Chapter 2441: Helpless Wind God (Teaser)

Wind God wondered if Li Qiye was actually useless or it was just an act. The whole appointment by Lucidity was strange. They thought that he was an illegitimate son, especially after seeing his immoral and uncouth behavior.

Otherwise, how could Lucidity dote on a piece of trash like him in this manner?

After further interaction, he felt that this brat wasn’t as stupid as he seemed, just crazier yet strangely insightful - seeing things that big shots like them never thought about.

“Alright, follow me back to Godstep.” Wind God eventually said.

“For what?” Li Qiye smiled and told the truth: “I guess I still have some uses for your sect, a powerful bargaining chip.”

“Hmph.” Wind God snorted in response: “You’re overthinking it. It’s...

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