Chapter 2453: Courting Death

“Take it, I can handle this much for the bride token.” Li Qiye casually threw out five treasures. Sure enough, their imperial aura permeated the area.

A jewel, armor, divine garment… all five were resplendent with a distinctive aura.

“Imperial treasures…” The disciples outside became tumultuous. They stood on their toes and stretched their neck in order to get a better view.

Although Godstep Sect could come up with similar treasures, they couldn’t just throw them away in such a careless manner, treating like them cabbages.

After a while, the sect master and the ancestors calmed down then glanced at each other. They didn’t expect for Li Qiye to be so generous so they didn’t know what to say, only standing there awkwardly.

This request was to get Li Qiye to back off on top of probing him out.

If Li Qiye couldn’t come up with this bride token, then their sect could annul the marriage without any problem. It would no longer be them breaking their promise but rather Li Qiye’s inability to marry the saintess.

All of them realized something. If Li Qiye could do this to items considered great treasures by others, it meant that he had many more than just five.

This naturally startled them. Lucidity’s treasury must have been incredible. Though he was dead and War Saint was done for, his treasury must have been inherited by Li Qiye.

Greed appeared in their eyes now, just imagining the potential of their sect if they could obtain this treasury.

They would be able to take another step forward, gaining new resources and ace cards against the other four powers when vying for the world.

“No, I will not marry!” Splendorous Saintess stepped out and protected: “Not even for one hundred imperial treasures, I’m not a piece of merchandise! I don’t agree with this transaction!”

“Is that so? I’ve given you the bride token, from now on, you are my woman.” Li Qiye leisurely said while staring at her.

“In your dream!” The saintess barked back with a derisive stare: “You can have the entire royal treasury, a million imperial treasures, and I still wouldn’t marry a useless fool like you!” 

Her existing-prejudice regarding him rendered her unable to accept this marriage. How could a proud heaven’s favorite like her care for this piece of trash, let alone marrying him?

“Let her come warm my bed tonight.” Li Qiye stared at the saintess while rubbing his chin, amused. He then turned towards the sect master: “I will have fun tonight educating this girl to be more obedient.”

The saintess’ expression became extremely ugly; a fire was about to spew from her eyes. The disciples outside were outraged as well after hearing their goddess being insulted!

“Watch your foul mouth!” White Crane Young Noble angrily shouted.

“Oh? You’re against it? Only a woman - it is her honor to be on my bed and being trained by me.” Li Qiye lazily said.

“You court death!” White Crane obviously had a crush on the saintess so how could he take this lying down? Unable to swallow this anger, he took out his sword and aimed it straight for Li Qiye’s throat.

He was aware of Li Qiye’s heaven-defying treasures so he needed to make this first move count, not giving the guy a chance to retaliate.

The lightning-fast thrust made the upper echelon stare at each other. They didn’t try to stop him or even shout for him to stop. They thought that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Li Qiye were to die right now.

They could see that his cultivation was negligible and that he only relied on the treasures left behind by Lucidity. As long as the young noble could deliver the fatal blow first, Li Qiye would never have the chance to take out a treasure.

“Clank!” The thrust was fast to the point of being imperceptible by the disciples outside.

“Bang!” His sword instantly collapsed to the astonishment of the crowd. Before they could recover, Li Qiye had caught the young noble, lifting him up in the air by the neck.

Everything happened so quickly. Everyone didn’t know what the hell was going on or how Li Qiye did it, only the result.

“Mere ants daring to prance in front of Li Qiye.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “I’m only here to kill the boredom and play with you all, to actually think that I’m weak, hah.”

“Poof!” The young noble got crushed into a mist of blood. He never had the chance to react, let alone beg for help.

“No!” The disciples in the sect screamed.

No one expected this sudden reversal, not even the ancestors and Heavenly Crane.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The shocked elders instantly stood up and unsheathed their weapons, glaring intensely at Li Qiye.

“Oh? Want to go together, that’s fine, I’ll see what you all can do.” Li Qiye gave them a quick glance and smirked.

“Brat, you’re too arrogant!” Heavenly Crane had a cold expression, same with his tone: “Daring to kill in our sect, you think we can’t do anything?”

He no longer addressed Li Qiye as “His Majesty” and had a murderous flash in his eyes. Though White Crane was his disciple, the youth was also like a son to him. Revenge was in order.

Li Qiye didn’t care for them at all: “Godstep is nothing more than an ant nest to me, can’t reach the apex.”

“Ignorant fool!” One ancestor roared. With a loud explosion, he swung his huge hammer straight for Li Qiye.

“Boom!” Before the actual impact, the entire hall has already collapsed from the force.

“No big deal.” Li Qiye smiled and raised his hand.

A powerful shockwave vibrated in the air. The hammer struck an item and was repelled.

“The Null Slate!” Many were astounded after seeing the item in Li Qiye’s hand.

Heavenly Crane and the ancestors gasped before staring at each other. Not even in their dream would they expect Li Qiye to summon the Null Slate on their ancestral peak so easily.

Ever since Godstep True Emperor left it there, no one has been able to move it in the slightest. But now, Li Qiye just needed to raise his hand and the slate from the faraway peak came to him - simply astonishing.

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