Chapter 2430: Unconventional Coronation Ceremony

People shuddered after seeing the death of the Northern General. The stench of blood permeated the air.

“Alright.” Li Qiye waved his hand and looked over at some random lower-ranking generals: “The Northern General or whatever is killed, so you will take his position. And you all, you’ll become his vice generals.”

These generals were standing in the back and had low status. Now, Li Qiye had just casually appointed them to be the generals of the northern region.

This wasn’t just a position for a kingdom, but the position of an entire system. The northern region consisted of tens of thousands of sects and hundreds of kingdoms.

The Northern General with his military authority was superior to numerous sect masters. These low-ranking generals would have been unlikely to reach this position so they were completely stunned by these appointments.

In fact, everyone else felt the same. Both the officials and members of the royal families to the cultivators of the system were all stunned.

This was the most whimsical order they have ever seen. The Northern Legion was still one of the seven great legions in Nine Secrets, a pillar of Nine Secrets. Even Lucidity wouldn’t be so careless in appointing the right general.

However, Li Qiye didn’t care about oppositions and promoted these random generals. At the very least, this imperious style was similar to Lucidity - not giving a damn about anyone else’s opinions.

“Thank you, Your Majesty, long live the king!” The generals regained their sanity and became ecstatic. They prostrated, fully appreciative of this opportunity.

“Alright, anyone else has something to say?” Li Qiye stared lazily at the crowd.

Everyone smiled wryly. Even powerful ancestors couldn’t say anything at this point. The order was carried out so it was already too late. Plus, Sun Lengying was standing there with his sword readied. 

The previous Northern General has been made an example of for anyone who wants to disobey.

Only the five Supremes here could perhaps take on Sun Lengying. Anyone else would just be courting death. Plus, Silver Secret Legion had this area surrounded completely. The legion would instantly take down any dissenter before aiming for their sects.

“We will obey His Majesty’s wishes.” The Wind God cupped his fist and bowed.

“We have no objection.” The other four supreme ancestors unanimously agreed.

This was the first order of Li Qiye and it has been confirmed by the five supreme ancestors. This established Li Qiye’s status as the new king.

After all, these five ancestors represented the five strongest lineages in Nine Secrets. Other people had no reason to fight against them. From this point on, Li Qiye was finally acting as the king.

“May your will be done, Your Majesty.” The officials and the rest of the ancestors bowed towards Li Qiye while chanting - quite a magnificent scene.

“Good.” Li Qiye glanced over at the five ancestors: “Geezers, you have promised Lucidity to bring the beauties and daughters from your clan here. I need a harem, when are they coming?” 

The crowd was stunned along with the five ancestors. 

They knew that Li Qiye was an unsalvageable bastard, but they didn’t think he would be so preposterous.

This was his first day on the throne and instead of mourning Lucidity or rallying the people, he preferred to talk about girls and pleasure. This was a prime example of a licentious tyrant.

They glanced at each other in confusion. They have indeed promised Lucidity to bring their golden daughters and saintesses to Li Qiye. However, this wasn’t the right time to talk about this.

“What, changing your mind?” Li Qiye smiled.

“We do not dare.” The ancestor of the Bingchi cupped his fist: “Your Majesty, we will bring them to the palace, please don’t worry.”

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for them.” Li Qiye laughed and waved dismissively: “Report if there is something else. Otherwise, the court is dismissed.”

The officials were at a loss for words. They have never met such a ridiculous king before.

“Fine, dismiss, all of you.” Li Qiye raised his hand and gave the order after no one spoke up. He didn’t care and started leaving.

Sun Lengying and Zhang Jiadi followed right behind him. They disappeared into the imperial palace. The ones left behind felt as if this was a dream.

This should have been a day for the new king to mourn Lucidity’s passing and talk about his great achievements. At the same time, he needed to build morale while stabilizing the situation. 

That’s the right way to win people over and get them to acknowledge his position and capabilities.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye didn’t mention any of that. First, he ordered the death of an important general even before warming up his throne. Next, he ordered the five great powers to send beauties so that he could have a debaucherous harem. 

“Let’s go.” The five supreme ancestors disappeared from the void.

The other officials and ancestors couldn’t do anything else and started to leave.

This was the strangest coronation they have ever seen. It wasn’t just bizarre but rather, a complete joke.

The details of this event caused quite a stir around Nine Secrets. Despite the new king’s ridiculous nature, no sect dared to do anything because of Lengying and Silver Secret. Usurping was in the planning but it wasn’t the time for reckless action.

Nevertheless, people could tell that decline was inevitable for War Saint Dynasty. This debaucherous king couldn’t control Nine Secrets and his seven legions.


Meanwhile, Sun Lengying asked for retirement right after the coronation.

“You wish to return to civilian life?” Li Qiye smiled at Lengying.

The shadowy figure nodded, still stingy with his words: “Yes, please allow it, Your Majesty.”

Jiadi was shaken due to the significance behind this. Lengying’s existence played a large part in Li Qiye’s successful ascension. He was the only one who could stabilize this situation. Li Qiye alone was insufficient.

“Elder Sun, it is still chaotic right now, so you can’t leave.” Jiadi saw that Li Qiye was still carefree and thought that he didn’t grasp the gravity of this situation: “We need you right now, His Majesty requires your protection and help.”

“I’m old with one foot in the grave, please allow it, Your Majesty.” Lengying responded.

Jiadi couldn’t refute because Lengying’s age was getting up there. He has followed Lucidity for three generations. Since Lucidity was dead, he shouldn’t have that much time left either.

More importantly, when Lucidity was around, Lengying was only below one man while above all others. Only Lucidity could give him commands, no one else.

His loyalty to Lucidity was proven through his long service. However, Li Qiye lacked the power and decisiveness to control him. Lucidity was the only reason why he agreed to help with the coronation.

Now that the guy was on the throne, he wouldn’t stay here and continue to work for someone like Li Qiye.

This was the difference between him and Jiadi. The latter worked for War Saint Dynasty while he only cared for Lucidity. Others could all just go and die.

“I see, very well. Take what you want, treasures or territories, all available for you.” Li Qiye nodded and said.

“Your Majesty, you can’t! Elder Sun is the pillar of our system, our dynasty needs him!” Jiadi was shocked.

He didn’t dare to blatantly express that they were in a bad position because of Li Qiye’s ineptitude and could only ask Li Qiye to reconsider.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Lengying bowed and left empty-handed without asking for anything.

“Your Majesty, you don’t understand the situation. Only Elder Sun can preside over the system right now and quell unrest.” Jiadi said disrespectfully while panicking. Nevertheless, this was out of loyalty.

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