Chapter 2457: Nine-linked Mountains

Li Qiye headed southward after leaving Godstep. He wasn’t in a rush for there were beautiful sceneries awaiting him.

Nine Secrets System was built in the distant past. After many eras, it wasn’t only an independent world but also had its own creations and fortunes. Its dao source was unfathomable. The location of this dao source remained a secret within the territory of Nine Secrets.

One would find it difficult to sense the rhythm and order of the dao land. It seemed that it was only a regular place, lacking the majestic power found in other systems. In fact, Nine Secrets has returned to a state of original simplicity.

For millions of years, some have been able to control the power of Nine Secrets, but this was only at a surface level. People even said that outside of a selected few, no one could even garner ten to twenty-percent of the system’s power.

As for the whole thing? Only Nine Secrets Ancestor. The brilliant Eternals and True Emperors failed to do so.

He finally stopped before a mountain range. This place looked like an ocean of green, filled with a majestic life force.

“Nine-linked Mountains.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Let’s see if I can find what I’m looking for here. After all, Nine Secrets is still Bao Pu’s disciple.”

This place was a famous location in Nine Secrets. Some even considered it as holy ground.

An aerial view of this place was beautiful and verdant with nine peaks standing out from the rest. They formed a circle, almost creating a crown with nine sharp tips. Inside this circle were nine lakes of varying colors. From above, they would look like nine jewels engraved on the crown.

If one were to go even further above and looking down, they would find that the mountain range would look like a long chain instead of a crown. The nine peaks and nine lakes would serve as the decorating bells instead.

Li Qiye took his first step inside and was met with a chilling aura. After taking a deep breath and smacking his lips, he felt a sweet and oceanic taste.

This was quite unexpected because this inland place was full of mountains. How could it have the aura of an ocean?

“How interesting, just how large of a world did Nine Secrets refined back then?” Li Qiye continued forward.

Despite its terrain, the place wasn’t desolate and bereft of people. With the same name as the mountain range, Nine-linked Mountains was actually another lineage in Nine Secrets, one of the oldest and most mysterious.

Some claimed that it was the direct branch of the progenitor. The sect itself never confirmed nor denied this rumor.

No one knew how strong it was. They only knew that it has existed since the very foundation and never interfered with external matters. Its disciples didn’t come out to the world in order to maintain a neutral stance.

As time passed, the place became a sacred place or an ancestral ground of the system. Many came here to train and search for the dao. Moreover, the dynasty or sect in charge would perform ceremonial rites in this place in order to further legitimize their reign.

Because of this, the dao source was believed to be in this mountain range. Of course, Skywrap Mountain was another candidate but War Saint Dynasty never commented on this.

However, the long-living ancestors felt that the former was the more likely candidate.

Ultimately, whether the dao source was located in Sky Wrap or not didn’t affect War Saint Dynasty. Most people have already accepted Nine-linked Mountains as the ancestral ground.

Nine-linked Mountains didn’t have that many disciples per generation, only a few dozens or so. Due to its vast territory, its disciples spread far away from each other so it looked very desolate, unlike a thriving sect.

Strange enough, this cold and cheerless sect continued to survive. Nine Secrets System had many different rulers at this point; heroes have turned to ashes but Nine-linked Mountains remained.

“Who are you?” Someone asked as Li Qiye reached the base of a mountain with a wooden hut.

The entrance to this mountain wasn’t an impressive gate made out of stone, only by three pieces of wood. It looked like it could fall down at any moment.

There was a tiny plaque with the words, Nine-linked Mountains. The calligraphy was slovenly and ugly. Even a new learner could do a better job.

A shabby gate and terrible plaque… If it wasn’t for the massive mountain range, people would wonder if this was an impersonating sect.

The one who called Li Qiye out was a middle-aged man wearing an ordinary robe. This robe was clean but it had many patches. The guy looked more like a farmer than a cultivator.

“Nine Secrets System’s reigning king.” Li Qiye smiled in response.

The man wasn’t startled and gave him a brief glance: “Have proof of identity?”

“Indeed.” Li Qiye casually threw the jade seal of Nine Secrets to him.

The man took a quick look before adding him to the list: “New king of Nine Secrets.” He didn’t try to verify whether the seal was real or not at all.

“May I ask what you are here for, Your Majesty? Dao search, sightseeing, or just curious?” The man asked while writing down the registration.

“Just taking a look. If I’m in a good mood, maybe I’ll train in the nine secrets for fun.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The man took another analyzing look at him after hearing this.

Others would think that he was insane, claiming to train the nine secrets in such a casual manner. Since the start of time, only one or two could do so, and this was limited in the legend.

“For fun, I see.” The man seriously added this line to the registration despite Li Qiye’s carefree comment.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t care at all about what the man was writing down.

“May I ask where do you want to stay, Your Majesty?” The man continued.

“The place closest to the Great Desolate Heavenly Prison.” Li Qiye answered.

“Closest to Great Desolate Heavenly Prison? Are you sure, Your Majesty?” The old man was surprised and tried to confirm.

“Yes.” Li Qiye said.

“That would be Great Desolate Mountain. We have several halls there that aren’t too bad, you can stay in one of them.” The man added.

“No problem.” Li Qiye wasn’t picky about his dwelling.

“His Majesty will stay at Great Desolate Mountain.” The man earnestly recorded. 

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