Chapter 2424: Moral Judge

Jiadi only smiled and shook his head. He obviously didn’t take Li Qiye to kidnap some nobles’ wives and daughters.

“Your Highness, why are you choosing to be a bad person? This isn’t your nature.” Jiadi asked after having a better understanding of Li Qiye from the last several days.

“Who is a good person? And bad? Am I being a bad person right now?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Perhaps you aren’t, but in others’ eyes, you are a depraved prince, Your Highness.” Jiadi honestly answered out of loyalty.

He wanted Li Qiye to be a good prince that could prosper this beautiful kingdom.

“Such a basic perspective.” Li Qiye answered: “Jiadi, ever since your enlistment, have you ever thought about the number of victims you have claimed?”

“Well…” Jiadi pondered: “I’m afraid I haven’t, it’ll have to be in the tens of thousands.”

No Eternal could get to this level without polishing themselves in vicious battles.

“As a soldier, killing on the battlefield could be considered as obeying orders. But after starting the path of cultivation? Cultivators are blood-stained murderers. As for True Emperors and Eternals? Their roads are paved with bones. Have you ever exterminated a clan or a sect?” Li Qiye finished with a smile.

“Right.” Jiadi nodded. This matter was very common since one needed to step on the bones of their enemies to move forward.

“Then you tell me, are you a good or a bad person?” Li Qiye asked.

Jiadi didn’t answer right away.

“In your mind, at least unconsciously, you still consider yourself a good person. At the very least, you don’t bully men and women and are living a proper life, unlike me, imperious and unreasonable, blatantly harassing girls and taking wives. These actions of mine are considered evil beyond redemption.” He said.

“Let me ask you again, what do you think about Lucidity? Do you respect him?” Li Qiye said.

“His Majesty has incredible foresight and amazing abilities, a talent of the ages capable of sweeping through the world. I have nothing but reverence for him.” Jiadi replied.

This wasn’t an empty praise because many in Imperial Lineage respected him.

“I’m sure plenty of people respect him, including his enemies.” Li Qiye casually replied.

“Yes, His Majesty is worthy of respect.” Jiadi nodded.

“So that’s the amusing part. Lucidity reigned for three generations and had destroyed numerous sects and clans, too many to count. With one order of his and blood will flow like rivers in Nine Secrets. His hands are stained with blood and specters of the dead haunt his blade.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

Jiadi didn’t know what to do. Only this lawless prince in the entire system would dare to comment on the king in this manner.

“Look again, I’ve tried to be a spoiled youth in the last several days at Skywrap, but how many people and clans have I exterminated?” Li Qiye asked.

“None.” Jiadi sighed, aware of Li Qiye’s point.

“Lucidity, a mass murderer leaving behind broken homes yet is still considered a peerless king in the minds of many. Some are even willing to be his claws and certainly view him as a good person.” Li Qiye paused for a moment before continuing: “And here I am, only bullying a few people and harassing girls at best, yet I’m considered a heinous villain deserving death. I’m sure if I were to be beaten to death today, not a single soul will sympathize while the crowd applauded in celebration.”

“On the other hand, Lucidity’s death will invoke emotions and sadness, many will miss him, don’t you think?” Li Qiye looked at Jiadi and smiled.

“This world belongs to the strong.” Jiadi understood the implications.

“No, that’s not what I’m trying to say.” Li Qiye shook his head: “The world consists of ordinary people with rather basic views, using power to gauge morality. Thus, why should I give a damn about what these fools think of me? Good or bad? An unforgivable demon king or a respected savior? Who cares about these meaningless titles, can’t reach the apex. Do whatever we want - that should be the pursuit of cultivators. That’s why right now, I am playing the role of the so-called Chaos Hellion.”

“Do whatever we want…” Jiadi murmured after a mental sum-up of Li Qiye’s statement.

He became lost in thoughts. Cultivators have always searched for more power but not this type of freedom. Suddenly, Li Qiye seemed to be shrouded in fog. This logic wasn’t something a spoiled youth could come up with.

As they spent more time together, Jiadi felt inferior in certain aspects compared to this young lord. It was as if he was a shining star of a man yet chose to act like a spoiled prince that could bring ruin to a kingdom. The guy continued to be a mystery to Jiadi.

The infamy of Chaos Hellion was well known in Skywrap. As long as he was out on the streets, the girls were all in hiding. Their clans closed their gate, not wanting to become victims of this monster.

Thus, Li Qiye didn’t see that many girls during his stroll. Even if he did, they were awfully ugly. Perhaps they were actually waiting for him to molest or even take them by force.

On the main street, a rather chubby, older woman sent a seductive glance towards Li Qiye while shaking her enormous butt. She had heard of his groping hobby so she purposely arched out her butt.

Li Qiye naturally saw this and laughed: “I might be a pervert, but my taste isn’t this heavy!”

“Hey, handsome…” She coquettishly called out.

“Handsome my ass.” Li Qiye scolded: “You think I won’t throw you into a mine so the workers there can have some fun with you? I’m sure they will be very eager to satisfy you.”

This woman turned pale and ran for her life. This guy had no boundaries so he would actually throw her into an ore mine. She’ll be finished then.

Even Jiadi started laughing after seeing this spectacle.

“Sigh, life is so unpredictable. A spoiled brat looking for girls is one thing, but now, even those big sisters are gunning for me. What in the world is going on?” Li Qiye was amused.

“You’re very famous right now, Your Highness.” Jiadi felt relaxed being around Li Qiye, unlike being around Lucidity in a nervous state.

Because they couldn’t meet any girls, Li Qiye’s teasing abilities became useless so it became a regular stroll.

“If we really don’t meet anyone, I’m going into a noble’s house.” Li Qiye threatened.

As they turned into another alley, they heard a round of applause from little kids: “Big Sister Ying is here!”

Li Qiye looked over and saw a group of children surrounding a girl. They varied in age and dressed shabbily, clearly destitute. Skinny and bony faces, when was the last time they had a good meal?

The girl had a bag full of food and began distributing meals to the kids - glistening roast chicken, delicious dried meat, and braised pork shoulders...

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