Chapter 2435: Rebellion

Li Qiye seemed to be asleep the entire time and didn’t do anything unbecoming towards Bingchi Yingjian. This made her heave a sigh of relief while finding the whole thing bizarre.

After marrying into the palace, she was already his. He could do whatever he wanted and she could do naught but obediently comply. However, he didn’t harass her at all despite being the infamous Chaos Hellion - specializing in bullying innocent girls.

She couldn’t quite explain her feelings right now. There was actually a tiny hint of disappointment.

“What did the Bingchi offer for you to come here?” Li Qiye smiled and asked.

She froze for a bit before quietly answering: “The ancestor agreed to give us back some properties so that our clan members can have a place to stay.”

“Just a place to live, never able to earn any power in the clan.” Li Qiye said.

She quietly answered, albeit with a heavy heart: “That’s already good enough.”

After Kuangfang’s defeat, their branch would have been completely massacred if their ancestor wasn’t Weaponbreak True Emperor.

Nevertheless, they were exiled with no place to go, resorting to living as wanderers. Thus, she had no choice but to agree to the clan’s request so that her clan members could have a permanent residence.

“Why does it matter whether the Bingchi survives or not?” Li Qiye smiled.

She pondered for a moment before answering: “It, it is still our clan, built from the effort of our ancestors, so please, Your Majesty, rescind your order.”

“The world is just a chess match. You don’t and can’t understand. Just stay by my side and serve me well.” Li Qiye said.

The girl kept her mouth shut and only lamented the situation. She was a nobody, pushed back and forth by the tides. Even her ancestor Kuangfang had lost back then, there was nothing she could do.


The atmosphere at the border of the Bingchi was tense to the extreme.

“Who will win?” One spectator wondered, able to sense the bloodthirst in the air.

“I’m not sure.” An ancestor replied: “The Bingchi is strong but so are the five legions. Who knows who will come out on top if they both go all out? If Silver Secret Legion is here too, then the Bingchi would immediately concede right now. This is no longer the case, looks like this clan doesn’t care much about War Saint Dynasty right now.”

Everyone agreed. The Bingchi had to be subservient during Lucidity’s reign, not daring to question a single command from him, let alone opposing War Saint Dynasty.

But now, Sun Lengying had retired and Silver Secret was gone. This made the clan more confident especially since the new king was useless in their eyes. That’s why they did the swap instead of sending Bingchi Hanyu to the imperial city.

“Rumble!” During this stalemate, another legion marched closer from the distant, causing dust and smoke to go everywhere.

It looked like a tsunami causing the world to quake. Their murderous aura preceded their physical presence.

“The army of Myriad Formation Kingdom!” People saw the banners and became alarmed because of this sudden deployment at this crucial moment.

It was another great power, not weaker than the Bingchi at all. More importantly, they were versed in formations, allowing their armies to become unstoppable after forming the necessary arrays.

“Are they helping the king or the Bingchi Clan?” The spectators became nervous.

More warning gongs resounded. Both the five legions and the Bingchi didn’t know the intent of this newcomer so they were on guard.

“Boom!” An imperial beam suddenly pierced the sky and turned into bright wisps of light, akin to the opening of a new world.

A young man walked out of this bright radiance. His step was soundless yet it reverberated in the spectators’ heart. Such powerful steps were truly intimidating.

He wore a golden robe, not the ceremonial outfit of a king, but he had an aura just like one. His eyes were penetrating like a supreme grand dao - scaring people to the very soul.

“Eight Formation True Emperor! The king of Myriad Formation!” A few ancestors were shocked to see him. 

People were amazed at his presence: “Such an incredible talent, so young yet is already a True Emperor. No wonder why people think so highly of him, that he could be the most promising candidate right now who could surpass Lucidity.”

The spectating saintesses and princesses cried out his title, looking at him with adoration. They were completely enamored, filled with romantic thoughts.

He was the greatest genius in Nine Secrets in the contemporary and had opened his second palace. Though there were stronger Eternals and emperors than him, what he had was potential. 

It far exceeded many others; that’s why people thought he could actually surpass Lucidity in the future.

Despite being a True Emperor and the king of Myriad Formation, he didn’t dare to address himself as one when Lucidity was around, only referring to himself as a subject instead.

This was understandable. Not to mention a two-palace emperor like him, even a four or five-palace emperor was nothing before Lucidity - a man strong enough to threaten the Mu and the Li Clan. 

“The new king is incapable and lecherous - one who will only bring hardship and ruins to the world. Raping the innocent and harming the loyalists, a warmonger that will only herald death and destruction…” The emperor announced: “The responsible subjects of Nine Secrets have a responsibility to protect the system and stop this tyrant from causing further devastation!”

Everyone took a deep breath and glanced at each other. Eight Formation True Emperor clearly just declared a conquest against the new king and war against War Saint Dynasty!

“Rumble!” His army instantly got behind the five legions and formed a pincer formation with the Bingchi Clan.

“It’s over for the five legions.” A spectator murmured.

It was an even match against the Bingchi, let alone facing another foe just as strong. The legions’ five commanders all wore a serious expression.


“Your Majesty, I bear bad news. Myriad Formation Kingdom had formed an alliance with the Bingchi and trapped our legions. I’m afraid we will be defeated…”

“Jiadi, why are you surprised?” Li Qiye shook his head and smiled: “The late king is gone, Silver Secret is gone, when are they going to destroy me if not now? Wait until after I consolidate my power? Obviously not.”

“But, Your Majesty, the five legions can’t take them. I fear for the worst…” Jiadi said seriously.

“No, the fun has only just begun. Just wait and see, a more fun and more thrilling play is about to happen. Can you be patient enough to make it to the end?”

“Well…” Jiadi had no response. After receiving this news, he naturally panicked unlike his king.

“The new king is indeed debaucherous and cruel with wanton regard for the citizens…” Just when people thought that the five legions were going to lose, the Central Commander started his speech: “Nine Secrets System belong to everyone. As a soldier, I will not allow for this tyrant to harm the system. Such a ruler should be opposed by all, everyone needs to answer this call!”

His speech echoed across Nine Secrets, making its way across the various sects and kingdoms.

“The five legions have changed sides!” This shocking news took Nine Secrets like a storm in just one day.

“The five legions have rebelled and joined the effort to take down the new king.” People weren’t prepared for this unexpected development.

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