Chapter 2434: Offense On The Bingchi

“Mobilize against the Bingchi Clan?” The generals from the five legions were stunned after receiving Jiadi’s order.

It was simply illogical; something that Lucidity King didn’t even attempt. This new king has yet to sit stably on his throne but already wanted to go against one of the five great powers? They thought he was insane.

“My Lord, this must be wrong?” The commander from the Central Legion asked.

“Yes, My Lord, are we going to our death over some women? It’s ridiculous!” The commander of the Eastern Legion grumbled.

Jiadi sighed and placed the military seal on the table: “An imperial order is not to be questioned. My Lords, follow His Majesty’s order, mobilize now.”

The five commanders glanced at each other after hearing this.

“I await your triumphant return.” Jiadi gave his blessing before leaving.

“So ludicrous!” The Southern Commander shouted and slammed the military seal: “Does he not know what kind of existence the Bingchi Clan is? Without Silver Secret in command, we might not necessarily win this war! This useless ruler is mad!”

“Watch your words.” The Western Commander said seriously: “What else can we do but obey orders?”

This was an official order; were they going to refuse? 

The five of them scowled before grabbing the military seal and left.

“Rumble!” Loud explosions resounded in Nine Secrets as massive armies cleaned up their camps and began to mobilize.

The five legions were the pillars of War Saint Dynasty so they were closely watched by others. Moreover, this caused quite a great commotion. It was impossible not attracting attention.

“What are they doing?” People were confused at this rare and potentially earth-shattering event.

“The flame of war is about to reach the sky.” Everyone was frightened despite not knowing who their target was.

Sects and kingdoms were scared out of their mind; its inhabitants were nervous about any loud sounds. This was understandable because only a few powers could actually resist the combined might of the five legions.

“Rumble!” The earth quaked while the banners blotted out the sun. Their march spanned for a million miles - threatening territories everywhere. [1]

Not a single disciple dared to leave their sect as the army was marching by.

It was a lightning-fast blitz heading straight for the Bingchi Clan!

“The Bingchi!” Everyone instantly realized what was going on after seeing the direction of the five legions.

“Damn, the new king wants to take the initiative against the five great powers? The Bingchi will be the first?” Even the ancestors from various sects were frightened.

This new king didn’t have a firm grasp on his kingdom yet he wanted to fight already? This was simply insane. The Bingchi was mighty and unfathomable. Picking this clan to be the first target was unwise.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” The clan was under alert with warning gongs before the army even got there. All ten million miles of the clan became vigilant. They began to mobilize their own troops towards the border.

Dust flew everywhere as the cavalries marched thunderously; their banners blotted out the sky.

They naturally didn’t dare to underestimate the five legions and gathered all of their forces. Every disciple was ready to fight in just one night. One could see the bright reflection of weapons everywhere.

“Commanders, why are your legions heading for our borders?” The clan master spoke from afar.

“Bingchi Clan Master, don’t play the fool now.” The Central Commander roared: “Your clan treacherously sent a fake princess to the palace. This is unforgivable. His Majesty orders you to hand over Bingchi Hanyu on top of ten thousand beauties or face destruction!”

The Bingchi Clan Master’s expression became unsightly. The listeners also became confused. 

They have heard about the marriage alliances after the coronation. The five great powers would send their golden daughters to the palace to serve the king. Who would have thought that the Bingchi would send a fake one?

“How ridiculous. Starting a great war over a woman?” One sect master was stunned: “Does he want to lose all of his prestige? This is pushing War Saint Dynasty over the edge. This king is excessively depraved.” 

“After hearing this demand, I would say that no other king in history is as lascivious as him.” An ancestor smiled wryly.

A few big shots saw this and shook their head: “Well, the Bingchi is brave as well. The late king has only passed away recently yet they dared to disobey his wishes already, showing utter contempt for the new king as well, no wonder why he is furious.”

“Two tigers fighting will leave one wounded.” Some were gloating over this event and wanted to watch, biding for the right moment to take advantage of the situation.

“Rumble!” After arriving at the border, the five legions instantly erected their garrisons and formed formations, ready to attack the clan at a moment’s notice.

At the same time, the Bingchi also sent all of their forces to their side of the border.

Two million-strong armies took up the entire field like an ocean of soldier. The glint of their weapons illuminated the area, filled with ruthlessness just like a tsunami drowning the earth. The area became quiet; the soldiers didn’t dare to breathe loudly under this atmosphere.

On the contrary, Li Qiye didn’t sense any of this bloodthirst. He was still nonchalant as ever; nothing else to do outside of cultivating all day. He didn’t even care about the outcome of the great battle.

Zhang Jiadi suffered instead, worrying about the battle on top of the movements from the other great powers. He didn’t have a second of free time.

“Your Majesty.” Li Qiye had just finished his cultivating session and was resting on his chair. Suddenly, a worried voice came about. The maids couldn’t stop this person from coming in - Bingchi Yingjian.

The girl in her precious dress kneeled and quietly said: “This has nothing to do with the Bingchi Clan, it is my fault. Please punish me instead.”

The mobilization of the legions frightened her so she came to beg for forgiveness.

“Rise.” He still lazily lay there and only gave her a quick glance.

“Your Majesty, please.” The girl begged again but he ignored her, closing his eyes.

The attempt was a failure and she didn’t know what to do. Eventually, she got up and stood to the side.

Li Qiye waved his hand, gesturing for the maids to leave.

“Give me a massage.” He casually ordered.

Bingchi Yingjian didn’t dare to refuse and started massaging his back in a stiff manner. Though she was a member of a fallen branch, she had never served a man before.

Nevertheless, she was aware of her situation in the palace and still listened to Li Qiye, albeit unwillingly. She tried her best, though this wasn’t her area of expertise so she was quite clumsy. Moreover, she was overwhelmed with the fear that he would do something to her.

Of course, she thought it was inevitable and had accepted her fate after agreeing to the marriage. This nervous feeling was understandable, common in all girls.

Li Qiye didn’t mind her lack of skills and continued to rest.

1. This one million miles is just an adjective for a lot, not actually literal. I don’t like it but this is quite common in novels, especially ED

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