Chapter 2429: Coronation

The crown prince has officially become the king!

The official order left everyone in Nine Secrets puzzled since they didn’t know who Li Qiye was.

The only ones expecting this were the five behemoths with the five supreme ancestors - Waterfront Pavilion, Bingchi Clan, Calm Lotus Monastery, Myriad Formation Kingdom, and Godstep Sect.

Lucidity summoned them and asked for their loyalty and support.

Even War Saint Dynasty itself was confused. The royal members began discussing among themselves.

“Tang Hexiang isn’t appointed?” A high elder of the royal clan murmured.

“Who the hell is this Li Qiye, why did His Majesty pick him?” The experts and elders of the dynasty became unhappy.

Of course, no one dared to publicly voice their dissatisfaction just yet.

After all, Lucidity had only passed away recently and his notoriety remained - same with Sun Lengying and Silver Secret Legion.

Everyone knew of Lengying and the legion’s loyalty. They would definitely carry out his final order and support Li Qiye.

Because of this, any dissenter would need to think twice about their own abilities before acting rashly.

“Well, who is Li Qiye?” This became the main question in all of Nine Secrets.

Everyone became crazy and tried to dig up any information and stories about him. Unfortunately, even the most capable failed to find anything.

It was as if he came out of nowhere and became the crown prince just like that.

“The new king summons his subjects - Waterfront, Bingchi, Godstep…” An official coronation ceremony manifested, demanding the appearance of the system’s members.

A coronation ceremony was essential; it would also give the king a chance to stabilize the realm.

“Rumble!” After this next declaration, Skywrap City heard an orderly marching accompanied by a flood-like aura. The hot city suddenly became cool.

Silver Secret Legion was called inside. The imperial city became heavily guarded with soldiers everywhere. Anyone coming and going needed to pass the various checkpoints manned by the legion.

A harsh atmosphere pervaded the city. Everyone walked on the streets with trepidation.

The strict watch clearly indicated that the legion would never allow anyone to cause trouble at the coronation. Death would be the punishment.

The legion was personally created by Lucidity and became one of the strongest legions in all of Nine Secrets. It was virtually unstoppable, so its presence here stopped the other sects from having any idea.

As long as the legion and Sun Lengying were still around, Lucidity’s orders could still be carried out.

“Waterfront Pavilion wishes for an audience.” The first of the five behemoths came to answer the call.

“Godstep Sect wishes for an audience.” 

“Bingchi Clan wishes for an audience.”

It didn't take long before all five powers have entered the palace to meet the new king. Furthermore, their representatives were the five Supremes. This immediately legitimized the coronation to a certain extent.

Afterward, other powers and clans also entered the imperial city to participate in the ceremony.

In Skywrap City, there were still white cloths on display for the mourning. Festival lamps and joyous decorations started popping up as well for the coronation.

This joyous atmosphere interfered with the cautious watch, allowing the citizens to heave a sigh of relief.

“The ascension is now.” A gong echoed across the city before reaching all of Nine Secrets.

The city itself was boiling with excitement, especially the imperial palace.

Ancestors and sect masters from all over the world prostrated. The only ones who could stand were the five Supremes. After all, they had prestigious status on top of being powerful Eternals. Only Lucidity could make them kneel.

“Rumble!” The members of the Silver Secret Legion lined up in two columns before the royal throne. The opening in the center was meant for the king.

“His Majesty is coming.” A declaration sounded across the palace.

The kneeling experts looked up, wanting to catch a glimpse of the new king.

Three people finally emerged from the imperial palace. In front was Li Qiye with Sun Lengying and Zhang Jiadi right behind him, almost like his shadow.

The crowd stared at the king before glancing at each other. Li Qiye was wearing a dragon robe, except in a very carefree manner, even his crown was crooked. The guy didn’t look serious at all. The worst part was his walk - swinging his arms and shaking his head. This had no semblance of a king but more like a hoodlum. No trace of royal aura could be found on this troublemaker.

The most confusing part was how apparent it was that this guy looked like a new cultivator, not an expert at all. The kneeling ancestors and sect masters were astounded.

The invincible Lucidity made this young hoodlum the next king? The guy was so weak too! The whole thing didn’t make any sense.

“Rise.” Li Qiye sat down on the throne and looked quite lazy. After a quick glance at the crowd, he acted as if he didn’t want to be here.

The experts finally stood up and exchanged glances. A strange atmosphere overtook the palace.

If this new king was awe-inspiring, then with the help of Lucidity’s still-existing notoriety, these officials and servants would still chant, “long live the king, long live the king.”

However, because of this non-traditional king, no one gave the regular response after he allowed them to stand. They were simply befuddled. How could this person become the king, the ruler of Nine Secrets?

His appearance and demeanor made them look down on him, thinking that he was an insignificant tramp.

The experts here were all great leaders yet they had to kneel before this piece of trash. This truly vexed them.

“Alright, civil and military officials, sect masters and ancestors, anyone have something to say?” Li Qiye lazily asked.

“Elder Sun, is this really the order of the late king?” A general stepped out with an oppressive aura. He had only recently become an Eternal but this was more than enough.

“Yes.” Lengying answered concisely while holding a sword in his chest.

“We want to see the decree.” This general said with a serious tone: “This pertains to the wellbeing and survival of the dynasty.”

“What, think I’m a fake?” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The general paused for a moment before looking back at his vice generals. They gave him a firm nod.

“The coronation will have lasting effects on the dynasty, so the royal family needs to be clear.” He gritted his teeth and said.

“That’s right, we agree with the Northern General’s demand for elaboration.” The vice generals quickly added while building strong momentum.

The clan of this general was quite powerful, in charge of the Northern Legion.

Outside of Silver Secret, there was the Central, Imperial Guard, North, South, East, and West Legion. They were mighty and camped all over the system.

“Haha, looks like they want to kick me from my throne. Annihilate them.” Li Qiye ordered, still with a smile on his face.

“You dare?!” This general shouted back: “I have followed the late king through three expeditions, destroying the barbarians in the north with numerous accolades. The late king even bestowed me a contract…”

“That has nothing to do with me.” Li Qiye ordered again: “Sun Lengying, kill.”

“Clank.” Lengying unsheathed his sword, releasing a massive amount of murderous energy.

Even the five supreme ancestors shuddered, let alone other people.

The Northern General roared and turned into a white wolf. The vice generals also formed a formation to assist him.

“Boom!” Lengying’s sword pierced through the ages. The formation couldn’t stop it at all.

“Pluff!” Heads rolled on the ground. This group was massacred by Lengying.

The stench of blood permeated the hall to the dismay of the crowd.

A few people realized that this new king might be a piece of trash, but Lengying was still an unstoppable Eternal. Few could actually match him in Nine Secrets.

The five supreme ancestors would need to think very carefully before challenging him.

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