Chapter 2455: Casually Invincible

“Boom!” The boundless light illuminated both the sky and Godstep.

An invincible aura of emperors permeated through every inch of the land. It seemed as if these great beings were awakening along with Eternals. This powerful aura was more than enough to crush the heaven and earth, suppressing the eight directions.

Not to mention the birds and fish, even the disciples here shuddered. Some crawled on the ground from the pressure.

“Our true power is awakening.” Some disciples became excited and emotional.

A few disciples lucky enough to escape have informed the other ancestors. After hearing this news, these ancestors gathered and hastily activated the supreme formation of their sect, resulting in this majestic power.

After the start of the formation, the grand momentum of the sect began to flow. This woke up the ace cards and resources.

These things have been blessed and augmented by the late emperors and gods of the sect for generations. This accumulated was incredible, capable of suppressing just about anything.

“Boom!” Eventually, the bright torrent of power came together to form a seal in the sky larger than a mountain. It carved into the void with a golden brilliance and took the shape of a Buddha’s foot.

In the next second, it was as if an invincible True Emperor was standing on the sky vault, above the nine firmaments. Just one wave from this being could defeat all foes and take down the ages.

Li Qiye laughed in response: “Know your place. Even your progenitor can’t do anything, let alone a grand momentum.”

“Boom!” The seal answered by stomping down on Li Qiye. Space crumbled before this force. All evil creatures and demons would be rendered to dust.

This stomp combined the momentum from the geography of the sect along with generational blessings - truly an apocalyptic strike.

Mountains and rivers collapsed; even the stars and celestials turned into nothingness.

“Break!” Li Qiye didn’t mind at all and raised the Null Slate.

“Buzz.” The center of the tablet became a whirling vortex, gathering all the strength in this world.

“Boom!” Something unbelievable happened. The tablet actually broke down, revealing its true appearance inside - a great shield.

This shield was made from stone, looking both simple and ancient - adorned with tiny runes that were brimming with power. Raising this shield was akin to raising an entire world.

“Bang!” Li Qiye slammed this shield straight for the foot. The shield emitted blinding lights, capable of tearing the world asunder.

The foot was crushed from the impact. Pieces fell down after another before a total collapse. 

“Boom!” The sect quaked as a result while huge boulders from the sky started falling down.

The impact didn’t stop there. It continued going, seemingly wanting to crush the momentum of the sect completely.

“No!” The ancestors screamed in horror.

They knew that if their momentum were to be destroyed, then the sect wouldn’t be able to escape the same fate.

Thus, they crazily poured their power and true energy to fuel this momentum. This force became bright once more after the empowerment, wishing to stop the shield slam.

“Poof!” A few ancestors couldn’t handle the shockwaves and became blood instantly without the chance to scream.

“Your Majesty, please show mercy!” A loud roar came from the horizon.

A might as vast as an ocean of stars came forward and aided the momentum. Finally, this momentum was able to stop the onslaught of the shield. Nevertheless, the areas around the sect were devastated.

In this split second, someone arrived in Godstep with the speed of the wind. His godlike aura carried a world-destroying capability.

“Great ancestor!” The members of Godstep became ecstatic after seeing this old man.

“Geezer, try this.” Li Qiye laughed and casually slammed his shield forward again.

Wind God had only just returned and saw this terrible scene. He rushed here only to be met with a shield slam.

“Activate!” He performed his strongest attack, turning into the most terrible storm in existence.

“Rumble!” This violent storm shot to the sky, destroying everything in its path.

Unfortunately, regardless of how terrifying and mighty this storm was, it was still extinguished by the shield. The storm was as feeble as little breeze going up against the swing of a gigantic, magical fan.

Wind God fell from the sky like a meteor before smashing into a peak, reducing it to rubble.

The sect members were speechless. Wind God was their Supreme Ancestor, one of the five in Nine Secrets.

They were matchless with the exception of Lucidity and Sun Lengying. But now, someone as powerful as him still couldn’t stop a single blow from this shield. If this terrifying news were to spread, all of Imperial would tremble with fear.

“Boom!” Dirt and rocks went flying as Wind God crawled out of the mess - bloodied and injured everywhere.

The sect members heaved a sigh of relief. If their strongest ancestor were to die to a single strike, it would be too hopeless.

“Your Majesty, please…” Wind God prostrated on the ground, afflicted with fear: “My disciples are idiots, please think about our past relationship and the ancestors of Nine Secrets and spare us, we will accept any punishment.”

He finally realized that Li Qiye was the real monster. Even Lucidity King back then wasn’t at this level.

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