Chapter 2447: Splendorous Saintess

Li Qiye blocked out all criticism and gossip while staring at the tablet.

His eyes became profound, seemingly piercing through the entire thing. Nothing could elude him.

He sat there without emitting any aura or pressure as if he were enjoying the scenery, appreciating the beautiful days. Everything felt the same as always.

However, Zhang Jianchuan standing next to him could sense something changing while pouring tea for the guy.

He felt as if he was before a bottomless abyss - Li Qiye! Anyone who falls down would die without a burial.

Jianchuan felt a primal fear and his legs grew weak - the abyss wanted to swallow him! He could sense just how terrifying Li Qiye was despite a lack of external signs.

This ordinary man was hiding an all-devouring force. There was no escaping, only damnation awaits in the abyss. 

“It’s full.” Li Qiye’s casual voice woke him up.

He regained his composure and found that tea was overflowing the cup. He quickly wiped it clean before retreating to the back, not wanting to disturb Li Qiye.

The rest of the disciples glanced at each other. They didn’t expect the fallen king to be interested in their Null Slate.

“Is, is he actually trying to comprehend our Null Slate?” One disciple said with uncertainty.

They found it hard to believe that the famous pervert would be interested in the Null Slate.

“Looks that way, he’s pretty immersed.” A Senior Sister saw Li Qiye staring intensely at the slate and confirmed it.

The disciples glanced at each other in disbelief. The legendary king of uselessness suddenly wanted to learn about their tablet - one that has never been figured out for eras? 

“He overestimates himself.” A Senior Brother scoffed.

A Senior Sister nodded in agreement: “No one has been able to understand our Null Slate. The past aside, even Mu Shaochen, Imperial’s greatest genius, didn’t see anything from it, let alone a perverted king like him.”

“Does he think this is a game? Only the most brilliant in history would be able to see something. No one else.” A Junior Sister supported.

The Senior Brother spoke again: “How can someone like him be comparable to Mu Shaochen? He is only trying to start over again and create some fame, but all this will bring is further humiliation. A useless pervert like him can only be a prodigal son.”

Everyone nearby nodded unanimously, agreeing with their brother.

Jianchuan could only sigh with disappointment. He couldn’t stop them from speaking, only thinking that his peers had too much prejudice and didn’t know that Li Qiye was nothing like the rumors.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye continued to stare at the empty tablet for a very long time.

“How senseless.” He shook his head before picking up his teacup for a sip.

Jianchuan was started to hear this because he knew that Li Qiye wasn’t talking about the gossiping bunch. This was a comment about the Null Slate.

It was personally erected by their patriarch. Those aware of its background would always be respectful while earnestly trying to understand its mysteries. The disciples here especially didn’t dare to make negative comments about the patriarch. However, Li Qiye didn’t give a damn as if Godstep True Emperor was a nobody, and that this tablet wasn’t worth mentioning.

Jianchuan’s rumination was interrupted by the gentle clattering of decorative ornaments.

A sweet fragrance whiffed in the air. Everyone could feel her beauty and style before she got there.

“Senior Sister!” The disciples in the pavilion and those near the tablets all stood up respectfully with hands straight down.

A figure finally appeared on the ancestral peak, accompanied by plum blossoms and floating clouds. In the next second, the figure was standing before the pavilion.

This enchanting woman was tall with appealing long, white legs. Her legs were perfectly shaped; a little bit more would be redundant but a little bit less would be deficient. Such jade legs made others have the urge to touch.

She wore a thin, pink dress with yellow embroideries of little flowers and a silk girdle that accentuates her curves - one glance was all it takes to see her perfect outlines.

She was full of life - a fair complexion with a touch of pink like the peach blossom and was as vibrant as spring itself. The images of flowers would occasionally appear around her. Her steps seemed to give birth to the flowers on the ground, looking like they were chasing after her.

“Junior Sister, you’re here?” Jianchuan was surprised to see her.

Lu Bing, or Splendorous Saintess, the daughter of Godstep Sect Master. Moreover, she was also a descendant of Wind God so a great bloodline flowed within her.

Because of her prestigious status and noble bloodline, Lucidity asked for her specifically in the past. Wind God chose to comply, albeit unwillingly.

The disciples exchanged glances after seeing her. Some started looking over at Li Qiye.

The marriage between the two of them was no secret. There was a system-wide announcement during Li Qiye’s coronation.

During that period, every disciple in Godstep hated this marriage. They felt indignation, especially the male disciples who were her fans. These youths hated Li Qiye to the core. Nevertheless, they couldn’t do anything except to accept reality.

After all, Li Qiye still had authority and was still the leader of Nine Secrets, standing at the apex with seven legions beneath him.

Moreover, he had an Eternal like Sun Lengying as his backing. This was enough to look down on the world, be the master of life and death, the decider of others’ fate.

Splendorous Saintess had no choice but to acquiesce. This was no longer the case.

The imperious king had fallen; his authority became non-existent - just another dog that has lost its master.

To be frank, even their great ancestor, Wind God, needed to be respectful before the new king just a while ago. But now, an ordinary disciple of Godstep could look down on him, or even bully him.

Thus, how could a useless brat with no authority and backing marry their golden jewel? He’s not worthy of their saintess!

The eyes on Li Qiye slowly turned cold. If the saintess were to give an order right now, many disciples would be more than willing to give Li Qiye a good beating, or even take his life.

She finally looked at him with an unfriendly stare. His lazy appearance only confirmed his uselessness, so her first impression of him was terrible.

Moreover, she had heard of how he took innocent women in the capital before, completely lawless.

If she were to meet someone like him on the street, she would kill them without any hesitation!

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