Chapter 2446: Null Slate

Zhang Jianchuan took Li Qiye to the ancestral peak for a look at Null Slate.

The two of them crossed through numerous mountains among the clouds via bridges to make it there, meeting many peers and seniors along the way.

As one of the five great powers, Godstep was obviously powerful with substantial resources. Despite being hidden in the sky away from the rowdiness of mundane life, the place was still lively. More than ten thousand disciples were around.

“Second Brother.” The brothers and sisters on the path greeted Zhang Jianchuan.

Jianchuan wasn’t famous in Nine Secrets but he had a high status in Godsect, being the Second Brother and all. Moreover, his talents for cultivation and amiability earned him the love of his peers.

He also nodded and greeted them in response. His brothers and sisters found it quite strange to see their Second Brother being so respectful while serving Li Qiye. In their sect, few elders and ancestors would need the Second Brother to wait on them.

However, this youth didn’t look older than Jianchuan and was clearly a new cultivator, not an expert genius that could sweep through the world.

How could this youth enjoy such treatment from their Second Brother? Everyone became curious as a result.

“Brother, who is this gentleman?” A vivacious girl came up and asked.

Jianchuan was very careful in answering. He smiled and said: “An esteemed guest of our sect.”

He was experienced enough to give a reasonable and watertight response.

Of course, no secrets last forever since Li Qiye has been staying here for so long. The top disciples have figured out Li Qiye’s identity.

“Who is that next to Second Brother? Why is Second Brother serving him?” Someone asked their Senior Brothers and Sisters.

To which a Senior Brother snorted and said while staring at the “weak” Li Qiye: “Hmph, that’s our king.”

The young disciples took a deep breath and quietly said: “He, he’s the fallen king? War Saint Dynasty’s ruler with the shortest reign in history.”

A Senior Sister sneered: “That’s him, the wretched and perverted king, deserving of losing his kingdom. It’s already a blessing of three lives that he is still alive.”

This sister had nothing but contempt from the heart for the infamous king. Losing a kingdom over a woman? A man like this was a piece of trash.

“Hihi, don’t be so loud, he is still our guest.” Another girl said.

“It’s fine.” A Senior Brother joined in: “It’s no longer the era of War Saint, the land is no longer his. This useless pervert, no, this piece of trash is not worthy of our saintess.”

“That’s right.” The first Senior Sister agreed: “Our Senior Sister is heaven's favorite, the jewel of our sect. She’s beautiful and talented, only a monstrous prodigy is worthy of her, not this debaucherous trash.”

No wonder why these disciples had such prejudice against Li Qiye - they were fans of their Senior Sister, Splendorous Saintess.

They knew that she had a noble bloodline on top of being perfect in every facet imaginable. She was the pride of their sect.

The girls adored and looked up to her; the boys had a crush on her.

For her to marry an incompetent and perverted king was akin to planting a gorgeous flower in a pile of manure. They naturally became indignant and resentful. Moreover, this king had already lost his kingdom and became even more unworthy.

“That’s the new king.” Many disciples pointed at Li Qiye along the way and whispered: “The perverted one.”

“Not anymore, just a fallen king, a dog without a master.” A male disciple scorned: “He’s lucky to have shelter here and being alive.”

“Indeed.” Another instantly chimed in: “He would be dead if it wasn’t for us hiding him.”

Jianchuan also heard the whispers and awkwardly apologized to Li Qiye: “Your Majesty, don’t mind them. They don’t mean it.”

He didn’t realize that he had considered Li Qiye to be anything but a lecherous king. The guy was more than he was letting on. Li Qiye only smiled and ignored the whispers, not commenting on it.

The ancestral peak was sky high with a formidable presence. There were towering architectures and billowing clouds and mist along with a pure atmosphere.

It looked like a land of paradise from the distant. The majestic aura made it seem that there was a dragon slumbering beneath, and it could wake up and disperse the cloud during its ascension.

Before the precipice was a flat, square rock. It stood on the mud without being buried in the lower-half. Nevertheless, it remained stable as if it had taken roots below.

It had a reddish-brown color; the entire thing was in plain sight, clearly without any engraving - not a single spot.

Such a rock seemed to have been unearthed then brought to this place, untouched. On the surface were traces of weather - such as rain and mist. Oh, and various faint handprints.

Ever since Godstep True Emperor left it here, so many disciples have come to try and comprehend it. They rubbed it, hoping for a connection or a hint to the mystery.

Unfortunately, none has been successful. This rock remained a rock - seemingly its true form.

Great geniuses have come and left empty-handed for millions of years. Recently, they invited an exclaimed prodigy - Mu Shaochen. Even he himself failed to find anything.

Nevertheless, the disciples here believed that this rock had innate values or their patriarch wouldn’t have left it here for no reasons. It was their own fault for being unable to understand it.

In front of this rock named Null Slate was a large pavilion, capable of accommodating several hundred people. Once Li Qiye and Jianchuan got here, they found a large group hard at work. A few disciples were leaning against the rock, hoping to sense something from physical closeness.

As the two entered the pavilion, they attracted many gazes. Some began greeting Jianchuan.

He didn’t say anything and focused on preparing a seat facing the tablet for Li Qiye first, then burning some scented grass for him - a perfect environment for dao searching.

Next, Jianchuan started a fire nearby in order to boil some tea for him.

There was a reason why this youth was chosen by Wind God to serve Li Qiye. Jianchuan was someone who would carry out all orders with sincerity.

He didn’t care that Li Qiye was a fallen king or show any slight because of this. He continued to be meticulous and earnest in his tasks.

His peers became uncomfortable at this sight, especially after seeing Li Qiye’s nonchalant attitude as if this was how it should be. Such arrogance, in their eyes, was showing contempt towards their Second Brother and sect.

“Hmm, does he still think he’s a king and this is War Saint Dynasty? All of this land belongs to him?” Someone voiced their annoyance.

“Right? Only Second Brother is nice enough to do this. I would have walked away long ago.” A Junior Brother stared at Li Qiye with disdain.

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