Chapter 2437: Crisis

Spectators all around Nine Secrets quietly watched the erecting defensive lines around the imperial city.

Some began watching Waterfront Pavilion, Calm Lotus Monastery, and Godstep Sect. They wanted to know what these three great powers would do.

The other two have clearly formed an alliance, turning into an even greater beast. That’s why people were curious about the other three. Would they side with the Bingchi Clan and attack War Saint or continue to serve the king in times of danger?

Unfortunately, these three great powers showed no signs of mobilization, only wanting to spectate.

“It’s over for the dynasty if no allies are coming.” An ancestor murmured after seeing a lack of reinforcement from other sects within the system.

“What a shame, this wouldn't be happening if Lucidity and Silver Secret were still around.” Another became emotional.

After all, to a certain extent, War Saint Dynasty was the reason why Nine Secrets System eventually became one of the three top dogs in Imperial.

Its destruction would result in chaos and war. At that point, not only would it lose its status as one of the top three, the Li and Mu might even take advantage of this and destroy them. The long-standing system would turn to ashes.

Because of this, the visionary ancestors became worried. The destruction of Nine Secrets meant the destruction of their sects. How can a bird lay eggs without a nest?

“The rebels are attacking!” Chaos engulfed both the imperial city and Skywrap. Numerous cultivators and citizens started fleeing from this troubled land.

The flames of war would certainly ravage this area; all could become victims to its heat. That’s why people were smart enough to run before the armies got here.

Even the guards and maids in the imperial city were panicking. They started to run with the royal descendants. Of course, some took advantage of the situation and started stealing the treasures here. Many precious items and decorations were quickly taken away.

On the other hand, Li Qiye didn’t give a damn, only acting as a spectator among the chaos. He didn’t try to stop the ones fleeing or stealing, just quietly watching the whole thing.

“Your Majesty, it’s not too late to go.” War Saint Dynasty seemed to have given up so Jiadi still insisted on taking Li Qiye away before the armies got here.

Li Qiye smiled at the loyal man: “Jiadi, go, don’t worry about me. I’ll be waiting here to watch the fun. I’ll leave if it’s not interesting enough.”

“But Your Majesty, the armies are coming. How can I face the resting Lucidity King if something were to happen to you?” Jiadi went on.

“Don’t worry, we’ll meet again, and you won’t be seeing him any time soon either.” Li Qiye patted his shoulder and consoled.

Despite the old man’s relentless persuasion, Li Qiye remained calm and ordered him to leave.

In the end, Jiadi gave up and prostrated on the ground. He respectfully said: “Your Majesty, your useless servant will be leaving now. Please take care.”

“Take care.” Li Qiye nodded with a smile.

Jiadi stomped his foot out of frustration before leaving the imperial palace.

Li Qiye stayed in the garden while looking at the shiny barriers in the sky: “The kingdom is about to topple, who will lose their patience and jump out? Can’t wait to see this and the real players behind the scene. It will be a beautiful reversal as well.”

“Rumble!” Finally, the imperial city was surrounded by the great armies; not even a mosquito could get through.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The sounds of steel echoed with blinding flashes. The soldiers on the walls have unsheathed their weapons, eager to fight.

Despite the unrest in the imperial city, the Imperial Guard Legion maintained order, ready to protect the city.

This was the strongest legion at the capital, the final line of defense, the divine protectors.

“Clank!” The bottom of a spear loudly struck the ground, causing sparks to go flying.

A fully-armored youth stood on the wall, aggressive and brimming with fighting spirit.

Though his aura wasn’t on the same level as Eight Formation True Emperor, he still looked like a divine spear. He stood there proudly, seemingly immovable.

“Tang Hexiang, will he fight to the death for War Saint Dynasty?” The spectating ancestors wondered.

He was the commander of the Imperial Guard, a genius of the dynasty. Since he came from the royal family, his bloodline was also precious. The guy was already an Ascender despite being so young; this allowed him to soar to the rank of commander.

He certainly wasn’t the strongest general in this legion but due to his background and innate talents, some considered him to be a future successor. That’s why he became the commander of one of the seven legions.

People actually thought Lucidity King would appoint him as crown prince. Hexiang was quite influential in the royal family with the support of many ancestors. No one expected for an unknown brat like Li Qiye to win the role.

They thought that this careless appointment from Lucidity was the biggest reason for War Saint’s decline.

“Ma Mingchun, what is the punishment for betraying the dynasty?!” Hexiang shouted at the Central Legion.

Mingchun was the commander of this legion. He was floating in the sky and replied: “General Tang, I am not betraying the dynasty. The new king is useless, bereft of a single ounce of integrity and morality. He will only cause harm to the people, we are simply doing this for their sake.”

“General Ma is right.” Eight Formation True Emperor appeared in the sky, exuding his aura just like a king: “Brother Tang, I know you are a loyal man, but you need to make a choice right now. Your new king is a rapist that will only cause harm. This land was built by the effort of our late king, I will not allow it to fall because of this tyrant. We do not wish to overthrow War Saint Dynasty, we simply want a wise king to rule it instead.”

People held their breath after hearing this. They looked over at Tang Hexiang.

He had lost to Eight Formation True Emperor in the past, so the two were considered enemies. Would they fight each other today?

The crowd took this fight very seriously. The Imperial Guard was mighty. Plus, Skywrap City had a lot of aces. They were fighting on their home turf, having all the advantages.

If they wished to fight to the death, the coalition army would need to pay a great price for a successful siege.

That would only be benefiting the other three great powers who were watching on the sidelines.

Thus, Tang Hexiang’s choice was very important right now; it could decide the political landscape for the upcoming years.

Would he fight to the death or switch his allegiance? The atmosphere became tense.

“General Tang, the new king just needs to abdicate and War Saint Dynasty will still exist. Our five legions still belong to the kingdom.” The other commanders persuaded him.

“We only want his abdication and for the throne to be occupied by a wise ruler. This is not a rebellion.” Other generals added.

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