Chapter 2427: I’m the Law

Bingchi Gao finally saw Li Qiye, just an ordinary youth. Even if he had cultivated, he was still a nobody so Gao didn’t give a damn.

After all, Gao came from another location and didn’t know the infamy of Chaos Hellion.

“Brat, fuck off. Our Bingchi Clan is conducting business here, interfering and that’s a crime punishable by death!” Bingchi Gao harshly shouted.

His haughty response was understandable. After all, Li Qiye only looked like a weak cultivator while their Bingchi was one of the five strongest sects in Nine Secrets, and he was a direct branch disciple.

“And if I don’t?” Li Qiye smiled.

“No? Then I’ll break your legs and make you crawl outside.” Gao’s eyes turned fierce.

“So vicious, do you not care for the laws?!” Li Qiye pretended to be afraid and startled.

“The laws?” Gao smiled deviously: “Do you not know who you’re dealing with? Our Bingchi Clan can do whatever we want!”

“Hahaha.” Li Qiye shifted his demeanor instantly and started clapping: “So damn amusing, someone has the balls to tell me this in Skywrap City. Hahaha, I’m gonna die from laughing.”

It took a while before he stopped laughing and asked: “Jiadi, tell me now, in Skywrap, no, in all of Nine Secrets, who is the law?”

“You are, My Lord.” Jiadi didn’t address him as His Highness this time around.

Li Qiye smiled: “Did you hear that? I’m the law, so start running now before I change my mind.”

Gao’s expression changed. A nobody dared to talk to him like this? He smiled sinisterly in response: “Brat, don’t think we can’t mess you up just because we’re far away, that you have some backing in the imperial city and think you’re a badass. My Bingchi Clan doesn’t give a shit about anyone.”

He then ordered: “Men, break his legs. Show him the laws of our clan!”

“Brat, you’ve asked for it.” The men sneered and began pulling up their sleeves before reaching for Li Qiye.

“Boom!” They couldn’t touch him and were pushed to the ground, one after another. Their bones were broken so they couldn’t stand up.

They were no different than ants before Jiadi, simply pathetic.

“Jiadi, you don’t know who I am right now? A spoiled brat, and what does that entail? Of course it is to kill everyone that annoys me!”

Jiadi didn’t bat an eye. A glint flashed with a cutting noise. Blood gushed out - the men of the Bingchi were decapitated.

Their eyes were wide open; they didn’t even have the chance to scream.

Gao was shocked and shouted in response: “Who, who the hell are you?!”

“Me?” Li Qiye pointed at his nose: “I’m the law of Nine Secrets.” Having said that, he started walking towards Gao.

“Don’t come over here!” The frightened youth turned to flee.

“Bam!” unfortunately, he didn’t go far before dropping and rolling on the ground.

“Sigh, you brought this upon yourself.” Li Qiye shook his head and stomped heavily on Gao’s chest.

“Crack!” His chest caved down, ribs broken. The boy vomited a mouthful of blood.

Li Qiye crouched down to look at him and smiled: “Do you know why you’re still alive?”

“Don’t do anything crazy! I’m, I’m a disciple of the Bingchi Clan, the clan will not let you off if you do something to me!” Gao was scared out of his mind.

Li Qiye dug in his ear with his pinkie and told Jiadi: “Bingchi Clan, huh? Oh, I remember now. Jiadi, that old man from this clan, hmm, what was he called?  A supreme ancestor or something? What a braggart, daring to have that title with his meager skills.”

“Bingchi Juezun.” Jiadi replied.

Juezun was one of the five supreme ancestors that Lucidity King summoned previously.

“Yes, yes, you’re right. That geezer. I remember now.” Li Qiye clapped his hands and said.

Bingchi Gao, the girl, and Uncle Tie were shocked. The other two knew that Li Qiye was known as Chaos Hellion for causing trouble recently, but they didn’t know of his true background. In fact, no one in Skywrap did.

But now, Li Qiye directly called out Bingchi Juezun’s real name, even referring to him as a geezer - that’s terrifying. Juezun, a supreme ancestor, was the strongest senior of the Bingchi and one of the strongest Eternals in Nine Secrets.

Li Qiye patted the youth’s face and smiled: “Go back and tell Bingchi Juezun that I like this girl. Continue to provoke her and I’ll be displeased enough to destroy your clan!”

Gao didn’t dare to refuse since he was already scared out of his mind.

“Oh, do we have an imperious seal or something? They might not take us seriously without one.” Li Qiye tapped his forehead, seemingly remembering something and told Jiadi.

Jiadi took out a red branding iron and handed it to Li Qiye: “Just mark with this and Bingchi Juezun will recognize you, Young Lord.”

“Good.” Li Qiye accepted it and directly applied it to Gao’s forehead.

“Ah!” The youth screamed from the excruciating pain. After the smoke cleared, a red mark was left behind.

Li Qiye was quite satisfied with his work and said: “Not bad.” He then kicked the guy and patted his hands clean: “Scram now, I’m sparing your dog life.”

Gao didn’t dare to say a single retort and ran for his life, even losing his shoes in the process.

Li Qiye turned his attention towards the girl and started walking. The girl and her uncle were naturally frightened but there was nowhere to go. This little monster didn’t give a damn about the Bingchi Clan.

“Back to what I was saying before, the techniques of Weaponbreak True Emperor are worth taking a look.” He smiled.

He raised her chin and smiled: “What is your name, Bingchi and?”

The girl shuddered but mustered enough courage to meet his gaze: “Bingchi Yingjian!” 

“A descendant of Bingchi Kuangfang.” Jiadi said: “A capable man whose downfall was his arrogance, daring to challenge the Silver Secret Legion.”

The other two didn’t like hearing about this story. Kuangfang used to be a genius of the Bingchi, quite eccentric in nature. He was also arrogant and didn’t obey anyone.

After a particular conflict, he challenged Sun Lengying and the Silver Secret Legion.

The result was obvious. Though he was very strong, he still wasn’t a match for Sun Lengying. His legion fared even worse and got annihilated completely.

This was a crime worthy of clan extermination, especially if Lucidity found this impudent. He wouldn’t only kill Kuangfang’s branch but also the rest of the clan.

However, Lucidity actually appreciated Kuangfang for his arrogance and didn’t pursue this matter.

Nevertheless, the Bingchi still decided to purge Kuangfang’s branch from their clan.

Their branch consisted of the descendants of Weaponbreak True Emperor and possessed an amazing bloodline. They were quite influential and powerful as well. Alas, they still lost and disappeared henceforth.

So now, when Jiadi revealed their background, Yingjian and her uncle were horrified.

“Sigh, I’m a spoiled brat, not a hero who saves a damsel in distress.” Li Qiye shook his head and said.

Yingjian was holding her breath, unaware of Li Qiye’s intention. His bad reputation truly scared her to the core.

“Alright, don’t look at me like that, I might be a pervert, but one with exquisite tastes. I don’t like undernourished little girls.” He said while staring at her.

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