Chapter 2436: Enemies Everywhere

The revolt of the five legions frightened the system in full. All eyes turned towards Skywrap Mountain and the imperial city of War Saint.

“It is over for the dynasty.” This thought came up in everyone’s mind.

A few ancestors shook their head and became sentimental: “The new king is done for. Lucidity King reigned for three generations, turning War Saint into this great behemoth but this guy managed to bring it to ruins so quickly.”

A somber and reflective mood loomed over the land. War Saint’s current state of prosperity was due to Lucidity’s arduous efforts over the years. But now, only several days have passed and the dynasty was already shaking, on the verge of toppling at any moment.

“The five legions have defected.” Jiadi immediately reported to Li Qiye upon finding out. His expression was quite ugly, knowing that this was beyond salvaging.

If Li Qiye didn’t order the march, then they might have been able to get through these tough times while relying on Lucidity’s vestige of might. This was no longer the case.

“It’s to be expected, it won’t just be the five legions either.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Your Majesty, what should we do? Do you have a good plan?” Jiadi had no countermeasures to speak of, feeling that the new king had no chance to control the situation.

“Plan? No need for that. What will come will come.” Li Qiye smiled: “But if you need something to do, my Jiadi, then start packing up, it’s time to go.”

“You wish to retreat?” Jiadi put it nicely.

“No need for such euphemism, it’s called running.” Li Qiye smiled: “No one will die to protect us against the rebellion. Just pack up and let whoever in the palace wants to run, run.”

“Where do you wish to go, Your Majesty?” Jiadi paused for a moment and didn’t blame Li Qiye. His responsibility right now was to protect the guy.

“No, not me. I’m talking about you and your family. Go find a safe place to hide.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Your Majesty?” Jiadi became surprised.

“I’ll be cool here, it’ll be fun watching the rebels storm into the palace. As for what I’ll do to them, that depends on my mood. If I’m in a good mood, I’ll play with them, If not, I’ll just leave since it’s not my kingdom anyway. They can have it.”

“Your Majesty, I’m afraid the rebels will want your life when they’re here.” Jiadi was startled.

“I would like to see that, but unfortunately, I can’t find anyone who can kill me. That’s the most vexing issue.” Li Qiye said.

“No, my responsibility is to protect you, so if you’re not leaving, I’m not leaving too. I have been entrusted by His Late Majesty to protect your safety, if anything were to hap-...”

“First, I’m the king now, so if I tell you to leave, leave. Second, nothing will happen, what you imagine will never happen.” Li Qiye interrupted him and said: “Just go pack up and tell others to leave or it’ll be too late once the army gets here. Don’t stop any of them.

Jiadi didn’t know what Li Qiye wanted to do. He bowed before leaving to carry out the order.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye closed his eyes to enjoy the massage from Bingchi Yingjian.

“You should go too.” After a while, Li Qiye said: “The rebels are about to be here. Leave the imperial city and seek asylum.”

She froze for a bit before regaining her wits and kneeled down with her head lowered: “I have been married into the royal clan, so I will be yours in life and death, there will be no escaping…” [1]

“Mine in life and death? Haha.” Li Qiye said: “This is only a game of the higher-ups, and your marriage is but a sham, an empty showing. But if you actually have such thoughts, then I bestow freedom upon you and write you an imperial permission for traveling.”

“Your Majesty!” She turned pale.

“Go.” Li Qiye casually waved his hand: “Pick a few treasures from the treasury, considered it as bestowments, a type of fate.”

“I…” She was speechless. Though she was taken to the palace by the Bingchi, she was willing to do so and had accepted her fate. But now, as the dynasty was heading towards collapse, she didn’t wish to leave. This thought had never crossed her mind before. 

“It’s not too late to run.” Li Qiye continued: “It will be too late once the siege starts. Don’t think just because you’re from the Bingchi Clan that they will spare you. In fact, maybe you’ll be the first victim.”

“Your Majesty… when the army gets in, you’ll be in trouble.” She looked up at him and said.

Though she wasn’t a master or anything, she was still trained by her clan members since youth and could tell that Li Qiye was very weak.

“I have my ways, and it’s not like you can protect me. Even an Eternal like Jiadi can’t stop an army, let alone you.” Li Qiye smiled.

Yingjian found this to be the truth. Not to mention the great armies, Eight Formation True Emperor and Bingchi Juezun would be there as well. Jiadi alone couldn’t amount to anything.

“Take care, Your Majesty.” In the end, Yingjian prostrated before him before leaving, overwhelmed with emotions.

After she was gone, he was still amused: “It will get very exciting at Nine Secrets with the collapse of War Saint.” Having said that, his smile turned into a grin.

“Rumble!” Continuous detonations resounded as the armies drew near. The five legions that went to conquer the Bingchi have headed back to the capital. 

The armies of the Bingchi and Myriad Formation traveled at the same time, heading for Skywrap. They looked like a flood of steel as far as the eye can see.

Taking the vanguard was Eight Formation True Emperor - one step was one world, crushing everything beneath.

“The king is incapable, immoral, and ruthless, I, Tian Zhiyuan, shall take arms against him for the sake of the world…” His voice echoed across Nine Systems.

Zhiyuan was his real name. He led these armies, wanting to overthrow War Saint Dynasty. The guy was brimming with ambition.

He wished to obtain a moral high ground so that his coronation would be legitimate. After all, regardless of how ridiculous the new king was, War Saint was still in charge of Nine Systems - the orthodox branch.

It was impudent of Myriad Formation to march towards the imperial city. The True Emperor didn’t dare to talk about killing the king, using the excuse of helping the citizens to shield his real intent. After all, he was a subject under Lucidity so this was considered a rebellion. He needed a perfect excuse to legitimize this conquest.

The armies number in the tens of millions suffocated the spectators.

Because of this, even before they got there, the imperial city closed its heavenly gates and bolstered the walls, seemingly sealing off the world. No one could take half a step forward.

With loud detonations, beams of light rushed from the palace into the sky. Large barriers descended around the palace, acting like steel walls. The place became an impregnable fortress.

The imperial city’s defenses have been activated, showing that War Saint Dynasty still had aces up its sleeve.

1. She addresses herself as a servant here, not I

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