Chapter 2432: Swapped Consort

War Saint Dynasty remained peaceful. The six legions and various powers didn’t take action after the departure of Silver Secret.

However, this was only the calm before the storm. Everyone could sense unrest in the air; people were growing impatient in the shadows.

Just imagine, Lucidity King had gathered an unprecedented authority in Nine Secrets after ruling for three generations. War Saint Dynasty had accumulated an incredible amount of treasures and vast lands. The rest of the world naturally coveted this, especially when the new king was so useless. 

This king right now was completely oblivious and uncaring of current events. On the other hand, Jiadi worked hard with his intelligent network, keeping up to date about the movements of the various sects and the six legions.

He was still absolutely loyal to Li Qiye, not wanting War Saint Dynasty to crumble in this manner.

Unfortunately, he had his limits despite being a powerful Eternal. After all, there were plenty of Eternals in such a powerful system.

He was still one level below Sun Lengying in terms of actual power and prestige. Lengying had followed Lucidity for three generations and had many great conquests during that period. Thus, he possessed an intimidating reputation.

He could threaten the five supreme ancestors, but not Jiadi. Not to mention these beings, he couldn’t influence the generals of Silver Secret.

In fact, Jiadi had tried his best to convince the generals of Silver Secret. Alas, they didn’t give him any face and still decided to leave. On the other hand, Lengying just needed to say one word and they would stay.

Li Qiye didn’t feel the same anxiety as Jiadi, still as nonchalant as ever.

“Your Majesty, the Bingchi has brought the Consort here.” Jiadi changed the topic.

He referred to her as Consort instead of Queen because the role was yet to be determined since there were five of them.

“Their golden daughter? Quite fast then, take her here to see me.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“Let’s her have some time to get ready.” Jiadi smiled wryly after seeing Li Qiye’s eagerness.

“Mmm.” Li Qiye agreed carefreely.


The girl from the Bingchi washed her face and prepared before being led by palace maids to see the new king.

The sounds of maid uniforms and clanking adornments came about. A girl walked out among a group of maids. She dressed in a red gown embroidered with a golden phoenix, looking exquisitely noble.

She was naturally nervous, knowing that this new king would sleep with her tonight. As an innocent girl, she was going to marry someone she had never met before, not knowing anything about him. 

She only took a quick glance at the man sitting on the throne before lowering her head and prostrating once she got close enough: “Greetings, Your Majesty.”

“Raise your head.” Li Qiye told her.

She was surprised to hear his voice, seemingly a bit familiar as if she had heard it before.

She slowly raised her head and saw a faint smile from the king. This made her almost jump up with her mouth wide open.

“Stand up.” Li Qiye smiled and gestured.

Meanwhile, Jiadi standing behind him suddenly became serious with a flash in his eyes.

The girl didn’t know what to do so she looked quite awkward, not knowing where to put her hands.

“Young miss, fate always brings people back together.” Li Qiye smirked.

“I…” The girl didn’t know what to say. Not even in her dream would she expect for the infamous Chaos Hellion to be the new king.

This girl was obviously Bingchi Yingjian from the forge. It was quite interesting that she was chosen by the Bingchi to be the saintess for the marriage. Of course, this wasn’t her choice.

“So you’re the Bingchi’s representative?” Li Qiye rubbed his chin and smiled.

Her heart turned cold. The only reason she agreed was so that her branch could return to the Bingchi Clan once more. 

“I’m, I’m a descendant of Weaponbreak True Emperor, so I can still represent the orthodox branch of the Bingchi.” She bit her lip and quietly said.

She was confused because of his current status and their brief meeting in the past.

“No defects that I can see.” Li Qiye smiled: “The bloodline of a True Emperor is prestigious indeed. Moreover, Weaponbreak was an exceptional one among them. So yes, his branch can be considered the orthodox one.” 

She heaved a sigh of relief after hearing this.

Li Qiye said: “Jiadi. Who should have been the Bingchi Consort, in theory?”

“Your Majesty, it should be Bingchi Hanyu, a descendant of Bingchi Juezun, according to His Late Majesty’s wish.” Jiadi said with a grave tone.

“How interesting.” Li Qiye was amused: “Looks like this clan wishes to trick us.”

When Juezun made an agreement with Lucidity about marrying their noblest bloodline to the throne, it should have been their princess - Hanyu.

However, because of the deterioration of the dynasty, the Bingchi changed their mind because they had a negative opinion on the new king and the future of the dynasty. Thus, they found a princess in exile, Yingjian, in order to replace Hanyu.

This was still a reasonable choice. After all, Yingjian’s bloodline was also prestigious. In fact, if one only took their bloodline into consideration, Yingjian’s was even better than Hanyu’s. Furthermore, she has also been bestowed the title of princess in the clan, so sending her here to be the consort couldn’t truly be considered disobeying the late king’s order.

“This has nothing to do with the Bingchi, I, I want to be here.” Yingjian became anxious and quietly said, not daring to look at Li Qiye while speaking.

“Ever since the defeat of Bingchi Kuangfang, your branch has been removed from the Bingchi, so how can it still represent them?” Jiadi’s eyes turned cold.

When an Eternal became serious like this, Yingjian became intimidated and trembled with fear.

“Jiadi, you’re scaring the young miss.” Li Qiye smiled and waved his sleeve towards Jiadi: “Go rest, it must have been a long journey.”

She was completely surprised. The Chaos Hellion was rumored to be lecherous, loving sex as much as his own life and had no regards for laws. This didn’t seem to be the case right now.

She hesitated for a bit, mouth slightly open - wanting to speak. In the end, she chose to kneel and leave.

Li Qiye then said: “How interesting, Jiadi, send my order to the Central Legion, tell them to march and attack the Bingchi.”

“Your Majesty!” Jiadi was caught off guard. Was this a joke?

“What, is there a problem?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Your Majesty, that, that’s not doable.” Jiadi hurriedly explained: “This deceitful swap from them is a crime punishable by death. I know that you’re furious, Your Majesty, but this isn’t possible. The situation is too delicate right now, we can’t mobilize the Central Legion.” 

An imperial marriage was a great matter. Using a fake princess to deceive a king? Any king would be furious after this.

“No, you’re mistaken, I’m not angry at all, especially about something this trivial. However, this is a good chance. I’ve been wanting to be criticized as a warmongering madman. The Bingchi is giving me this opportunity since my plan is to march across the realm, putting those like the Bingchi and Waterfront Pavilion in their place. I don’t need to come up with a reason now after this deceit, it is time to mobilize and take them down.”

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