Chapter 2454: Mere Ants

Everyone present felt dread while staring at the Null Slate in Li Qiye’s hand because no one has been able to move it, let alone controlling it.

He even used it as a weapon to stop the incoming hammer - shocking everyone to the core.

Ever since its appearance, no one knew of its effect or actual usage. Who would have thought that an outsider like Li Qiye could do it so effortlessly? The ancestors and disciples of the sect became slack-jawed, unable to close their mouth for a long time.

“Boom!” Li Qiye interrupted the astonishment with an attack. The tablet in his hand directly flew for the ancestor.

“Boom!” The ancestor’s hammer crumbled from the force while the tablet continued on its path.

“Ah!” He couldn’t resist at all. The tablet seemed to have a power capable of sealing the heaven, not letting anyone escape. After a shrill scream, this ancestor turned into a mist of blood.

“Ants.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said after catching the tablet again, completely indifferent as if killing an ancestor was no big deal.

On the other hand, the entire sect was shaken by this “insignificant” murder.

“Kill him!” When the upper echelon regained their composure, they instantly felt fear and all had the same thought - Li Qiye must die!

“Boom!” The ground quaked and mountains shook. Pavilions and buildings crumbled with debris and mud flying everywhere. They finally made their move - utilizing their strongest attack.

Mighty weapons rose to the sky, aiming for Li Qiye without mercy. The heaven fell and the earth split due to the murderous intent. The frightened group’s first reaction was to kill Li Qiye instantly or they would be the next victims.

“Fools.” Li Qiye chuckled and the tablet in his hand went back to work. It came out with the force of a meteor and ravaged the land.

“Rumble!” The weapons from the other side started collapsing against the tablet, unable to withstand a single blow.

Finally, the tablet loomed above and suppressed them all. They thumpingly fell to the ground on their back, unable to move a single finger. It felt as if there were a hundred thousand mountains pressing down on them. 

“How should I kill you now? Maybe some torturing first?” Li Qiye smirked while staring at the group.

“You dare?!” Some disciples outside shouted and rushed forward with their sword despite being overwhelmed with fear. They only wanted to save their sect master and ancestors without thinking too much.

“Quite brave though you all overestimate yourselves.” Li Qiye chuckled and flicked his finger.

“Boom!” The swords broke down and they were blown flying while vomiting blood, subjected to the same pressure as their seniors - unable to stand up.

These disciples were far inferior to their ancestors whom Li Qiye also easily subdued.

Fear permeated the hall because Li Qiye far exceeded their imagination. They thought that he was only a useless king with no cultivation to speak of. However, he proved them wrong in a terrifying manner.

A realization struck them - no wonder why he viewed them as ants earlier. This was indeed the truth.

The group felt a cold chill, making their hair stand on end. It wouldn’t be difficult for Li Qiye to destroy their sect at all.

“Running?” Li Qiye noticed the pale saintess with fear in her eyes trying to turn and run.

He simply raised his palm and she fell into his control, completely sealed. Her body started flying towards him. Being grabbed by him left her stricken with horror.

“Didn’t you look down on me earlier? But now, I can do whatever I want and who can save you?”

“You, you dare?!” She quivered and shouted.

“There’s not an act in this world that I don’t dare to do.” Li Qiye grinned.

With a loud rip, he tore her dress, revealing her white-as-snow and shiny skin, albeit mostly covered by her inner garment. Of course, the lack of full visibility only made it even more seductive.

Her round and soft breasts couldn’t be completely covered, almost falling out. If one looked hard enough, they could see two red dots pointing up like two little strawberries, ripe and ready for the taking - tempting others into taking a bite.

Li Qiye wasn’t shy at all and slipped his hand beneath to grab the round softness. He rubbed and kneaded without holding back.

Splendorous was an innocent girl and has never been subjected to this type of harassment before. Under his appreciation, they seemed to be sticking out even more, adding to the enticement.

“No…” She cried out - the shame of being in public made it even worse.

“You won’t die a good death!” Heavenly Crane bellowed after seeing this public humiliation.

“Shut up.” Li Qiye flicked his finger again, striking the sect master’s mouth and spilling blood.

Li Qiye continued speaking to the saintess: “You think too highly of yourself. If I want a woman, I just need to wiggle my finger and numerous goddesses will come running. As long as I am willing, I can do you whenever, so do you still think you’re an imperious princess? But even an imperious princess isn’t worth a single coin before me.”

Tears started to flow down her cheeks but she didn’t even dare to cry, afraid that it might stimulate Li Qiye.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty…” Jianchuan standing beside him finally got on his knees and started begging, shivering with fear.

“Oh? Asking me for mercy?” Li Qiye smiled and looked at him.

“This low-lowly one is from Godstep… it is my home…” The shivering youth quietly beseeched.

He was the only one on scene qualified to beg for mercy and the only one that Li Qiye would give some consideration to.

Li Qiye smiled and casually threw that saintess to the side: “A bit interesting. Fine, I’ll spare you for now.”

The saintess hurriedly pulled up her dress and covered herself before looking on the ground. She didn’t dare to weep loudly while continuously quivering, scared out of her mind.

“Actually trying to take my treasures, can’t be any stupider.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The moment he finished, warning gongs resounded across Godstep.

“Rumble!” Detonations and strands of light oozed out. A majestic aura billowed from the horizon, akin to a massive tsunami.

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