Chapter 2425: Chaos Hellion

The kids salivated repeatedly and had to use their dirty sleeves to wipe their mouth.

They accepted the food and didn’t waste time eating the delicious meals. The sound of their chewing filled the alley. The girl smiled after seeing the kids devouring their food, feeling quite satisfied.

She wore a rather simple dress, not resembling the attire of a noble. However, it was quite clean. She had a well-kempt ponytail hairstyle, very practical.

The girl wasn’t that beautiful but she gave an honest and warm aura especially when she smiled. Everyone would think of the words strong and persevering after seeing her.

“Is it good?” The girl softly asked.

“Yes...” The children barely answered because they were still chewing.

She was a decent cultivator so she could sense someone watching. After turning around, she noticed Li Qiye at the alleyway entrance.

His hands were clasped behind his neck as he watched her with a smile. Jiadi stood behind him like a statue.

The girl immediately thought about the recent news and took a good look at him. This looked like the rumored Chaos Hellion.

She became startled because of his perverted glare and felt a cold chill running down her spine.

“I’ll come back tomorrow to see you guys.” She spoke, wanting to leave.

The children were still busy with the food and indistinctly said bye. She didn’t dare to linger around and headed for the other direction.

Li Qiye chuckled and slowly followed her. Though she didn’t turn back to look, she knew that Li Qiye was coming.

She quickened her pace and even used true energy to go faster. She was afraid that he would follow her back to her house so she went on a long detour.

Fortunately, she was familiar with this area and utilized the complex streets to lose him. This method was effective. She turned around to confirm and heaved a sigh of relief.

Finally, she exited another alley and returned to her home ahead. There was a forge with a frontal plaque carved with the word, Jian. [1]

She stood in front and looked at this name before sighing sentimentally. The forge was small but had plenty of good weapons on display. They were meant for cultivators, not mortals.

She put on a protective cloak before preparing the coals and fire. 

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The metallic clanking for metal shaping echoed across the street with a rhythmic fashion.

The girl was busy - her entire focus fixated on crafting the sword in her hand. She seemed like an experienced master from the fire control, molten pouring, casting, and shaping.

The techniques clearly were distinguished and excellent. Each action was concise without needless movements.

Sweat moistened her hair and eventually streamed down her fair-skinned cheeks. She looked quite beautiful when focusing, a pretty treat for the eyes. Though fatigued, she still had great spirits.

The metallic clanking continued. Listeners could never get tired of this sound.

“Sizzle.” Eventually, molten liquid stopped running and a sword was formed. She took a look before lifting it up.

Its glint shined the area with spirit strands. She was happy with this product but if she had enough materials, she could even make it better. Unfortunately… she sighed again.

Suddenly, a familiar figure was reflected on the blade. This made her turn back instantly towards the entrance.

Two people were standing on the street, one youth and one man. The youth had a smile as he stared at her.

The girl was alarmed - this was the famous Chaos Hellion. She thought she had left him behind yet he still managed to come here.

“Uncle Tie.” She called out to the inside room because she had heard of his unflattering tales. In fact, they have been spread around Skywrap, that this guy had no deeds to heinous for him. [2]

Li Qiye entered the forge, ignoring the panicking girl.

She took one step back but there was nowhere else to go. This was already her home.

“Young Miss, I’m here.” An elderly man came out. He had a hunchback yet his eyes were still fierce, clearly an experienced man.

After seeing her expression, the man turned towards Li Qiye and Zhang Jiadi. He also recalled the stories recently and knew what was going on.

“Miss, what weapons are suitable for me?” Li Qiye blocked her path, not allowing her to go to the living quarters.

She naturally staggered backward in fear because of his perverted reputation.

“My Lord, what weapon do you want? Allow me to pick for you.” The man called Uncle Tie instantly tried to save her.

“No need, let her pick one for me.” Li Qiye stared at the girl while holding his chin.

This only made the girl panic even more; her expression turned sour.

“My Lord, she doesn’t understand…” Uncle Tie tried again.

“Enough, old man. Just one word of mine and you won’t have a place to stay in Skywrap. No, actually, you will serve a life sentence in prison.” Li Qiye revealed his spoiled and arrogant act.

Both the girl and Uncle Tie were shocked. Nevertheless, she stepped forward: “What weapon are you looking for?”

Li Qiye didn’t answer and continued staring with a smile. Meanwhile, she was nervous but had prepared herself. The moment he took action, she would run right away.

Uncle Tie coughed and said: “My Lord, please let us know what weapon you use.”

“Just going to look around.” Li Qiye started walking around.

The other two had no choice but to play along. The girl purposely walked slower to keep a distance from Li Qiye.

He ignored them and looked around at the items for sale - sabers, swords, pagodas…

He would occasionally knock on the blades, issuing a metallic clanking.

“The materials are too coarse, terrible craftsmanship as well.” He said flatly.

“My Lord, we’re a tiny place, just getting by selling these scrap metals. These weapons can’t get into your sight. In the corner on the next street has a store specializes in selling rare weapons, you should go take a look.” Uncle Tie anxiously said.

Li Qiye ignored him and took one step closer towards the girl. She reacted by taking several paces backward.

Li Qiye smirked and said: “Don’t worry, though I, Chaos Hellion, like messing around with innocent girls, I’m also a picky eater. I only like big breasts and plump butt.” His eyes moved towards her breasts.

The girl was stunned. This smirk clearly criticized her flat breasts, causing her to turn red.

She didn’t know whether to be happy or mad. At the very least, Li Qiye didn’t like her. But, any woman would take offense to this...

1. Jian meaning sword

2. Tie means steel

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