Chapter 2449: White Crane Young Noble

“I’m trash? False, I’m the king that you all need to prostrate before and lick my feet. Godstep and the great powers are only insects before me. Even your Wind God needed to kneel, and as for you all? A bunch of insignificant ants that won’t even get to lick my feet, needing to kneel ten thousand miles away from Skywrap.”

The disciples here were shocked at such blatant insult. They weren’t worth a single coin in his mouth? 

“You sure know how to talk big! But insulting our sect is punishable by death!” Some loudly retorted.

“A real man doesn’t bring up past glories.” White Crane Young Noble felt the urge to kill. He said with disdain: “People were only worshipping War Saint Dynasty and Lucidity King, no one gives a damn about a useless king like you. Plus, your dynasty is over now, you’re just relying on our charity to live, just a dog under someone else’s roof.”

“Well, excuse me then, but even if I am a useless king or just a dog, it doesn’t change the fact that your Godstep Sect had knelt before me. As for the lot of you, I’m afraid to say that you’re not qualified to lick my feet, only the dirty soles of my shoes at best.”

“You!” White Crane was furious but couldn’t respond.

“A man fights with his fists, not his tongue.” The saintess said: “Show us what you can do right now if you think so highly of yourself instead of bringing up the past.”

“Oh?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh: “You really think you’re something, don’t you? A bunch of ants wants to see what I can do? Just one stomp is enough to crush all of you.”

“Such arrogance!” The crowd was livid. Some jumped up and rolled up their sleeves: “Senior Sister, you don’t need to dirty your hand against this dog of a king, let me teach him a lesson.”

White Crane stopped them and walked forward aggressively with a murderous flash in his eyes: “Let me see what you can do then!”

“Senior Brother, you can’t!” Jianchuan stopped him while continuously shaking his head.

It wasn’t easy for Jianchuan being stuck in the middle, but he needed to protect Li Qiye at all cost.

“Junior Brother, step aside, I’ll handle the consequences!” White Crane uttered.

Jianchuan disagreed: “Senior Brother, I’m not trying to oppose you, it’s just that the great ancestor has repeatedly told me to take care of His Majesty before leaving, so please, ignore us or we can’t answer the great ancestor.”

“Senior Brother, I’ve recently learned a new merit law and would like to have a spar with you, please give me some pointers.” Suddenly, Splendorous Saintess blocked Jianchuan’s way.

There was no doubt that both these two and the rest of the disciples wouldn’t let this go today.

“Senior Sister, what’s the point?” Jianchuan smiled wryly after seeing this.

“I’m not making it difficult for him as long as he hands over the marriage pact or denies its existence.” She coldly said.

Though Wind God was forced in a sense, he had still agreed with Lucidity. Given his status and principles, he would never change this marriage.

This wasn’t the case for the saintess. She didn’t want to marry a lecherous and unsalvageable wretch. Furthermore, she had the power to get him to break off the engagement in order to change her own fate.

That’s why she would press on today regardless of what happens.

Meanwhile, White Crane Young Noble walked towards Li Qiye and said: “I won’t take advantage of you, I will let you make three moves first before taking your dog life.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye smiled leisurely: “I don’t need to fight myself against an insect.”

Having said that, he took out a tiny wooden sphere with three different shades.

“Crack! Crack!” It flew out of Li Qiye’s hand and crazily assembled in a huge one.

“Boom!” It slammed down from above with the force of a mountain, aiming straight for the young noble.

Ancestral Eighteen Transformations - the treasure refined from three ancestral trees and had their power.

The crowd didn’t expect this at all! The young noble’s eyes narrowed as he shouted: “Activate!”

He raised both hands in the air like a deity raising a pagoda to stop the incoming sphere, throwing away his offer of three free moves earlier.

“Boom!” He far underestimated the power of the sphere.

“Crack!” An ear-piercing sound of bone-breaking came about with blood gushing out. Both of his arms were pulverized!

“Boom!” The sphere instantly bounced back to the sky while issuing rambunctious detonations. Its spinning speed increased and headed for the young noble once more.

The rolling distance amplified both its speed and size. The sphere continued to assemble and became ten times larger than before.

It was bigger than a hill now and carried a world-destroying power. The crowd quickly retreated, aghast.

“Chirp!” During the split second before the impact, the young noble soared to the sky like a crane with lightning speed and successfully evaded the sphere.

It didn’t give up and exploded once more, increasing in size again. It bounced to the sky, heading straight for its target with incredible speed.

“Buzz.” Space fluctuated. The young noble seemed to have grown a pair of wings. His movements became fluid like a dancing crane. He once again evaded the sphere.

“Boom!” With another quake, the ball gained a massive increase in both size and speed.

“Rumble!” Detonations resounded all over the sky. The ball crazily gave chase but the young noble’s movement technique was indeed peerless. He had learned one of Godstep’s very best, allowing him to fly just like an immortal crane, allowing him to dodge successfully again and again.

However, the sphere had no limits to the growth of its speed and power. After it reached a particular size and speed, even the young noble’s great technique was no longer enough.

“Activate!” He noticed that exerting his technique to the limit wasn’t enough so he roared, summoning a gigantic shield in order to face it head-on.

“Bang!” The grounds and the mountains nearby trembled because of the impact. His shield instantly shattered to pieces, scattering all over.

“Ah!” He screamed with more broken bones and blood gushing out everywhere, nearly being smashed to bits. Who knows if he even had one single intact bone in his body right now?

He started falling down from the sky but the sphere didn’t spare him just yet.

“Boom!” It activated itself with another explosion before starting the spinning trajectory. This time around, its speed was on a whole new level - looking like it wants to render him to a mist of blood.


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