Chapter 2451: New Path

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile while staring at this thick and tough dao fruit. He gave it the name, “Acorn”. It contained massive and overbearing power.

“Time for the third dao fruit, but this will be tough.” Li Qiye murmured: “It will open a new beginning once ripened, but every fruit after will need a more potent area to support them.”

Once all three fruits were ripened, this presented a challenge for both Li Qiye and the Primordial Tree.

In the beginning, Li Qiye speculated that once the tree matures into a sky-blotting creation, it would have a total of twelve dao fruits.

It wasn’t going to be easy. The more dao fruits, the greater the pressure and challenge. In fact, adding one more fruit was doubling the stress.

After all, from birth to maturity, not to mention the previous fruits, these things required a massive amount of primordial energy. Adding one more fruit meant requiring more supply.

The tree itself needed to grow as well. At this moment, these powers and life relied on Li Qiye’s personal power as the fuel.

In order to open a new cultivation system, suppressing the old world wasn’t enough. One needed enough force to open a new world.

Massive energy, ability to withstand the stress, and an immovable dao heart were necessary for this process.

Otherwise, one wouldn’t be able to handle the alternation of the old and the new world. Their dao heart would crumble along with their grand dao. The frames of these worlds would be destroyed, resulting in the death of the cultivator since they would turn to ashes.

Perhaps death wasn’t even the worst outcome of this endeavor. If the dao heart were to falter and succumb to the evil path, that would be the most terrifying consequence.

Breaking the old and starting the new required a daring decisiveness only found in the apex existences in each epoch. However, when these apex masters fell to the evil path, they would start a disaster, robbing their epoch of light.

Nevertheless, Li Qiye remained calm despite the frightful pressure mounting on him. His dao heart remained resolute.

From the start of time, eras came and went, epochs replaced one another. In the river of time, there have been geniuses with insane talents and brave overlords. These beings were incredible. The current prodigies right now were insignificant in comparison, like a speck of dust.

Li Qiye naturally couldn’t compare to these beings in terms of talents. The only thing he had was an immovable dao heart - his greatest possession and power. 

It didn’t matter how tough the road was in the future, he could move forward, step by step. No problems could stop him; no disasters could hope to slow him down.

Li Qiye - the man with the eternally unwavering dao heart.

Some time passed before he returned from his meditation. Though he had recalled the tree, some of its light still shone upon him - bringing new hope and a new dawn for the world.

At this moment, just a single wave of his hand contained an epoch-crushing power.

The light slowly dispersed and he hid his terrifying aura. He returned to the origin just like a simple and natural stone, devoid of any carving.

He smiled, realizing that only the true overlords could see through his mysteries at this point.

When he walked outside, Jianchuan has been waiting. The youth happily walked up and quietly said: “Your Majesty, the sect master and fellow ancestors are here to see you.”

“Oh? Look like a big crowd.” Li Qiye chuckled after hearing this.

“Quite a few, please be lenient, Your Majesty.” Jianchuan hesitated before softly speaking.

Li Qiye leisurely smiled: “Sounds like something will happen then.”

“Well… I’m only speculating.” Jianchuan smiled wryly: “The great ancestor is still at the capital, so I don’t really know what will happen.”

Despite saying so, as the person responsible for intelligence in Godstep, he naturally knew what was going on but didn’t dare to reveal it. He was powerless anyway.

Li Qiye didn’t care too much if the youth didn’t dare to speak. The two of them quickly made their way into the main hall.

The room was full of people - the influential ancestors sitting down. Many important disciples were standing behind them, crossing their arms in front of their chest.

All eyes fell on Li Qiye instantly - some were disdainful, others sneered, a few were simply curious…

“Your Majesty, please excuse us for interrupting your session.” Heavenly Crane Enlightened Being cupped his fist and smiled.

Heavenly Crane still sat down on his chair, not bothering to stand up.

In the past, they would be on their knees to greet the king of Nine Secrets right now. Unfortunately, because of recent events, they no longer give a damn about this fallen king. Even the disciples here looked down on him.

Li Qiye sat down and briefly observed the crowd. Splendorous Saintess and White Crane Young Noble were present as well, standing next to the sect master.

The saintess stared coldly at him with clear contempt in her eyes. Meanwhile, the young noble sneered, trying to hide his murderous intent.

This was beyond Jianchuan’s control so he stood quietly to the side. A third-generation disciple like him couldn’t speak before the sect master and ancestors.

“Everyone’s here.” Li Qiye lazily said.

“Your Majesty, you have been staying here for a long time but the ancestors never got a chance to see you. This is why everyone is here today.” Heavenly Crane smiled.

In fact, a few ancestors have seen Li Qiye already during the coronation since they tagged along with Wind God. Of course, Li Qiye never gave a damn about them, not to mention the massive crowd back then. Who could remember certain individuals?

“This is Cloudflash Ancestor, the fastest in our sect. This is Solitary Dragon Ancestor, responsible for dao teaching. This is Skywalk Ancestor, he is…” The sect master introduced the ancestors one by one with a smile.

“Alright, no need for such needless courtesy.” Li Qiye interrupted him with a wave: “No need to pretend in front of me, just say what you have to say, everyone is busy.”

The ancestors didn’t expect this; some put on an unfriendly expression. Meanwhile, the disciples didn’t try to hide their anger.

These ancestors were all prestigious big shots in all of Imperial, not just Nine Secrets.

Heavenly Crane was giving Li Qiye face by introducing them yet the guy dared to act so rudely? It was a blatant insult.

How could a downtrodden dog needing their protection act arrogantly like this before them?

The atmosphere became tense instantly. The previous cordial pretense disappeared.

“Well…” Heavenly Crane’s smile slowly went away. He then nodded towards the saintess.

“We are here today for one thing only. Just one demand, hand over the marriage pact. It will be nothing but beneficial for you.” The saintess said coldly.

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