them.

The first to do so was the Bingchi Clan. The only issue was that their supreme ancestor had made a promise. As one of the strongest Eternals, keeping his words was very important or he could be criticized for it later on. Thus, the clan master of the Bingchi decided to swap Bingchi Yingjian for Bingchi Hanyu.

The other four powers were in the same situation. Same with Wind God, he wasn’t in a position to deny this marriage either. However, the girls didn’t have the same limitation.

Their life was greatly affected by this. Plus, they didn’t want to marry such a rotten king given his terrible reputation. That’s why Splendorous Saintess tried to do something else.

Right now, the princess of Waterfront actually came to carry out their part - quite a surprising choice.

“Our pavilion keeps our word.” She looked straight at Li Qiye and answered, mustering courage out of nowhere.

In fact, the majority of the ancestors there opposed this marriage, same with the sect master. They shared the belief, like many others, that the new king has lost his kingdom, just a dog without a master. It’s already a blessing from above that he was still alive.

A guy like that still want to marry their princess? Utterly ridiculous.

Liu Chuqing was the one who wanted to do so. She didn’t want her great ancestor to break a promise, same with the sect’s reputation. This was an important event for their sect, one that determined her fate, and certainly not a joke. The promise with the royal family must be carried out.

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